AND TRANSFERS Sample Clauses

AND TRANSFERS. For the purposes of this Article, the home port of an Officer and the home port of the vessel aboard which he is regularly employed shall be one and the same, provided that at the date of entering this Agreement his home be the port which has been regarded as the home port of the Officer during 'When an Officer dispatched to or discharged from a vessel away from his home port the Company will provide travel insurance of each Officer and will be responsible for his transportation, wages and board and costs until such time as he is returned ta his home port In the event that it becomes necessary to change the home port of a vessel on a permanent basis Vancouver transfer), an Officer who has been regularly employed on the vessel requested to transfer to the new home port, in which case the Company shall be responsible for a l l reasonable costs incurred moving and relocating his family and belongings, In the event that the employee chooses not to move he shall have the option of: (if remaining with the vessel and bearing his own transportation, travel, board and lodging costs (if any), or exercising his rights of seniority Article
AND TRANSFERS. The Company agrees to post notice of perma- nent and temporary vacancies within the Bargaining Unit on the bulletin boards for a period of not less than three (3) days. 'Temporary "job vacancies shall mean for a peri- od projected to be more than two (2) weeks excluding scheduled vacations. When vacancies or new classifications such openings will be posted on the plant bulletin boards for three (3) days. Written applications to fill such vacancies shall be made with the Personnel Department within the said three (3)days mentioned The Company will consider the applications on knowledge, and ability to do the job. Where these are relatively equal, the seniority of the shall govern. In the event of a dispute, the employee with the greatest seniority will be given five (5) days to prove ability. The Union will be provid- ed with copies of applications for all job The Company will not fill any vacancy with persons from outside the Bargaining Unit if there are qualified Bargaining Unit employees available with the necessary and ability. A promoted or transferred employee may vol- untarily revert to his former position in the Bargaining Unit within thirty (30) days provided work is available and the job vacancy remains in existence. If work is unavailable and the job vacancy is no longer in existence, the employee may bump the most junior employee in the company providing has the and ability. All applied for promotions and transfers shall be for a probationary period of up to (30) days after which the promotion or transfer shall become permanent. Demoted employees voluntary or otherwise shall be entitled to receive the level of pay according to his and ability of the lower classification except in the case of returning to the position from which was promoted, in which event the former wages shall be paid, after adjusting in accordance with any general increase or decrease since promo- tion. An employee who is awarded a posted position shall not be eligible to again apply for a posted vacancy for a period of twelve (12) months. An employee may however, apply for a posted vacancy in less than twelve months if one of the following conditions is met:
AND TRANSFERS. A. The Board recognizes that it is desirable in making assignments to consider the interests and aspirations of its teachers. Requests by a teacher for transfer to a different class, building or position shall be made in writing, one copy of which shall be filed with the Superintendent. The application shall set forth the reasons for transfer, the school, grade or position sought, and the applicant's academic qualifications. Such request shall be renewed once each year to assure active consideration by the Board. Acknowledgement in writing of receipt of such requests shall be given to the applicant.
AND TRANSFERS. For the purposes of this Agreement, the appointment of an employee to adifferent position constitutes:
AND TRANSFERS. Every vacancy for positions expected to be more than six months' duration and every newly position shall be brought to the employee's attention. Any shall have the opportunity of applying for the In determining for vacant or the unit, where there are two or the will the skills, performance, and the of the When, the applicants meet the and standards, shell be the determiningfactor. ARTICLE
AND TRANSFERS. Where the employer wishes to create and fill a new permanent or term position, or fill a vacancy in an existing position, the employer to hire from within the bargaining unit where possible, and will post a notice of the position in the employer's business office and on the bulletin board provided in Article for at least one week, which be concurrent with an anticipatory public posting or advertisement. Clause applies to all positions of the employer, whether in the bargaining unit or not. The notice shall the nature of the position, the minimum qualifications, the desired qualifications, the hours of work (including any I work required), conditions of employment, and the pay rate or range. The employer agrees to fill positions within the bargaining unless:
AND TRANSFERS. When a job vacancy occurs or a job is created, notice shall be posted within seven calendar days at the appropriate locations, including all bulletin boards, for a period of ten calendar days and a copy of the notice shall be sent to the Union. Upon request, an employee shall receive a true copy of his application for a vacant position. Should an employee withdraw his application within fourteen calendar days of being awarded a position, the next most senior qualified applicant who had applied for the vacancy, will be awarded the position. This will only apply where the employee has not yet commenced work in the position. The notice shall set out the classification, location, title, hourly rate of pay, normal starting and quitting times, and the job description shall be available on request from the Human Resources Department. The Hospital agrees to applications for future vacancies in filling vacancies or newly created positions involving job postings. These applications will be retained for a period of three months. A separate application must be made for each position desired. Applications shall include the position applied for, shift and department. The Hospital agrees to forward a copy of the application to the Union office. In filling job vacancies (promotions, transfers, new positions, etc.) the job shall be award-n calendar days following the end of the ten calendar posting period. The job shall be awarded to the most senior he has the required qualifications to the job.’ the Hospital questions a senior applicant’s “ability to do the and where this employee is otherwise qualified, the Hospital agrees to provide this employee with a ninety day trial period during which he shall have the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to perform the job. The Hospital may, at any time within the ninety day period, return said employee to his former position. If no applicant meets the required qualifications, the Hospital shall be required to from outside the bargaining unit. The employee awarded the job may be returned to his former position at any time by the Hospital within a ninety calendar day period after his appointment, if said employee cannot satisfactorily perform the job. The employee involved may also decide to return to his former position, but no sooner than forty-five calendar days after his appointment, days. and no later than ninety calendar When said employee returns to his former position, he shall be placed on the salary step based on his ac...
AND TRANSFERS. Promotions and transfers within the Unit will be based primarily on the skill, ability, experience and qualifications of the employees concerned, but as between two persons of approximately equal standing based on the above factors, seniority shall govern. The Secretary of the Local will be advised as to pending transfers or promotions. ARTICLE
AND TRANSFERS. Employees who terminate their employment and are rehired the classification which they left within one (1)year, shall be paid at the step on the wage grid which they were at when they terminated. Employees be required to receive one (1)day of orientation in line with Article and shall serve the probationary period as set out in Article Upon completion of the period, seniority and service will accrue from date of last hire. If an employee requests a transfer to another Nursing Home, the request shall be granted if there is a vacancy. The vacancy shall be subject to the posting COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT Between Central Care Corporation (Inter-City) March Page
AND TRANSFERS. If an employee is transferred or reclassified to a higher rated job group, he shall receive the higher of his present rate, or the starting rate of the job to which he is transferred Job seniority for pay pur- poses shall date from the date the transfer becomes effective. If an employee is transferred to a lower job group due to a reduction in staff, inability to perform his work as required, at the employee's request, or any other reason as determined by the Employer acting within the scope of Article Management Rights the employee will receive the corresponding rate for the job group to which he was transferred. Job seniority for pay purposes shall include seniority on the job he is being transferred from. When an employee is assigned temporarily to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of a higher paying posi- tion in the bargaining unit for a period in excess of one-half of a shift, she shall be paid the rate in the higher salary range immediately above her current rate from the com- mencement of the shift on which she was assigned the job. When an Employer temporarily assigns an employee to carry out the assigned responsibilities of a higher paying classifica- tion outside of the bargaining unit for a period in excess of one-half of one shift, the employee shall receive per shift.