Purpose of the Sample Clauses

Purpose of the. SLA The SLA is part of the overall contractual and operational documentation and is intended to set out each Party’s service delivery obligations. The SLA has been designed to set out the outputs desired from all Parties to the Agreement setting out who is the Lead Party (the party responsible for making sure that the output is achieved) and what each of the respective parties is expected to input in order to achieve the required output.
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Purpose of the fees framework: The fees framework is the framework that will apply to the patient fees charged by contracted providers if the funding set by the Government is intended to subsidise low or reduced cost access to First Level Services.
Purpose of the. SLA The SLA is part of the overall contractual and operational documentation and is intended to set out each party’s service delivery obligations. The SLA has been designed to define the responsibilities of all parties to the Agreement, determining who is the Lead Party (the party responsible for making sure that the required outcome is achieved), and what each of the respective parties are expected to contribute in order to achieve the required outcome. Our commitment to you Hoople’s Information Technology Service is committed to achieving continuous service improvement and business excellence. We want to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service possible and that this is delivered economically, efficiently and effectively. The primary aims of the service are: • To work with the client to develop/implement IT solutions to help meet their objectives • To identify new IT opportunities and provide technical expertise to enable the client to improve efficiency whilst reducing operational costsTo provide a secure, stable and robust environment, which enables the client to utilise existing software applications with the maximum return Our service will be based on the ITIL standard (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and will focus on aligning technology with the needs of your business. ITIL is an industry standard that provides a cohesive set of ‘best practice IT management’ from the public and private sector. Service objectives are to provide: • IT strategic leadership to help clients achieve continuous service improvement within their business • A service that is fit for purpose for a diverse range of users • A robust infrastructure platform • Timely and professional resolutions to incidents and service requests
Purpose of the. “Government-to-Government” Approach When delivering critical infrastructure, public procurement processes are designed to provide the requisite degree of transparency and to achieve a competitive economic outcome. In most instances these positive objectives are achieved; however, there are specific circumstances when such processes inhibit the ability of governments to ensure project delivery in a timely way. Bermuda faces the challenge of financing the redevelopment of an airport that has less than 1 million annual passengers. Tenders for airport concessions with this volume of traffic are not seen in the international aviation market due to lack of investor interest and the costs of setting up and running a traditional procurement process. The case of Bermuda is compounded by declining passenger volumes which heighten perceived investment risks associated with the project. These challenges combined directly question if a purely commercial open-market tender would reach financial close or offer the Government of Bermuda value for money in the redevelopment of the airport. CCC explores how governments can achieve the benefits of a competitive, public procurement process without triggering its drawbacks, by utilizing a risk-sharing, “Government-to-Government” approach. The fundamental objective of the Government of Canada, acting through the CCC, is to assist Bermuda by providing a preferred Canadian solution effectively, efficiently and that meets the needs in a timely manner. Working directly with CCC to deliver public infrastructure offers a process designed to answer three important questions:  Is direct contracting with Canada the right choice at this time for the project?  How does the proposed delivery approach provide value to your Government?  What are the assurances and controls that CCC puts in place to deliver the anticipated results? While framed as a “Government to Government” undertaking, it is important to emphasize the CCC’s entirely commercial role. CCC is offering to work together with the Government of Bermuda in a commercially, cooperative and collaborative manner to reduce the costs, risks and timelines associated with delivering a project of vital economic and social importance to the nation. CCC will mobilize world class experts, an advisory team, to assist Bermuda in arriving at the optimal structure - including getting the right balance between private financing and Government support. The Government of Canada, through CCC, prov...
Purpose of the. Contract
Purpose of the processing is for the Controller to:
Purpose of the mandate The ministère des Transports (MTQ) mandates the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) to maintain the marking systems of the following northern airports: Akulivik, Aupaluk, Inukjuak, Ivujivik, Kangirsuk, Kangiqsujuaq, Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kuujjuarapik, Puvirnituq, Quaqtaq, Salluit, Tasiujaq and Umiujaq.
Purpose of the. AGREEMENT The purpose of this Agreement is to specify: - the methods of carrying out Research within the Center - the allocation of study-related responsibilities between the Sponsor and the Contractors - the terms and conditions under which APHP as Research Sponsor covers, through the CRO, the costs incurred by its implementation within the Center, under the conditions mentioned in article 5 of this Agreement. ARTICLE 2
Purpose of the processing The processing shall take place continuously throughout the term of the principal contract. The Processor offers a live chat function for web and mobile support. The software-based chat communication solution offers customer support in real time and helps to expand the customer service offering. The Processor shall fully process personal data from within the Controller’s domain within the meaning of Art. 4 (2) GDPR, exclusively in order to fulfil the former’s obligations under the principal contract in conjunction with the provision of Userlike services; this shall particularly include the collection, storage, modification, export, access, use, disclosure, comparison, linkage and erasure of data.
Purpose of the deposit The deposit has been taken for the following purposes: any damage, or compensation for damage, to the premises its fixtures and fittings or the building, or for missing items for which the tenant may be liable, subject to an apportionment or allowance for fair wear and tear, the age and condition of each and any such item at the commencement of the tenancy, insured risks and repairs that are the responsibility of the landlord; the reasonable costs incurred in compensating the landlord for, or for rectifying or remedying any major breach by the tenant of the tenant’s obligations under the tenancy agreement including those relating to the cleaning of the premises, its fixtures and fittings; any unpaid accounts for utilities or water charges or environmental services or other similar services or council tax incurred at the premises for which the tenant is liable; any rent or other money due or payable by the tenant under the tenancy agreement of which the tenant has been made aware and which remains unpaid after the end of the tenancy.