Provided by the Employer Sample Clauses

Provided by the Employer. The Employer will provide in the way of water, waste disposal, ablutions, fire protection and lighting (etc) on the Affected Property. Power will be provided by the Employer the Contractor needs to ensure his own cabling, connections, DB Boards and CoC certificates of installations and connections. Refuse Disposal The Employer provides special colour coded bins for refuse disposal. These bins are emptied by the Employer free of charge. The Contractor ensures that all workers under his control strictly adhere to the correct use of refuse bins as stated in the Plant. Supply of Electricity - Employer will make available to the Contractor 220/230-volt electrical supply free of charge from the closest existing point of supply. - The Contractor is to make provision for the necessary extensions and plug points. - All Electrical boards must be inspected and tested before connecting to a power supply and then a CoC must be issued by the Contractor - The Contractor will adhere to the Electrical Installation Regulations of 1992 Medical Facilities - The Contractor provides a First Aid service to his employees and subcontractor. In the case where these prove to be inadequate, like in the event of a serious injury, the Employer’s Medical Centre and facilities are available. - Outside the Employer’s office hours, the Employer’s First Aid Services are only available for serious injuries and life threatening situations. - The Employer is entitled, however, to recover the costs incurred, in the use of the above Employer’s facilities, from the Contractor.
Provided by the Employer. This is a mandatory cross reference form clause 25.2 in TSC3. State what the Employer will provide in the way of power, water, waste disposal, telecomms, ablutions, fire protection and lighting (etc) on the Affected Property. Give hook up locations and any constraints on how the hook up is to be done. Always conclude by stating that the Contractor shall provide everything else necessary for Providing the Service.
Provided by the Employer. Supply of electricity The Employer is not responsible to supply any electricity for the purpose of the works. The contractor must supply own electricity in the form of a generator. All installations or equipment complies with all relevant safety regulations and requirements. Contractor to supply own 220 or 380 VAC extensions and Contractor shall provide everything else necessary for providing the Service. Water The Employer supplies potable water for the purpose of the works, at existing points and in reasonable quantities. Uninterrupted supply is not guaranteed and is not grounds for compensation events. Accommodation of the Contractor’s employees The Contractor makes his own arrangements for accommodation and meals. Telecommunications The Contractor provides his own communication system and the cost thereof. Cell phones/radios to be used on the ash facility / ash dams / slurry plant where poor reception exists. All private telephone calls / Internet usage on the account of Contractor. Should the Contractor wish to use radio communication equipment on site, he will make his own arrangements with the relevant authorities. In this case though, he is required to liaise with the Head of Security at the Station to ensure that there is no interference with existing channels or equipment Facilities availability  Employer will provide Contractor work space
Provided by the Employer. The Contractor shall indicate the support services required from the Employer in his offer.  The Contractor is responsible for the equipment provided to him by the Employer.  The Contractor submits a facilities checklist to the Employer for acceptance, prior to occupation and again upon departure, which serves as proof of any damage to the Employer’s facility.  All expenses incurred by the Employer in the event of the Employer having to perform repairs, at a fee that is in line with the current building tariffs, are for the Contractor’s account.
Provided by the Employer. Forklift, overhead crane, winch, electrical to 220 and 380 v power supply, portable water, compressed air up to 6bars and scaffolding, upon 24hours in advance request.
Provided by the Employer. Electricity All points of supply requested by the Contractor are provided in terms of quantity and location at the discretion of the Service Manager No connection is made to the permanent installation at the Power Station without the prior acceptance of the Service Manager The Employer guarantees power supply quality and reliability. No guarantees of power supply quality are given and power supply outages of some duration may occur without warning. Planned outages are also a possibility. The Contractor makes arrangements at his own expense to improve continuity and quality of power where necessary for any reason and no claim of any nature relating to power failures is considered. 220 and 380V power source will be available near the off-terrace site area. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to connect to this power source and obtain statuary Certificate of Compliance for such a connection or installation. The use of this power supply is used to cater for the Contractor’s office requirements and is not to be used for any construction purpose. Construction power is available to the Contractor within the main turbine and boiler house. All installations or equipment connected to a supply of electricity provided free of charge by the Employer shall comply with all relevant safety regulations and requirements. Failure to comply with the safety requirements may lead to immediate disconnection. The Contractor shall provide, at his own expense, all temporary wiring and cabling to lead power from the point of supply or distribution boards, to the various points where it is required, maintain same and remove on completion. Lighting and Ventilation Lighting Temporary local lighting in accordance with the requirements of the Factories Inspector shall be provided by the Contractor at his own expense. No local lighting will be provided by the Employer, with the exception of the lighting provided for sandblasting facilities. Area lighting immediately outside the boiler and turbine houses and stairway lighting is provided by the Employer.
Provided by the Employer. Water and Electricity usage  Water and Electricity will be supplied by the Employer,if available, and must be used in accordance with the Eskom Environmental objectives.  Where Water and Electricity is not available, this must be provided for by the Contractor.
Provided by the Employer. The Employer will make available for the Contractors use:
Provided by the Employer. This is a mandatory cross reference form clause 25.2 in TSC3. The Employer will provide in the way of power, water, waste disposal, ablutions, fire protection and lighting (etc) on the Affected Property. The Contractor shall provide everything else necessary for Providing the Service.
Provided by the Employer. The Employer provides water, power, compressed air, sanitation, garbage collection and any other services that may be applicable to provide the Work on or near the Working Areas. The Contractor pays for all medical facilities, first aid and telecommunication facilities. The Employer allows the Contractor to use Overhead Cranes and Hoists, provided the Contractor’s employee is an authorised Lifting Machine operator. The Contractor complies with all site regulations issued by the Service Manager. For the purposes of this contract, the Employer also provides:  Offices, Ablution facilities, Kitchen or Tearoom.  Work benches  Compressed Air supply  220V and 380V power suppliesPotable water  Common ablution facilities  Telecommunication connection and telephone (instrument), usage costs for the Contractor’s account  LAN connection pointsDesktop computer hard xxxx (number to be agreed upon) loaded with the Employer’s supplied software.  Office Equipment as agreed between the Parties  Radios: the contractors need to motivate their specific hand-held radio requirement to the Service Manager, who, if approved, will issue an agreed number of radios to the Contractor.  Office furniture as agreed between the parties  Equipped kitchen (fridge, microwave and “Hydroboil”) A written request, indicating the Contractor's requirements is submitted to the Supervisor/Service Manager as soon as possible after the Contract Date.