Time Basis Sample Clauses

Time Basis. Wages shall not be based on piece work but shall be on the basis of time worked.
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Time Basis. Mass measurement shall be calculated on a daily basis by determining the necessary readings at the designated time on one Day and those same readings at the designated time on the previous Day.
Time Basis. Based on the Professional’s time expended on an hourly-rate basis, at the rates actually paid by the Professional to its employees performing the service, not to exceed those set forth in the Professional’s Payment Schedule, attached hereto as Appendix A. The Owner shall pay the Professional payments the total of which is not to exceed and 00/100 Dollars ($ .00).
Time Basis. Full time
Time Basis. DASNY shall pay the CONSULTANT at the rates set forth in Appendix “C” entitled APPROVED CLASSIFICATIONS AND RATES which is attached to and made a part hereof, and in accordance with the Provisions for Payment contained in each Engagement Letter issued under this Term Contract for Professional Services.
Time Basis. XXXXX shall pay the CONSULTANT at the rates set forth in Appendix “C” entitled APPROVED CLASSIFICATIONS AND RATES which is attached to and made a part hereof, and in accordance with the Provisions for Payment contained in each Engagement Letter issued under this Term Contract for Professional Services.
Time Basis. 7.7.1 Our charge will be calculated by reference to all time spent by the Company on the contract. This will include meeting you and where appropriate others, considering, preparing and working on papers, correspondence, making and receiving telephone calls, research, internal consultations and travelling. Such time is at the hourly rates applicable to the relevant individual conducting the work. You will be notified by email or letter of the rates chargeable by Company dealing with your case. These rates are exclusive of VAT. Charging rates will be reviewed from time to time and you will be notified of any changes as soon as reasonably possible.
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Related to Time Basis

  • Settlement Date Basis For purposes of this Agreement, all determinations of whether an investment is to be included as a Portfolio Investment shall be determined on a settlement-date basis (meaning that any investment that has been purchased will not be treated as a Portfolio Investment until such purchase has settled, and any Portfolio Investment which has been sold will not be excluded as a Portfolio Investment until such sale has settled); provided that no such investment shall be included as a Portfolio Investment to the extent it has not been paid for in full.

  • Interest Rate Basis Interest on this Note will be determined by reference to the applicable Interest Rate Basis or Interest Rate Bases, which may, as described below, include the CD Rate, the CMT Rate, the Commercial Paper Rate, the Constant Maturity Swap Rate, the Federal Funds Open Rate, the Federal Funds Rate, LIBOR, the Prime Rate or the Treasury Rate (each as defined below).

  • Determination of Interest Rate Basis The Calculation Agent shall determine the rate derived from each Interest Rate Basis in accordance with the following provisions.

  • Calculation Dates The interest rate applicable to each Interest Reset Period will be determined by the Calculation Agent on or prior to the Calculation Date (as defined below), except with respect to LIBOR, which will be determined on the particular Interest Determination Date. Upon request of the Holder of a Floating Rate Note, the Calculation Agent will disclose the interest rate then in effect and, if determined, the interest rate that will become effective as a result of a determination made for the next succeeding Interest Reset Date with respect to such Floating Rate Note. The “Calculation Date”, if applicable, pertaining to any Interest Determination Date will be the earlier of: (1) the tenth calendar day after the particular Interest Determination Date or, if such day is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day; or (2) the Business Day immediately preceding the applicable Interest Payment Date or the Maturity Date, as the case may be.

  • Factual Basis 6. Defendant will plead guilty because he is in fact guilty of the charge contained in the information. In pleading guilty, defendant admits the following facts and that those facts establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • Base Rates Attached to and made a part of this Agreement is Appendix A which sets forth the straight-time hourly rates for all employees covered by this Agreement.

  • Base Rate The higher of (a) the annual rate of interest announced from time to time by BKB at its head office in Boston, Massachusetts, as its "base rate" and (b) one-half of one percent (1/2%) above the Federal Funds Effective Rate. For the purposes of this definition, "Federal Funds Effective Rate" shall mean for any day, the rate per annum equal to the weighted average of the rates on overnight federal funds transactions with members of the Federal Reserve System arranged by federal funds brokers, as published for such day (or, if such day is not a Business Day, for the next preceding Business Day) by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or, if such rate is not so published for any day that is a Business Day, the average of the quotations for such day on such transactions received by the Agent from three funds brokers of recognized standing selected by the Agent.

  • Definition of Regular Straight Time Rate of Pay The regular straight time rate of pay is that prescribed in wage schedule of the Collective Agreement.

  • Alternate Base Rate Loans During such periods as Revolving Loans shall be comprised of Alternate Base Rate Loans, each such Alternate Base Rate Loan shall bear interest at a per annum rate equal to the sum of the Alternate Base Rate plus the Applicable Percentage; and

  • Measurement method An isolation resistance test instrument is connected between the live parts and the electrical chassis. The isolation resistance is subsequently measured by applying a DC voltage at least half of the working voltage of the high voltage bus. If the system has several voltage ranges (e.g. because of boost converter) in conductively connected circuit and some of the components cannot withstand the working voltage of the entire circuit, the isolation resistance between those components and the electrical chassis can be measured separately by applying at least half of their own working voltage with those components disconnected.

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