Where an Employee Sample Clauses

Where an Employee. (a) at the maximum rate of a salary range is promoted, a new anniversary date is established based upon the date of promotion;
Where an Employee converts from casual to full or part-time employment, the Employee’s minimum weekly hours will be those worked on a regular and systematic basis as described in subclauses 16.1 and 16.2 above, and the provisions of clause 12 (Full-time Employment) or 13 (Regular Part-Time Employment) (whichever is relevant) will apply.
Where an Employee is a successful applicant for a job vacancy or a new position carrying the same or a higher classification, there shall be no decrease in salary as a result of the move.
Where an Employee s engagement terminates and the Employee has become entitled to annual leave the Employer shall be deemed to have given the annual leave (or such portion of it as has not been taken by the Employee) from the date of termination of the engagement and shall forthwith pay to the Employee, in addition to all other amounts due to them, his/her Total Negotiated Rate for the period of leave due.
Where an Employee. (a) Immediately prior to the introduction of the isolation allowance was being paid a “remote allowance”; or
Where an Employee cannot reasonably provide documentary evidence from a Registered Practitioner, the Employee may provide a statutory declaration. The statutory declaration must include information as to why the Employee was unable to attend a Registered Practitioner and the reason why they were unable to attend work. A statutory declaration can only be used for single day absences, on no more than three occasions.
Where an Employee. (a) Is hospitalized (defined as "admitted as an in-patient requiring an over- night stay in the hospital") or convalescing following hospitalization, while on vacation and who qualified for sick leave, or,
Where an Employee in the course of his or her employment, suffers any damage to or soiling of clothing or other personal effects, (excluding female hosiery), the Employer shall be liable for the replacement, repair or cleaning of such clothing or personal effects provided immediate notification is given of such damage or soiling.
Where an Employee applies for additional leave pursuant to this clause the Employer will respond to such application within four (4) weeks.
Where an Employee is required to attend a Prosecutor's interview during the evening immediately following the Employee having completed their regular day shift they shall be paid four (4) hours straight time pay at their rate of pay.