An Employee Sample Clauses

An Employee. (a) who has completed a minimum of one (1) year of continuous service and who ceases to be an employee because of:
An Employee. (a) who is sent home at any time or times during the week because of lack of work or inclement weather, or
An Employee or group of Employees may dispute a proposed workload assignment by advising members of their Department in writing why they dispute the proposed workload. The Department shall provide a written response to the Employee(s) within five (5) working days of the letter being received by the Department. Where the Department does not agree that there is merit to the dispute, it shall provide written reasons for this finding.
An Employee. (a) must have been in the service of the Corporation and available for duty for at least thirty (30) calendar days. This clause (a) does not apply to an employee who is required to work on a holiday;
An Employee. Employer or Union who is the griever shall within ten (10) working days of the circumstances given rise to the grievance:
An Employee actively employed by the Employer, who declines a recall to their home classification, shall have their recall rights to that classification exhausted, effective the date the Employee declined the recall.
An Employee. Executive Officer that serves as a Certifying Officer shall have the full discretion to decline to certify a particular Report that fails to meet the standards set forth in the Certification, to report matters involving fraud or other failure to meet the standards of applicable law to the audit committee of the Board, or in appropriate circumstances, to resign from his or her position, in the event that he or she reasonably determines that there has been or is likely to be (a) a material deviation from the BISYS Policies, (b) a violation of Sarbanes-Oxley or other applicable laws, or (c) a material deviation by the Trust from the terms of this Agreement governing the services of such Certifying Officer that is not caused by such Certifying Officer or BISYS.
An Employee who is called before the supervisor concerning any disciplinary matter shall be accompanied by a Union steward. If the Employee receives a reprimand, or if the Employee is suspended or discharged, this shall be confirmed in writing to the Employee within five (5) working days. Copies of this letter shall be sent concurrently to the Union and placed in the Employee's personnel file in the Department of Human Resources. If twelve (12) months elapse without further similar or related incidents this letter shall be removed from the Employee's personnel file and the Employee's past record shall not be used against the Employee.
An Employee who meets the eligibility requirements for a carpentry apprenticeship, may be hired as a Pre-apprentice for a sixty day probationary period as long as there are no suitable first year Apprentices available from the Union at the time the Pre-apprentice is hired.