Employees will Sample Clauses

Employees will. E. A relationship contract has been executed which obligates each of the parties to provide support for the other party and provides, in the event of the termination of the relationship, for a substantially equal division for any property acquired during the relationship. Note: Documentation may be required to prove the existence for any of the above mentioned items.
Employees will. 1. Comply with this policy.

Related to Employees will

  • Employees on Layoff A classified employee who receives an Employer Contribution, who has three (3) or more years of continuous service, and who has been permanently or seasonally laid off, remains eligible for an Employer Contribution and all other benefits provided under this Article for an extended benefit eligibility period of six (6) months from the date of layoff.

  • Employees Covered (a) Pursuant to and in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, as amended, Chrysler Canada Inc., herein called the Company does hereby recognize the Union as the exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment for the term of this Agreement of all employees of the Company included in the bargaining units described in Schedule "A".