THE SUPERVISOR. Surname: Initials: Department: Faculty: University or Institution: (hereafter referred to as “the supervisor”)
THE SUPERVISOR a. shall sign and abide by the "Responsibility statement for supervisors of the MFCC license" as described in Section 1833.1 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR).
THE SUPERVISOR. The Supervisor of the Electronic Pre-Press Department shall be the judge of an employee's competency as a worker and his/her general fitness to work in the office. He/she shall supervise and control all employees in the Electronic Pre-Press Department. Upon demand, the Supervisor shall immediately give the reason or reasons for any discharge that may take place, in writing. Employees may protest the Supervisor's action, but if the Supervisor, after consideration, decided his/her action warranted by the Contract, he/she need not change conditions unless directed to do so by the Employer or by decision of the Joint Standing Committee. If any employee has a complaint against the Supervisor (or the discharge of an employee is contested by an individual or the Union) and the differences cannot be adjusted by conciliation between the authorized representatives of the Union and the Employer, the matter shall be referred to the Joint Standing Committee as provided herein.
THE SUPERVISOR. The supervisor will be engaged by AWSB (as the Project proponent) to ensure effective implementation of the environmental management plan. It is expected that supervisor engages the services of an environmental expert who should in return understand the details of the recommendations on environment management and especially the proposed action plans, timeframes and expected targets of the management plan. The environmental supervisor expert should also be the liaison person between the contractor and AWSB on the implementation of environmental concerns as well as issues of social nature associated with the Project.
THE SUPERVISOR. The Company entrusted by the Employer to be responsible for the supervision of this Project, who has obtained the relevant qualification certificate for project supervision.
THE SUPERVISOR. The internship will take place under the supervision and guidance of this Supervisor who is responsible for introducing the Intern to Company staff. At UCLouvain, Mr/Mrs ……………………, the academic Sponsor, will coordinate the internship. Any query related to its implementation should be directed to him/her. Intern status
THE SUPERVISOR. 4.1 General Provisions of the Supervisor Supervision content of the Supervisor: See the Supervision Contract. Supervisory authority t of the Supervisor: See the Supervision Contract. Provisions on the provision of office and living space of the Supervisor at the construction site and the cost to be borne: See the Supervision Contract.
THE SUPERVISOR. (i) shall, within ten (10) working days of such meeting advise the Employee, in writing, of her decision, and shall include the reasons for such decision if disciplinary action is to be taken;
THE SUPERVISOR. The supervisor is a registered psychologist or certified school psychologists with experience in the field of school psychology. The supervisor has responsibility for the professional practice of the intern and ensures that the services provided by the intern meet high professional standards, including adherence to CPA’s Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists and Practice Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services, and the College of Psychologists of B.C.’s Code of Conduct. The supervisor(s) will provide the intern with a minimum of two hours per week of direct supervision (across agencies). The supervisor has professional responsibility for all casework undertaken by the intern, is identified on informed consent forms signed by parents or clients, and co-signs all written reports and case work records produced by the intern.