Prior to the Sample Clauses

Prior to the occurrence of a Termination Event and before the Collateral Agent has received notice of such Termination Event and after the waiver of any Termination Event that may have occurred, the Collateral Agent shall not be bound to make any investigation into the facts of matters stated in any resolution, certificate, statement, instrument, opinion, report, notice, request, consent, order, approval, bond or other paper or document, unless requested in writing so to do by a Secured Party; provided, however, that if the payment within a reasonable time to the Collateral Agent of the costs, expenses or liabilities likely to be incurred by it in the making of such investigation shall be, in the opinion of the Collateral Agent, not reasonably assured by the Debtor, the Collateral Agent may require reasonable indemnity against such cost, expense or liability as a condition to so proceeding. The reasonable expense of every such examination shall be paid by the Debtor or, if paid by the Collateral Agent, shall be reimbursed by the Debtor upon demand.
Prior to the. 1929 Warsaw Conference In the pre-Warsaw negotiation time, the text prepared by the French govern- ment prior to the 1925 Paris Conference did not make reference to the concept of ‘accident’,11 merely providing that: Le transporteur est responsable des pertes, avaries et retards qui résultent de ses fautes personnelles et du vice propre de l’appareil.12 The draft text adopted at the end of the 1925 Paris Conference did, however, include the term ‘accident’ in the list of damages that could trigger carrier liability: Le transporteur est responsable des accidents, pertes, avaries et retards. Il n’est pas responsable s’il prouve avoir pris les mesures raisonnables pour éviter le dommage; cette preuve est admise même dans le cas où le dommage provient d’un vice propre de l’appareil.13 7 1999 Montreal Convention, Article 1(2). 8 1999 Montreal Convention, Article 33(3)(a). 9 1999 Montreal Convention, Article 33(3)(b). 10 1999 Montreal Convention, Article 52. 11 With the exception provided in Article 8, that an action could be brought in the place where the accident occurred.
Prior to the. “Time Off Drawdate, and after the last day of submission of Time Off requests, one or two days will be set aside to allow the Paper Mill Superintendent or designate and designated Union representative, to enter those requests for Time Off into the “Time Off Book” that do not exceed the allotment per group.
Prior to the issuance of each series of securitized bonds, the electric utility shall
Prior to the. Second Closing Date and after any termination of this Agreement, Buyer and its Affiliates will hold, and will use their best efforts to cause their respective officers, directors, employees, accountants, counsel, consultants, advisors and agents to hold, in confidence, unless compelled to disclose by judicial or administrative process or by other requirements of Law, all confidential documents and information concerning any VIE Subsidiary furnished to Buyer or its Affiliates in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, except to the extent that such information can be shown to have been (i) previously known on a nonconfidential basis by Buyer, (ii) in the public domain through no fault of Buyer or (iii) later lawfully acquired by Buyer from sources other than Beijing Origin or its Affiliates; provided that Buyer may disclose such information to its officers, directors, employees, accountants, counsel, consultants, advisors and agents in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and to its lenders or other Persons in connection with obtaining the financing for the transactions contemplated by this Agreement so long as such Persons are informed by Buyer of the confidential nature of such information and are directed by Buyer to treat such information confidentially. Buyer shall be responsible for any failure to treat such information confidentially by such Persons. The obligation of Buyer and its Affiliates to hold any such information in confidence shall be satisfied if they exercise the same care with respect to such information as they would take to preserve the confidentiality of their own similar information. If this Agreement is terminated, Buyer and its Affiliates will, and will use their best efforts to cause their respective officers, directors, employees, accountants, counsel, consultants, advisors and agents to, destroy or deliver to Beijing Origin, upon request, all documents and other materials, and all copies thereof, obtained by Buyer or its Affiliates or on their behalf from Beijing Origin or its Affiliates in connection with this Agreement that are subject to such confidence.
Prior to the. Second National Convention of the BLET-UTU and after the applicable Locals have consolidated as per Section 7 of this agreement, BLET and UTU State, District or Provincial Legislative Boards MUST consolidate into one new Board. This consolidation will be done at a meeting of all Legislative Representatives from the newly merged locals. Consolidation will be governed by procedures to be established by the Executive Council.
Prior to the. Issue Date, the relevant Borrower shall provide a precise description of the documents and the verbatim text of any certificates to be presented by the Beneficiary which, if presented by the Beneficiary, would require an Issuing Lender to make payment under the Documentary Credit. The Issuing Lender may require changes in any such document or certificate.
Prior to the. January 15 start of the Special Assessment process Waste Management of Alameda County (WMAC) billing department will obtain the most current Parcel Data information for the City.
Prior to the. First Advance Borrower and Unsecured Lender shall have executed and delivered the Unsecured Debt Documents and Unsecured Lender shall have advanced the Unsecured Debt to Borrower and the Borrower, Unsecured Lender and Lender shall have executed and delivered the Subordination and Standstill Agreement.