Hours Worked Sample Clauses

Hours Worked. For the purpose of computing the number of hours worked, all time during which an employee is in paid status shall be construed as hours worked.
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Hours Worked. Those hours during which the employee is actually at work and on duty or on pre-approved annual leave.
Hours Worked. Officers shall not perform more than three hundred twenty (320) hours of actual work during any two consecutive bi-weekly pay periods. This three hundred twenty (320) hour cap shall include only actual straight-time duty hours for the Division of Police and special duty work; it shall not include overtime work for the Division of Police.
Hours Worked. For purposes of computing the hours worked, time during which the unit employee is excused from work because of holidays, sick leave, vacation, or other paid leave of absence shall be considered as time worked by the unit employee.
Hours Worked. Maintain records showing actual hours utilized in Project-related activities by all Grant Funded personnel and by all other staff personnel or volunteers whose time is used as in-kind match.
Hours Worked. The term "hours worked" as used in this Agreement refers to all time that an employee is required to be on duty, or on the Employer's premises, or at a prescribed workplace for the Employer, and all times during which the employee is suffered or permitted to work for the Employer.
Hours Worked. Management and recording of flexitime will continue to be over existing ‘4 week accounting periods’, with the number of hours normally expected of any officer over that period remaining at 150. Credit Hours The number of credit hours able to be carried forward to the next accounting period will increase to 20 hours. Debit Hours The number of debit hours able to be carried forward to the next accounting period will remain at 10 hours. Time Off Within each 4 week period, the amount of time able to be taken off by any officer will increase to 2 days (i.e. 2 full days, or 4 half days, or a combination thereof). Officers wishing to utilise the time off provisions must make relevant arrangements in advance with their manager, and final approval remains the discretion of management.
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Hours Worked. Includes all time spent by the employee while the employee is engaged in duties or activities required by the County and pursued necessarily and primarily for the benefit of the County. For the employee, hours worked shall also include all hours that the County knows, or has reason to know, that work is being performed.
Hours Worked. Work hours include all time an employee is required to be on duty. Holidays, annual leave, illness leave, bereavement leave, jury duty, Union business leave, military leave, and other absences from duty shall not be considered as actual hours worked, except as provided in Article 13.4.
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