Covered By definition

Covered By means (i) infringes, in the case of a claim in an issued patent, or (ii) would infringe the claim if it existed in an issued patent, in the case of a claim in a pending application.
Covered By means, with respect to Patent Rights: materials, products and services developed, manufactured, used, sold or provided by ZMC, which but for the License, would infringe a Valid Claim of such Patent Rights in the Territory in which such products or services are developed, used, manufactured, sold or provided by ZMC, respectively.

Examples of Covered By in a sentence

  • The specification in force during the period of construction will be followed during the Execution of work except where otherwise provided for in case item of work which is not Covered by specification laid down by the Engineer in charge shall be followed which will Be final and conclusive .5.

  • Employees Covered by Benefit Terms At the valuation date of December 31, 2019, the following employees were covered by the benefit terms: Inactive employees or beneficiaries currentlyreceiving benefit payments 107Active employees electing coverage 17Active employees waiving coverage 1125 D.

  • GENERAL EXCLUSIONS (What Is Not Covered by the whole Policy)We will not be liable for:1.

  • Products Covered by This RulemakingIn the 2010 RFI, DOE requested comments on the scope of the TV test procedure rulemaking.

  • Intragovernmental and Public Liabilities (dollars in thousands) 2016 2015Intragovernmental: Unfunded FECA Liability 106 89Total Intragovernmental 106Public Liabilities: 89Federal Employee and Veteran Benefits 401 446Unfunded Annual Leave 1,185 1,189Total Liabilities Not Covered by Budgetary Resources $ 1,692$1,724Total Liabilities Covered by Budgetary Resources 828 845Total Liabilities $ 2,520$2,569 B.

More Definitions of Covered By

Covered By means, with reference to a particular Licensed Product or Licensed Service, that the manufacture, use, sale, offering for sale, performance, or importation of such Licensed Product or performance of such Licensed Service would, but for ownership of, or a license granted under this Agreement to, the relevant Patent Right, infringe a Valid Claim which shall be considered separately with respect to each country in the Territory.
Covered By means, with respect to any act, an act that would, in the absence of a license provided hereunder, constitute an infringement of a claim of a pending patent application, or a claim of an issued patent which has not been held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction in a decision which is unappealable or the appeal period for which has expired without an appeal being taken.
Covered By means a Licensed Product that, when made, used, or sold, or a Licensed Method that, when practiced, would constitute, but for the license granted to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement, an infringement of any claim or claims included within the Patent Rights.
Covered By or “Covers,” or the like, means, with respect to a given Collaboration Compound or Licensed Product (as the case may be), that the sale or offer for sale of such Collaboration Compound or Licensed Product, but for ownership of, or a license granted in this Agreement under, the relevant Patent would infringe a Valid Issued Claim (or, a Valid Pending Claim if a patent containing such Valid Pending Claim were to issue) of such Patent in the country of sale on the date of sale.
Covered By means when used in the context that a Product is covered by a Subsisting Claim or a Claim Asserted in Good Faith, that the Product or the normal method of operation or customarily intended use of such Product must, when such Product is manufactured, sold, or otherwise Exploited by Merck or a Sub-Licensee constitute (but for the Licence or Merck’s ownership of Stage 2 Patents) an infringement of a Subsisting Claim or in the period of 5 years from the Commencement Date an infringement of a Claim Asserted in Good Faith, considered as if it were a Subsisting Claim.
Covered By means, with respect to Licensed Product, in the absence of ownership of, or a license granted under, a Valid Patent Claim, that the manufacture, use, offer for sale, sale or importation of such Licensed Product would infringe such Valid Patent Claim.
Covered By means, with respect to any Licensed Product, that the manufacture, use, offer for sale, sale or importation of such Licensed Product(s) would (if such activity were performed by a Third Party) infringe an Issued Patent Claim.