Subject to Article Sample Clauses

Subject to Article. 22.1.2 and Section 13.1 of Transmission Provider’s GIP, Confidential Information shall include, without limitation, all information relating to a Party's technology, research and development, business affairs, and pricing, and any other confidential, proprietary or commercially- sensitive information supplied by either of the Parties to the other; provided, however, that such information is Confidential Information only if it is clearly designated or marked in writing as confidential on the face of the document, or where such information is conveyed orally, electronically or through inspection, without a writing, the Party supplying such information promptly submits, within five (5) Business Days of the conveyance of such information, a written notification to the other Party that it is designating such information as Confidential Information. If requested by either Party, the other Party shall provide in writing, the basis for asserting that the information referred to in this Article 22 warrants confidential treatment, and the requesting Party may disclose such writing to the appropriate Governmental Authority. Each Party shall be responsible for the costs associated with affording confidential treatment to its information. Information will no longer be deemed confidential if the Party that designated the information as confidential notifies the other Party that it no longer is confidential.
Subject to Article. 16.2, the Seller’s total liability arising out of or in connection with the Contract and/or the GTS whatsoever and howsoever arising shall in all circumstances, including pursuant to any indemnities and conditions and whether or not expressly made subject to this Article 16, be limited to the Contract price (exclusive of taxes).
Subject to Article. 16.2, the Seller shall not have any liability to the Buyer (whether for breach of contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise) including pursuant to any indemnities and/or conditions for any a) loss of profits; b) loss of bargain;
Subject to Article. (a) Where a holiday falls during a nurse's scheduled vacation period, her vacation shall be extended by one day unless the nurse and the Hospital agree to schedule a different day off with pay. Where a holiday falls on a nurse's scheduled day off an additional day off with pay will be scheduled. A nurse required to work on any of the foregoing holidays shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half her regular straight time hourly rate of pay for all hours worked on such holiday subject to Article In addition, she will receive a lieu day off with pay in the amount of regular straight time hourly rate of pay times the number of hours in a normal daily tour as set out in Article (a).
Subject to Article. 19.5 all vacancies covered by the terms of this Agreement will, at a minimum, be posted on the University’s Faculty Recruitment website.
Subject to Article. 11.2.5 every female employee with six (6) months or more of company seniority and who has or will have the actual care and custody of a newborn child is entitled to and shall be granted, upon written request, a leave of absence without pay of up to thirty-seven (37) weeks commencing, as the employee elects,
Subject to Article. 12.1 above, this Agreement shall be binding upon the legal successor of each Party.
Subject to Article. XIV the Board may terminate a teacher due to redundancy by giving written notice to the teacher by registered mail or via hand delivery by the Director of Education or designate on or before November 30th for the termination to be effective December 31st or on or before May 31st for the termination to be effective August 31st.
Subject to Article. 54 the Parties may regulate the establishment and operation of companies on their territory, insofar as these regulations do not discriminate against companies of the other Party in comparison with its own companies.
Subject to Article. 29.01.1, pregnancy leave shall be, at the choice of the employee, up to seventeen (17) weeks duration and shall end not sooner than one (1) week after the actual date of delivery and not later than seventeen (17) weeks after the pregnancy leave began.