By Seniority Sample Clauses

By Seniority. Vacation preferences shall be submitted by the employee to her supervisor in writing on the appropriate form prior to the last business day of January of each year. Within each section company seniority shall be the determining factor in the allocation of the employee's vacation schedule. An employee who requests vacation time subsequent to the last business day of January shall be required to take time still available without any regard to that employee's seniority. Employees within the section will be advised of the confirmed schedule by February 15.
By Seniority. Employees shall be laid off in reverse order of their seniority as defined in Article 31. An Employee, whose position is to be terminated by the layoff process, or whose position is to be reduced in hours, shall have the right to displace, or 'bump', any Employee in the same classification with less seniority, and so on; and shall be given a reasonable training period, at the Employer's expense, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.
By Seniority. In the event more than one (1) staff member signs up for the same standby shift, the shift will be awarded to the most senior employee provided the standby shift does not lead to double time (2x); or
By Seniority. If the Employer receives more than one (1) application for transfer or recall, the position will be given to the most senior Employee with the requisite qualifications.
By Seniority. A. If two or more people on the same shift have the same days off, the person with the most seniority, as defined in Article 8.01, bids first
By Seniority. Overtime, if required, will be awarded in accordance with seniority, amongst first the full- time employees who are willing and qualified to perform the work that is available and then the part-time.

Related to By Seniority

  • Super Seniority Those Union Stewards entitled to super seniority under the terms of this Agreement shall head the seniority list and shall be the last to be laid off in the organizational unit.

  • SENIORITY As of the Closing Date, no Indebtedness or other claim against the Company is senior to the Note in right of payment, whether with respect to interest or upon liquidation or dissolution, or otherwise, other than indebtedness secured by purchase money security interests (which is senior only as to underlying assets covered thereby) and capital lease obligations (which is senior only as to the property covered thereby).

  • Classification Seniority Classification Seniority" is defined as an employee's length of service in a specific job classification with the State of Minnesota, beginning with the date an employee begins to serve a probationary appointment.

  • Loss of Seniority An employee shall lose all seniority and service and shall be deemed to have terminated if he:

  • Maintenance of Seniority Seniority shall be maintained, but not accrue, during:

  • Retention of Seniority (a) Any employee, other than a probationary employee, whose employment ceases through no fault of his own, shall retain seniority and shall be recalled on the following basis:

  • Equal Seniority If two (2) or more employees subject to layoff have equal class seniority, the determination as to who shall be laid off will be made on the basis of the greater hire date seniority, and if that be equal, then the determination shall be made by lot.

  • Termination of Seniority Seniority and the employment relationship shall be terminated for all purposes if the employee:

  • Application of Seniority Seniority shall be the controlling factor in the following situations:

  • Departmental Seniority Departmental seniority is defined as the length of employment within the employee’s current department. Department seniority shall accrue as of the first day of employment or transfer into a new department.