THE APPLICATION. BuddySafe (hereinafter: Application) is a piece of software created to Safety and Emergency services - and customized for Apple mobile devices. It is used to Alert contact, people and emergency services when in need of assistance or in danger. The Application is not tailored to comply with industry-specific regulations (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), etc.), so if your interactions would be subjected to such laws, you may not use this Application. You may not use the Application in a way that would violate the Xxxxx-Xxxxx- Xxxxxx Act (GLBA).
THE APPLICATION. 2.1 In consideration of the Client’s acceptance of this Agreement and the Client’s payment of the Fees set out in the Order Form, Acolyte shall provide access to the Application and hereby grants to the Client a non-exclusive and non-transferable Licence to use the Application on the terms set out in this Agreement. The rights provided under this clause are granted to the Client and to any other entity within the Client’s group of companies.
THE APPLICATION. Awardee’s application and request for CRF Funds, as approved by the County, is attached hereto (“the Application”) and incorporated herein. The parties agree that the expenditures described in the Application are necessary due to the public health emergency with respect to COVID-19 and were not expenditures that were included in Awardee’s original budget as of March 27, 2020. Awardee agrees that it will use the CRF funds provided under this Agreement in a manner that is substantially consistent with the Application. Awardee further agrees that all such expenditures will comply with all applicable provisions of the CARES Act and any and all reasonable and lawful guidance issued by the United States Department of the Treasury as it relates to use of the CRF funds.
THE APPLICATION. The Application may or may not be available in all countries. You agree to use the Application in accordance with all applicable guidelines, as well as all local, state, national, federal, and international laws. The Application includes one or more of the following: (a) a web-based interface located in the designated area of the Application ( “the Application”); (b) access to our text messaging application center;
THE APPLICATION. The Member and Project Sponsor shall be bound by the terms and conditions governing the approval and funding of the Application, including any and all representations in said Application and as the initial Application submission may have been modified during the Application review process. A summary of the terms and conditions governing the project and the Bank-accepted Application are set forth in the Schedule attached hereto (the “Schedule”).
THE APPLICATION. 2.1. At his application, the user shall in due time provide to Randstad all details which are relevant for a good selection, among which an accurate description of the position and the required qualifications. In doing so, the user may only state criteria which are relevant to the position. When making the application, the user furthermore shall also state the wage, working times, work duration, activities, workplace, working conditions and the intended duration of the assignment.
THE APPLICATION. 3.1 On September 14, 2018, in the above-captioned matter, California American Water filed an Application for Order Authorizing California-American Water Company (U-210- W) to Purchase Bellflower Municipal Water System’s Assets and for Related Approvals (the “Application”).1 On January 22, 2019, California American Water filed an Amended Application for Order Authorizing Sale and Purchase of Utility Assets (“Amended Application”).2
THE APPLICATION. 6.1 The Application is intended for use in conjunction with the Hub and Alarm Panel and for no other purpose.
THE APPLICATION. The Timer Suite of apps (“HIIT Timer”, “Tabata Timer”, “Interval Timer”) (hereinafter: Application) is a piece of software created to facilitate doing workouts from home using a mobile app.
THE APPLICATION. The Application, as attached hereto as Exhibit 1, sets forth the overall goals, standards, and general operational policies relating to the Charter School; the Application is not a complete statement of each detail of the operation of the Charter School. To the extent that the Sponsor, Governing Body or Charter School desires to implement specific policies, procedures, or other specific terms of operation that supplement those set forth in the Application, they shall be permitted to implement such policies, procedures, and specific terms of operation, provided that such policies, procedures, and terms of operation (i) are not otherwise prohibited or circumscribed by applicable law or this Charter Agreement, and (ii) are not materially different from those set forth in the Application. To the extent there is a conflict between the terms of this Charter Agreement and the Application, the terms of this Charter Agreement shall govern. Neither this Charter Agreement nor the Application may be amended without prior written approval of the Chartering Authority, except that, pursuant to TCA § 49-13-112(a), the Governing Body may revise the budget submitted in this Charter Agreement, subject to the requirements of state and federal law. If the Sponsor seeks to amend this Charter Agreement or the Application, it shall petition the Chartering Authority as set forth in TCA § 49-13-110(b). All changes from the finally amended and approved Charter Application (Exhibit1), must be reported to the Office of Charter and Private Schools for review prior to implementation. The Office (OCPS) will assess the changes to determine whether they constitute material changes that must be approved through the Charter Amendment process as set forth in TCA § 49-13- 110(b). Material changes made unilaterally may result in the Governing Body’s being found in violation of the Charter, assigned a corrective action plan, placed on probation, and/or required to reverse the change. Changes that are almost always material and which require Charter Amendment include but are not limited to:  adding grades not included in the school’s Charter Agreement;  enrollment changes beyond the limits established in Section 1.3 of this Charter Agreement─increases of no more than 5% or 25 students, whichever is less, or decreases of up to 15% or down to 50 students;  changes to curriculum, pedagogical approach or staffing structure that are inconsistent with the Charter Agreement (Charter Application, Exhi...