An Employee Sample Clauses

An Employee. (a) who is sent home at any time or times during the week because of lack of work or inclement weather, or
An Employee who intends to resume her employment on the expiration of the leave of absence granted to her under this Article shall so advise the Employer when she requires the leave of absence. If an Employee returns to work at the expiry of the normal pregnancy or parental leave, and the Employee’s former position still exists, the Employee will be returned to her former job. All Employees who fill vacancies as a result of the above absences shall likewise be returned to their former position.
An Employee a) who has completed a minimum of one (1) year of continuous service and who ceases to be an employee because of,
An Employee who is called before the supervisor for the purpose of being given discipline shall have the right to be accompanied by a Union Xxxxxxx if the Employee so wishes. If the Employee receives a reprimand, or if the Employee is suspended or discharged, this shall be confirmed in writing to the Employee within five (5) working days. Copies of this letter shall be sent concurrently to the Union and placed in the Employee's personnel file in the Department of Human Resources.
An Employee. (other than a casual employee) with responsibilities in relation to a member of the employee’s family who needs the employee’s care and support due to personal injury or for the purposes of caring for a family member who is sick and requires the employee’s care and support or who requires care due to an unexpected emergency, is entitled to up to 10 days (or the equivalent in hours) of their accrued sick leave entitlement in any completed year of continuous service (pro rata for part time employees) to provide care and support for such persons when they are ill.
An Employee once sent on annual leave shall not be recalled for duty except by mutual agreement between the Employer and Employee.
An Employee or group of Employees may dispute a proposed workload assignment by advising members of their Department in writing why they dispute the proposed workload. The Department shall provide a written response to the Employee(s) within five (5) working days of the letter being received by the Department. Where the Department does not agree that there is merit to the dispute, it shall provide written reasons for this finding.
An Employee who wishes to submit a grievance concerning an unsuccessful bid for a job posting shall submit this grievance, which shall indicate the Job Posting Number in question, directly at STEP 2.
An Employee. (a) must have been in the service of the Corporation and available for duty for at least thirty (30) calendar days. This clause (a) does not apply to an employee who is required to work on a holiday;
An Employee actively employed by the Employer, who declines a recall to their home classification, shall have their recall rights to that classification exhausted, effective the date the Employee declined the recall.