THE APPLICATIONS. FWEat and its affiliate may also make available to Customers its proprietary technology that enables Customers to purchase Items from Merchant and request delivery services for said Items from Delivery People (as defined below), who retrieve such Items from Merchant and deliver such Items to such Customers (the “App(s)”). Delivery Partners (Riders) are independent operators using FWEat Delivery Partners (Riders) App Platform, and as such, they reserve the right to refuse to accept any Item in their sole discretion.
THE APPLICATIONS. The Original Application provided by Vocus shall include all features and functionality available in the current version of the MEDIAtlas Service. The PE Application shall include the features and functionality set forth in the fourth (4th) column entitled “PE Application” on Exhibit C attached hereto and made a part hereof, and the optional add-ons set forth on Exhibit D attached hereto and made a part hereof (the “Add-Ons”), which shall be provided at an end-user’s election. In the event Vocus adds a “projects functionality” to the VPE Service, it shall also add a projects functionality to the PE Application at no additional cost to PR Newswire.
THE APPLICATIONS. On March 29, 2006, British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (“BC Hydro”) filed with the British Columbia Utilities Commission (“the Commission”) the 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan (“2006 IEP”) and the Long-Term Action Plan (“LTAP”). The 2006 IEP is a long-term plan that describes how BC Hydro could meet customers’ electricity needs over a 20-year planning horizon and the resource options available to meet those needs under a variety of assumptions and risks. The LTAP is an action plan supported by the 2006 IEP. It itemizes the actions BC Hydro intends to take in the next 10 years to meet customers’ electricity needs as part of BC Hydro’s overall planning and resource acquisition process. The 2006 IEP and LTAP requests that the Commission issue an Order which: (i) states that the LTAP meets the requirements of Section 45 (6.1) of the Utilities Commission Act (“UCA”); (ii) makes specific determinations under Section 45 (6.2) of the UCA with respect to certain expenditures submitted in the LTAP; and (iii) approves the transmission LTAP plan and contingency plans for inclusion in the utility’s Network Integrated Transmission Service (“NITS”) application. By letter dated March 15, 2006, BC Hydro applied for certain orders regarding the F2007 and F2008 revenue requirements, including an order approving current customer rates as interim, effective April 1, 2006. By Order No. G-32-06 dated March 23, 2006, the Commission approved current customer rates as interim, effective April 1, 2006. The Commission wishes to ensure that affected parties have an opportunity to understand the Applications and their implications for reliability and security of electricity supply, rate stability and customer rates. The Commission also wishes to hear from affected parties before determining the public process necessary for the disposition of the Applications.
THE APPLICATIONS. The First Defendant’s Application filed on 08 September 2020 for a Stay of Proceedings pursuant to Section 7 of the Arbitration Act Chap 5:01 [“the Act”] Applicable Contractual terms, Legislation, CPR and case law
THE APPLICATIONS. 3. Before the court for its determination were two applications. The first was the claimant’s Notice of Application dated September 7, 2018 by virtue of which the claimant sought the following relief;


  • Application of Collections On each Payment Date, all collections for the related Collection Period shall be applied by the Servicer as follows:

  • Scope of Application Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the dispute settlement provisions of this Chapter shall apply with respect to the settlement of all disputes between the Parties regarding the interpretation or application of this Agreement, whenever a Party considers that the other Party has failed to carry out its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Order of Application For the purpose of determining the amounts to be applied as Recoveries pursuant to subparagraph (A) above, the Assuming Institution shall apply amounts received on the Assets that are not otherwise applied to reduce the book value of principal of a Shared-Loss Loan (or, in the case of Other Real Estate, Additional ORE, and Capitalized Expenditures, that are not otherwise applied to reduce the book value thereof) in the following order: first to Charge-Offs and Failed Bank Charge-Offs/Write Downs; then to Reimbursable Expenses and Recovery Expenses; then to interest income; and then to other expenses incurred by the Assuming Institution.

  • General Application The rules set forth below in this Article VI shall apply for the purpose of determining each Member’s allocable share of the items of income, gain, loss and expense of the Company comprising Net Income or Net Loss of the Company for each Fiscal Year, determining special allocations of other items of income, gain, loss and expense, and adjusting the balance of each Member’s Capital Account to reflect the aforementioned general and special allocations. For each Fiscal Year, the special allocations in Section 6.3 shall be made immediately prior to the general allocations of Section 6.2.

  • REAPPLICATION The IOP must reapply to DHA at least 90 days prior to the expiration date of this agreement if it wishes to continue as an authorized IOP. Failure to reapply will result in the automatic termination of this agreement on the date specified in Article 17.1. ARTICLE 16

  • Regulatory Applications (a) Summit and GAFC and their respective Subsidiaries shall cooperate and use their respective reasonable best efforts to prepare all documentation, to effect all filings and to obtain all permits, consents, approvals and authorizations of all third parties and Governmental Authorities necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. Each of Summit and GAFC shall have the right to review in advance, and to the extent practicable each will consult with the other, in each case subject to applicable laws relating to the exchange of information, with respect to, all material written information submitted to any third party or any Governmental Authority in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. In exercising the foregoing right, each of the parties hereto agrees to act reasonably and as promptly as practicable. Each party hereto agrees that it will consult with the other party hereto with respect to the obtaining of all material permits, consents, approvals and authorizations of all third parties and Governmental Authorities necessary or advisable to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and each party will keep the other party apprised of the status of material matters relating to completion of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Application of Prepayments Amounts to be applied pursuant to this Section 2.03 to the prepayment of Loans shall be applied first to reduce outstanding Base Rate Loans. Any amounts remaining after each such application shall be applied to prepay Eurodollar Rate Loans. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the amount of any prepayment of Loans required under this Section 2.03 shall be in excess of the amount of the Base Rate Loans at the time outstanding (an “Excess Amount”), only the portion of the amount of such prepayment as is equal to the amount of such outstanding Base Rate Loans shall be immediately prepaid and, at the election of the Borrower, the Excess Amount shall be either (A) deposited in an escrow account on terms reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and the Borrower and applied to the prepayment of Eurodollar Rate Loans on the last day of the then next-expiring Interest Period for Eurodollar Rate Loans; provided that (i) interest in respect of such Excess Amount shall continue to accrue thereon at the rate provided hereunder for the Loans which such Excess Amount is intended to repay until such Excess Amount (and any returns on investment relating thereto) shall have been used in full to repay such Loans and (ii) at any time while an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, the Administrative Agent may, and upon written direction from the Required Lenders shall, apply any or all proceeds then on deposit to the payment of such Loans in an amount equal to such Excess Amount or (B) prepaid immediately, together with any amounts owing to the Lenders under Section 3.05.

  • Application of Prepayments Reductions (a) Any prepayment of any Loan pursuant to Section 2.11 shall be applied as specified by the Borrower in the applicable notice of prepayment; provided, in the event the Borrower fails to specify the Loans to which any such prepayment shall be applied, such prepayment shall be applied as follows:

  • Notice, Application The Agent shall have received a Notice of Borrowing or in the case of any Issuance of any Letter of Credit, the applicable Issuer and the Agent shall have received an L/C Application or L/C Amendment Application, as required under Section 3.02;

  • Acceptance of Application (a) SORACOM may request the Applicant to submit information necessary for SORACOM to determine whether the Applicant may have failed to make any payment that the Applicant is responsible to pay in relation to the SORACOM Air Global Service. In such case, the Applicant shall promptly submit such information in writing. (b) SORACOM will consent to the Application, except if SORACOM determines that: (i) there is an undue risk that the Applicant may breach the General Terms;