Successfully completed definition

Successfully completed. /’Executed’ means the bidder should have achieved the criteria specified in the Technical criteria of PQR (as in ‘B’’ above) even if the Contract has not been completed or closed. The bidders will be required to submit successful completion of work completed (completion of entire work with closing of contract or part successful completion certificate upto a minimum level specified in the criteria B above).

Examples of Successfully completed in a sentence

  • Successfully completed is defined as demonstrating competency, as evaluated by the instructor, in performing CPR.

  • Project Manager 2003 - Present Continental Flooring Company Project Manager 2002 K&M Woodcrafts Foreman/Field Supervisor 2001 - 2002 FXL Cabinets Lead Installer/Field SUpervisor 1996 - 2001 Michaels Custom Woodworks Owner Educational Background: Moorpark College Related Experience: Successfully completed contracted projects by teaming with suppliers, subcontracted labor and project managers.

  • Gaining career- related experience is your greatest benefit!STUDENT CHECKLISTCompleting the enrollment process: Successfully completed one-year or 2 semesters in your program at NDSCS.Maintained a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.

  • Successfully completed credit hours refer to the hours in which the student has received a letter grade of A, B+, B, C+ or C.

  • Successfully completed a City of Durham or other approved Backflow Prevention Certification Course (via reciprocity);2.

More Definitions of Successfully completed

Successfully completed means completion of key events in a timely manner.
Successfully completed and "successful performance" means satisfactory completion of a training requirement of OAR 629-042-XXX5 or a test required by OAR 629-042-XXX6 and which has been properly documented.
Successfully completed means a student receiving both secondary and postsecondary credit upon completion of an approved dual credit course.
Successfully completed means that a student received USHE credit for a CE course.
Successfully completed means, in reference to a real estate
Successfully completed means a transaction for a prototype project is complete upon the written determination of the appropriate approving official for the matter in question that efforts conducted under a Prototype OT: 1) met the key technical goals of a project; 2) satisfied success metrics incorporated in the Prototype OT; or 3) accomplished a particularly favorable or unexpected result that justifies the prototype development through enhanced performance in key areas and/or unexpected beneficial features. Furthermore, successful completion can occur prior to the conclusion of a prototype project to allow the Government to transition any aspect of the prototype project determined to provide utility into production while other aspects of the prototype project have yet to be completed.