Successfully completed definition

Successfully completed means that a student completed a course at an institution of higher education and received the equivalent of a minimum letter grade of "D";
Successfully completed means, in reference to a real estate course offering, completing all required course hours and, except where the licensee seeks continuing education credit for having regularly attended the live presentation of a course, passing a commission-approved assessment or final examination.
Successfully completed. /’Executed’ means the bidder should have achieved the criteria specified in the Technical criteria of PQR (as in ‘B’’ above) even if the Contract has not been completed or closed. The bidders will be required to submit successful completion of work completed (completion of entire work with closing of contract or part successful completion certificate upto a minimum level specified in the criteria B above).

Examples of Successfully completed in a sentence

  • Successfully completed a segment 1 curriculum driver education course.

  • Members 0.0403 -0.0778 -0.0234 -0.00754 0.0100 0.0202 0.0526∗∗ 0.0917(0.0448) (0.0592) (0.0994) (0.0424) (0.0336) (0.0202) (0.0204) (0.0551)| |Floor Median-Comm.

  • Successfully completed the first phase of an alternative route to superintendent endorsement program, as provided in Section 21B-55 of this Code.

  • Successfully completed an appropriate course of study, which may not be less than two years or the equivalent of two years, at a board-approved institution of higher education and completed eight thousand hours' experience in installing and repairing electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment.

  • This challenge was exemplified by the fact that Greenberg had to reconsider his custom of always wearing a kippah.

More Definitions of Successfully completed

Successfully completed means the fulfillment of duties as a teacher, pupil services professional, or administrator for each semester completed under the terms of employment.
Successfully completed means completion of key events in a timely manner.
Successfully completed and "successful performance" means satisfactory completion of a training requirement of OAR 629-042-XXX5 or a test required by OAR 629-042-XXX6 and which has been properly documented.
Successfully completed means a student receiving both secondary and postsecondary credit upon completion of an approved dual credit course.
Successfully completed means that a student received USHE credit for a CE course.
Successfully completed means was present for 30 hours of basic intake training and gave correct answers to 70% or more of the test questions.
Successfully completed means a transaction for a prototype project is complete upon the written determination of the appropriate approving official for the matter in question that efforts conducted under a Prototype OT: 1) met the key technical goals of a project; 2) satisfied success metrics incorporated in the Prototype OT; or 3) accomplished a particularly favorable or unexpected result that justifies the prototype development through enhanced performance in