The Employer will Sample Clauses

The Employer will. (a) regularly consult with relevant Employees and the relevant Union covered by this Agreement; and
The Employer will. (a) take all reasonable steps to give the Employee an opportunity to address any concerns;
The Employer will. (i) meet with the Employee and, where relevant, the Employee’s representative, to discuss the concerns;
The Employer will. 1. Inform Employees as fully and as soon as possible of plans for the transfer of functions and the governing regulations.
The Employer will. (a) give prompt and genuine consideration to matters raised about the major change by the relevant Employees.
The Employer will. 19.1 Direct staff on the HR section of its website to local Trades Union website pages and will provide information regarding the Trades Unions and their functions within the University, including the names of current Trades Union representatives;
The Employer will promptly notify an employee when the Employer receives a request by a third party, other than law enforcement or court order, to release confidential, personal information about an employee or the Employer proposes to release such information on its own initiative. Notice will be provided to the employee sufficiently in advance of the release of any such information so that, if necessary, the employee may reasonably contest the release of the information.
The Employer will. 1. Provide adult supervision of students at all times.
The Employer will continue the employee’s existing employer-paid health insurance benefits during the period of leave covered by family medical leave. The employee will be required to pay his or her share of heath care premiums.
The Employer will a) The employer shall participate in a Redundancy Protection Scheme and shall make relevant contributions on behalf of all employees to provide for the payment of redundancy benefits to employees.