The Senior Sample Clauses

The Senior. Officials Table is not a decision-making body and cannot fetter the discretion of the Parties’ respective decision-makers.
The Senior. Note Offering shall have been consummated in accordance with applicable law and the Borrower shall have received therefrom aggregate gross cash proceeds of not less than $250,000,000. The material terms and conditions of the 2003 Senior Notes and the provisions of the indenture and other agreements and documents executed and delivered in connection with the Senior Note Offering shall be reasonably satisfactory to the Initial Lenders, each of whom shall have received copies of all such documents, certified by a Financial Officer as being complete and correct in all material respects.
The Senior. Term Loans shall be made in a single drawing on the Closing Date (as defined below).
The Senior. Finance Documents shall continue in full force and effect, however, the Senior Facility Agreement shall be amended and read and interpreted in accordance with Clause 2.2 of the Senior Facility Amendment Agreement.
The Senior. Note Trustee shall promptly notify the Security Trustee in writing (with a copy of such notice to be provided to the other Debt Representatives and the Issuer) upon the occurrence of Payment Stop Event and/or Standstill Event (a notice of a Standstill Event shall be contained in a Standstill Notice).