Names of Sample Clauses

Names of class members who reside in each state and the estimated proportionate share of the claims of such members to the entire settlement. On the enclosed CD is a list of the names of Class Members who reside in your state and a table providing a reasonable estimate of the number of Class Members residing in each state. The specific settlement allocation to each Class Member will be determined by the Settlement Administrator pursuant to the Plan of Allocation to be approved by the Court. The proposed Plan of Allocation appears as Exhibit B to the Settlement Agreement. We do not yet know which Class Members will receive settlement proceeds or how much each Class Member will receive, and it is not feasible to determine the estimated proportionate share of the entire settlement of the claims of the Class Members who reside in each state. Upon final approval of the settlement by the court, settlement proceeds will be distributed among the Class Members according to the Plan of Allocation as set forth in the Settlement Agreement.
Names of class members who reside in each state and the estimated proportionate share of the claims of such members to the entire settlement. A list of the names of class members who reside in each state, based on the last mailing address for each known to Defendant, and an estimate of the proportionate share of the claims of such class members to the entire settlement is included in Tab 4 of the enclosed CD. Defendant's estimate of the number of class members and proportionate share of the claims of such class members, aggregated by state, is enclosed in the folder labeled Tab 5 (“Estimated Class Members by State”).

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  • Names, Etc The full and correct legal name, type of organization, jurisdiction of organization, organizational ID number (if applicable) and mailing address of such Grantor as of the date hereof are correctly set forth in Schedule 1. Schedule 1 correctly specifies the place of business of such Grantor or, if such Grantor has more than one place of business, the location of the chief executive office of such Grantor.

  • Names of Stewards The Union shall notify the Employer in writing of the name of each Xxxxxxx and the area the Xxxxxxx represents and the name of the Chief Xxxxxxx, before the Employer shall be required to recognize the Xxxxxxx.

  • Names and Addresses The names and addresses of the Members are set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Managing Member shall cause Exhibit A to be amended from time to time to reflect the admission of any additional Member, the withdrawal or termination of any Member, receipt by the Company of notice of any change of address of a Member or the occurrence of any other event requiring amendment of Exhibit A.

  • Names and Addresses of Members The Members' names and addresses are attached as Schedule 1 to this Agreement.

  • Name; Trade Names and Styles The name of Borrower set forth in the heading to this Agreement is its correct name. Listed on the Schedule are all prior names of Borrower and all of Borrower's present and prior trade names. Borrower shall give Silicon 30 days' prior written notice before changing its name or doing business under any other name. Borrower has complied, and will in the future comply, with all laws relating to the conduct of business under a fictitious business name.

  • Names The obligations of the Fund entered into in the name or on behalf thereof by any director, shareholder, representative, or agent thereof are made not individually, but in such capacities, and are not binding upon any of the directors, shareholders, representatives or agents of the Fund personally, but bind only the property of the Fund, and all persons dealing with the Fund must look solely to the property of the Fund for the enforcement of any claims against the Fund.

  • Trade Names and Rights Rocky does not use any trademark, service xxxx, trade name, or copyright in its business, or own any trademarks, trademark registrations or applications, trade names, service marks, copyrights, copyright registrations or applications.

  • Use of Names and Logos It is expressly understood that the names “Allianz,” “Allianz Global Investors Fund Management LLC,” “PIMCO” and “Pacific Investment Management Company LLC” or any derivation thereof, or any logo associated with those names, are the valuable property of the Manager and its affiliates, and that the Fund shall have the limited right to use such names (or derivations thereof or associated logos) only so long as the Manager shall consent and this Agreement shall remain in effect. Upon reasonable notice from the Manager to the Fund or upon termination of this Agreement, the Fund shall forthwith cease to use such names (or derivations thereof or associated logos) and shall promptly amend its Agreement and Declaration of Trust and other public documents to change its name accordingly. The covenants on the part of the Fund in this Section 9 shall be binding upon it, its Trustees, officers, stockholders, creditors and all other persons claiming under or through it, and shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

  • DRESS 6.1 Players shall be required to provide and wear their own playing shirts for the Event (“Event Shirts”); which must be worn throughout the Event and in any promotional work associated to the Event with dark smart trousers and plain black shoes/smart black sneakers. No waistcoats (vests), bow ties, denim jeans, t-shirts, jackets or sports shoes will be permitted.

  • Access to List of Holders' Names and Addresses Each Holder and each Owner shall be deemed to have agreed not to hold the Depositor, the Property Trustee, the Delaware Trustee or the Administrative Trustees accountable by reason of the disclosure of its name and address, regardless of the source from which such information was derived.