The Procedure Sample Clauses

The Procedure. The following steps will be taken as appropriate in all cases of disciplinary action:
The Procedure. A grievance as defined in this Agreement shall be processed and if possible, settled in accordance with the following grievance procedure:
The Procedure. Step 1: Within five (5) work days following the reasonable discovery by the aggrieved party and/or the Union of the act or condition which is the basis of the grievance, the employee and/or the Union will request a conference with her/his Executive Director or designee to discuss the grievance on an informal basis. Said confidential proceedings will be between her/his Executive Director or designee, the employee, and/or the Union. Said conference shall be held within five (5) work days of the request.
The Procedure. A. Level One:
The Procedure. Level I (Informal) Initiating Claim: Any certified employee of the school system who feels that he/she has a concern may initiate the process by discussing the matter with the building principal or immediate supervisor. A representative of the association may assist the employee in this resolution. If a resolution to the concern is not obtained through this discussion, the item should then be taken to the Superintendent of Schools. Every attempt should be made to resolve the problem at the informal level. Level II (Formal)
The Procedure. Stage 1first warning If conduct or performance is unsatisfactory, the employee will be given a written warning or performance note. Such warnings will be recorded, but disregarded after 12 months of satisfactory service. The employee will also be informed that a final written warning may be considered if there is no sustained satisfactory improvement or change. (Where the first offence is sufficiently serious, for example because it is having, or is likely to have, a serious harmful effect on the organisation, it may be justifiable to move directly to a final written warning.) Stage 2 – final written warning If the offence is serious, or there is no improvement in standards, or if a further offence of a similar kind occurs, a final written warning will be given which will include the reason for the warning and a note that if no improvement results within ... months, action at Stage 3 will be taken.
The Procedure. (a) In the event of a dispute or difficulty arising at job level, the employee(s) concerned and/or the Union delegate and the relevant supervisor and/or other management will immediately confer and attempt to resolve the matter without delay.
The Procedure. A. An employee in the department who has at least three months of credited service, but less than two years of credited service shall, in the event of layoff, displace/bump employees with less credited service in the following order:
The Procedure. A An employee who was not transferred into the department and who has three or more months of credited service shall, in the event of layoff, displace employees with less credited service in the following order: