Requirements for the Sample Clauses

Requirements for the works 1.1.
Requirements for the. Pioneer Square Historic District WSDOT will avoid potential indirect adverse effects that may occur to PSHD as a result of the Project by developing and implementing a number of plans and opening a project information center, as further described below. The purpose of these efforts is to inform and educate the community, both within and outside of PSHD, about the Project and about the steps WSDOT will take to avoid disruption to PSHD during the Project.
Requirements for the goods The detailed technical specifications of the items and quantities are listed below; Supply and deliver of medical equipment (Fixed block). This medical equipment shall be supplied, installed, tested and users trained at Atiak HCIV (Amuru district), Lalogi HCIV (Omoro district) Oitino and Unyama XX XX (Gulu city). S/N EQUIPME NT TYPE SPECIFICATION VISUAL PICTURE QUANTITY 1 Neonatal Incubator with skin temperatu re monitor, Spo2 monitor, apnnoea detector and drip stand Main Unit: 1 Unit AVR With UPS Function: 1 Unit Main Unit • Control System: Servo and Manual Control Systems • Temperature Control Range: Skin: 31.9-42 oC Air: 24.9-38oC • Hood Front Door: Front access panel to be opened downwards Type: Intensive care type Access Port: 6 • Humidity Measuring Range: 10- 90% • Alarms: Failure for Pre-set Skin or Air temperatures, Fan motor Failure, Power Failure • Standard Accessories: Mattress X 2, Probe for detecting skin temperatureX2 • AVR with UPS • Capacity of UPS: 2 Hours or More Spare Parts Access Port Cover Set: 6 Pieces 2 Tender Specifications reference number: UGA180371T-10028 oxygen to two patients at a time. It shall incorporate oxygen monitor facility complete with patient tubing’s, • Dual flow completes with flow meter 3 Kangaroo mother Chair • The recliner chairs are characterized by long-term sitting and lying comfort, safety and mobility for the mother and the child as well as the simplest handling. • The kangaroo chairs are wipeable, are equipped with the antimicrobial hygiene function Sanitized and offer maximum support for the nursing staff. 2
Requirements for the plan A programme is to be submitted to each area stating the dates for hiring and servicing within two (2) weeks of the start of the contract.
Requirements for the. Car driver, In order to receive the Car, the Lessee shall present the passport and the driving license of a valid term and submit copies of the passport and the driving license, which shall be attached to the original Car lease agreement. The Car shall be transferred to the Lessee in a good technical order, with a stereo system, clean interior, all the accessories indicated in the transfer/acceptance act of the Car lease agreement and a full fuel reservoir. The price shall include: VAT, unlimited mileage, superstructure cleaning, the mandatory civil insurance, CASCO.
Requirements for the. Wellness Plan: The MMP will develop an appropriate Wellness Plan for Enrollees receiving facility-based LTSS who do not desire and/or are not able to return to the community. The Wellness Plan must be developed within fifteen (15) calendar days of completion of the Wellness Assessment, or sooner, based on Enrollee needs. The Wellness Plan must be modified, if necessary, within five (5) days after a hospitalization. At minimum, the Wellness Plan will include but not be limited to:
Requirements for the goods The detailed technical specifications and quantities are listed below.
Requirements for the. Go-Lab learning analytics infrastructure
Requirements for the activity and the entitlement to remuneration
Requirements for the. Automotive Applications in M2M capable networks " use case Name Requirement Type Description Rationale