THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. A6.01 In the event that any law passed by Parliament applying to employees of the Corporation covered by this Agreement renders null and void any provision of this Agreement, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall remain in effect for the term of the Agreement.
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THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. If any law now in force or enacted during the term of this Agreement renders null and void any provision of this Agreement, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect for the term of the Agreement. The parties shall thereupon seek to negotiate substitute provisions which are in conformity with the applicable law. ARTICLE
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. The Employer and the Union agree that the Collective Agreement shall consist of the terms and conditions outlined in Appendix "A" attached to and forming a part of this Memorandum of Agreement.
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. The parties agree that all the necessary procedures and actions shall be taken to implement the provisions of the Collective Agreement within a reasonable time after the signing of the Agreement. In any event the period for implementation and action should not exceed six (6) months after the signing of the Agreement. This shall apply to all clauses of the Agreement except those for which there are prescribed times.
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. The following provisions of the Collective Agreement do not apply to casual employees: Article 14 – Discipline Article 15 - Employee Personnel File 15.02, 15.03, 15.04 Article 16 - Competitions and Appointments Article 17 - Layoff
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. The language of Article 11 "
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. During collective bargaining, the Company and the Union negotiated amendments to Article of the collective agreement. For clarification purposes, the Company and the Union confirm that it was the intent of the parties that the provisions of Article of the collective agreement (shift and days off only with respect to temporary full-time for the initial temporary vacancy posting. Shift and days off do not apply to the second and subsequent temporary full- time LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING
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THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. 6. The most relevant provisions of the agreement are Articles 2.03, 4.01, 4.05, and 17.01.
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. The Board shall provide each of the Bargaining Unit with a copy of this Collective Agreement, in booklet form, within thirty (30) days of the signing of the Agreement, or acceptance of employment. The parties agree to share equally the costs of the printing of the booklets.
THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. It is agreed that this professional development committee will meet after ratification to review professional development issues and make recommendations for upcoming professional development opportunities. Mutually agreed upon items will be forwarded to the appropriate Board personnel for implementation. #2 Supervision‌ Effective January 1, 2009 each International Language Instructor shall be paid an additional 15 minutes per day to assist with the general supervision of students. The 15 minutes per day (75 minutes per week) are to be scheduled according to the needs of the school. General Supervision will, where possible, be assigned in a fair and equitable manner as follows: • Equitable distribution of on call and indoor recess assignment within theInternational Language Instructor’s hours of work; • Up to 75 minutes per week; • Not to exceed 20 minutes per day Within sixty (60) days of ratification of this Collective Agreement, and thereafter every August, the Board will communicate to Principals, through a system memo, contractual obligations and rights regarding supervision for CUPE 5476 members #3 Protected Complement‌ The parties agree that in accordance with Letter of Understanding #3 of the Central Collective Agreement, the FTE number (excluding temporary, casual and/or occasional positions) as of December 19, 2022, the date of central ratification, is 22.40. ● International Language Instructors: 21.90 FTE; ● Lead International Language Instructor: 0.5 FTE. ● TOTAL = 22.40 FTE #4 Contracting Out‌ The parties agree to the following understanding regarding contracting in/contracting out: YCDSB is committed to open communication and a transparent process in regard to the contracting out of work that may be considered bargaining unit work. No bargaining unit work shall be contracted out without prior consultation with the union.
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