Subject to Change Sample Clauses

Subject to Change. The Board may at any time in its sole discretion change the rules set forth above. The Applicant understands and agrees to the above additional terms. Signature on behalf of Applicant This Membership Agreement is executed on behalf of the entity subscribing hereto, as of this day of , 20 . Name of Applicant (Company/Organization): Signature on behalf of Applicant: Name of person signing: Title of person signing on behalf of Applicant: Address of Applicant: Select Level of Membership: Annual Dues: Full (Voting) Member $33,000 Participating (Voting) Member* $26,500 Observer (Nonvoting) Member $13,000 Public Entity (Nonvoting) $7,000 Consultant Member (Nonvoting) $1,500 Designated GlobalPlatform Representative: IPR (Legal) Representative: Name: Name: Email: Email: Billing Representative (optional) Marketing Representative (optional) Name: Name: Email: Email: Please note that the IPR Policy requires certain responses on behalf of the Applicant. The Applicant hereby designates the following person as its IPR Representative for purposes of receiving notices under the IPR Policy (you may designate up to two additional persons to be sent copies of such notices). All such notices will be sent by email to the address(es) that you include above, unless you designate a new recipient by email to:
Subject to Change. The RSP contribution is subject to change and may go up based on the number of employees covered by the Plan and the Plan's experience. Therefore, the cost of the Plan is likely to be higher in future years.
Subject to Change. The terms and conditions of this Contract are valid starting 01. November 2011. Multitest reserves the right to prospectively change the terms and conditions hereof at any time.
Subject to Change. The content of this statement is subject to change as a result of experience, new information, changes in process requirements and the availability of resources.
Subject to Change. The rates on this schedule are subject to change on 30 days written notice. If you decline to pay any increased rates, Law Firm will have the right to withdraw as Client's attorney.
Subject to Change. All insurance requirements for this Agreement are subject to change at the reasonable discretion of Owner, provided the insurances required to be procured by Contractor to comply with such changes are available in the market. Such changed insurance requirements shall be documented pursuant to a Change Order pursuant to this Agreement to reimbursement of the costs associated with such changes, without any markup. Such change shall include any requirements of Lenders, if applicable.
Subject to Change. Advertised amenities are subject to change without notice or compensation. Changes can occur after a reservation is made as a result of sale of unit, remodeling, mechanical failure or servicing. Should a property be made unavailable for any reason beyond the control of Manager, the limit of liability by property Manager is to refund any prepaid rents, taxes and deposits that have been paid by the registered Guest. In the event of a major natural disaster (e.g. hurricane, tsunami, or earthquake) the Manager’s sole responsibility will be to reschedule Guest’s reservation subject to availability.
Subject to Change. The allocation of compensation between OpCo and TechCo is subject to change based on future changes in responsibilities and/or compensation.
Subject to Change. The Organizer is entitled to unilaterally amend this Terms and Conditions insofar as this is necessary for the elimination of infrictions of equivalence (“Äquivalenzstörung”) arising subsequently or for adaptation to legal framework conditions. We will inform the Participant of any change and inform him of the content of the changed regulations to the Participant's last known e-mail address. The amendment shall become part of this contract if the Participant does not object to its inclusion us in writing or text form within 6 weeks of receipt of the notification of amendment.
Subject to Change. The Owner acknowledges that each Bell Entity may, at any time during the Term of this Agreement, but subject to any order, ruling or decision of the CRTC (as defined in Section 11.12), elect at its sole option and discretion, without liability, (i) to discontinue offering any or all of its respective Bell Services using VDSL technology in favour of delivery of the applicable Bell Service through alternate delivery techniques and equipment commonly utilized at such time by the Bell Entities and/or (ii) terminate this Agreement as it relates to the delivery of any of its respective Bell Services through VDSL technology. SECTION 2-ACCESS