JOB POSTING Sample Clauses

JOB POSTING. In the event a job opening occurs by reason of retirement, transfer, death, discharge, resignation or creation of a new position, all employees will be notified of the opening by posting on a bulletin board, electronic mail, or electronic posting. In the event that electronic means are the sole method of posting jobs, the District shall maintain at least one computer at the support services building (or successor location). Any employee may then apply for that opening by notifying the District's Human Resources Office in writing. The assignment of a Department Head is exempt from Job Posting. Job descriptions shall be provided to the Union upon request. When considering application for any position, an employee may request a copy of the relevant job description from the District or from the Union. In the selection of an applicant by the School District to fill a job opening, consideration shall be on the basis of the most qualified applicant for the position which shall include, but not be limited to: training and experience in the type of work required by the position. The administration will review the qualifications of each applicant and determine who is the most qualified. In the event the administration determines the qualifications of the applicants to be substantially the same, the applicant having the greater seniority shall be selected to fill the position. No full-time employee will be considered for a job opening in the same job description within a wage group who has not served at least one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days in the present job unless the new opening is for a shift change (night to days or days to nights). Any full-time employee who changes job assignments shall be granted a period of two
JOB POSTING. (a) Where a permanent vacancy occurs in a classification within the bargaining unit or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, such vacancy shall be posted for a period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days. Applications for such vacancy shall be made in writing within the seven (7) day period referred to herein.
JOB POSTING. 18.01 Where a permanent vacancy occurs in a classification within the bargaining unit or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, such vacancy shall be posted by the Hospital for a period of seven (7) days, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Vacancies created by the filling of an initial permanent vacancy within the bargaining unit shall be posted for a period of three (3) consecutive days excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. All applications are to be made in writing within the posting period.
JOB POSTING. 11.01 In the event new jobs are created or vacancies occur in existing job classifications including new positions which are created for a specific term or task (unless the Employer notifies the Union in writing that it intends to postpone or not fill a vacancy), the Employer will post such new job(s) or vacancies for a period of seven (7) calendar days and shall stipulate the qualifications, classification, rate of pay, department, approximate start date (if known), and initial assignment (shift and floor), before new Employees are hired, in order to allow Employees with seniority to apply. The Employer agrees to provide the Chief Xxxxxxx with a copy of each job posting. The Employer shall, after the completion of the job posting procedure, post for at least seven (7) calendar days the name of the successful applicant. The parties agree that an administrative oversight in this regard does not void the job posting.
JOB POSTING. Whenever a vacancy occurs, it shall be posted within the seniority unit for seven (7) calendar days so that qualified supervisors in the same classification may indicate their desire to be considered for the position. The posting shall include the classification/class option, a brief description of the position and the required qualifications. A copy of each posting shall be sent to the MMA Office at the time of the posting. If the seven (7) calendar day posting ends on a weekend or holiday, the expiration date shall be the day following the weekend or holiday. For informational purposes only, each Appointing Authority within a multi-seniority unit agency shall maintain a list of vacancies or copies of job postings for other seniority units within the agency. With notification to the Association, the Appointing Authority may institute electronic posting.
JOB POSTING. (a) Where a vacancy which is not covered by Article 9.07 (a) occurs in the bargaining unit, which the Employer intends to fill, or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Employer, such vacancy shall be posted in the workplace for a period of ten (10) calendar days. Employees may make written application to their immediate supervisor for such vacancy within the posting period. Applicants will be considered in accordance with Article 9.08. The name of the successful applicant shall be posted by the Employer. A copy of the job posting shall be given to the Bargaining Unit President at time of posting, it being understood that this administrative exercise in no way inhibits the process or completion of the job posting process.
JOB POSTING. 14.01 If a permanent job vacancy exists, or new job classifications are created in the plant, such openings shall be posted on the plant bulletin boards for a period of three (3) working days, during which time regular employees at work in the plant or expected to return to work within three (3) months at the time of such job posting, may make application to the office for such job vacancy. Employees on vacation will be permitted to apply for any such job postings, except that the Company has no obligation to advise such employees of any job postings. However, no job vacancies shall be posted during scheduled plant shutdowns. The Union will be given a copy of all job postings and the name of the successful job applicant. The classification rate for all posted jobs will be the rate for the job classification as outlined in Schedule “A”.
JOB POSTING. When a job opening occurs within the bargaining unit, seniority will be the determining factor in filling such vacancy; providing that skill, competence, ability and prior job performance are considered substantially equal in the opinion of the Employer, based upon objective job-relevant criteria. Notice of a position opening in any job classification will be posted online for all employees to read for at least five (5) days and will include qualifications (education and experience). Preference will be given to employees from within the bargaining unit who make a timely bid, providing that skill, competence, ability and prior job performance are considered substantially equal in the opinion of the Employer. If after these five (5) days, no qualified bargaining unit employee applies for a position, then that position may be offered to someone who is not a member of the bargaining unit. Lists of all Facility job openings will be posted online. To be considered for a job opening, an employee must complete an application and submit it online within the posting period. The Employer agrees to provide assistance upon request and computer access for employees making online applications. If the Employer is unable to transfer an employee to a vacant position due to patient care considerations, the position may be filled on a temporary basis and the employee will be notified in writing as to when the transfer will be expected to occur. All transfers will be made within ninety (90) days. In the event the Employer requires job bidding to be online or by email exclusively, the Employer will make an onsite computer available to employees to make their bid.
JOB POSTING. In the event of a job vacancy in any department, the Company will post such vacancy, and the rate of the job, on the bulletin board for a period of three working days so that any employee in the bargaining unit, if he or she so desires, may apply for such vacancy. The determination and selection of such applicants for thejob will be based on the principles set forth in the first sentence of clause Any applicant who feels that he or she has been unfairly dealt with may avail himself or herself of the Grievance and Arbitration Procedures. Unsuccessful applicants will, if they so request, be informed in writing whether their applications were rejected on the grounds of skill, ability and qualifications, or whether on the grounds of seniority. Job vacancies will remain posted until such time as they are filled or no longer required. Any employee who has been promoted as a result of an application made pursuant to this Clause may not apply for any further vacancies for a period of three months, unless it is otherwise mutually agreed to by the Company and the Union. ARTICLE
JOB POSTING. (a) When a new permanent position, a permanent vacancy, or a Long Assignment is created within the bargaining unit, the Employer shall post an electronic notice of such position. In work locations where electronic job postings are not possible or practical, a list of job postings will be placed in a visible location.