The School Sample Clauses

The School. The District has determined that development of the School is feasible, and the District has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report under CEQA for the School. The parties acknowledge that, if the Agency determines the POTENTIAL PROJECT to be feasible, District may elect to provide such information and make the environmental processing for the School part of the environmental processing for the POTENTIAL PROJECT. However, nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent the District from determining that it should proceed independently with the School, and in the event of such determination by District then it may process the environmental review for the School, independently, as a stand-alone project.
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The School. As a school : •. We promise to welcome and care for all children and encourage them to do their best within a challenging but supportive environment •. We promise to provide an environment that is mindful of the current pandemic risks • We promise to value each child as an individual and set appropriate targets for future learning and development. • We promise to provide an engaging and relevant curriculum to develop and sustain a lifelong love of learning. • We promise to communicate with you about the teaching planned for the term through curriculum updates. • We promise to deal with all matters brought to our attention promptly• We promise to keep you fully informed of school activities through regular newsletters.• We promise to contact you if any problems arise with a child’s behaviour, attitude, attendance or punctuality and work in partnership to resolve any issues. • We promise to plan regular meetings with families to discuss their child’s progress and beavailable for additional appointments as and when they are necessary. • We promise to provide homework in line with the school’s homework policy. • We promise to provide you with a detailed annual written report on your child’s progress. Executive Headteacher on behalf of the staff team.
The School. KIPP Parkside Charter School 5070 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Attn: School Chief Executive Officer With a required copy (which shall not constitute notice) to: Conrad O’Brien PC 1500 Market Street, Centre Square West Tower, Suite 3900 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 Attn: Patricia A. Hennessy, Esq. Fax: (215) 864-0794 Any Party may change its address for notice by notice given in accordance with the foregoing provisions. Notwithstanding the manner of delivery, whether or not in compliance with the foregoing provisions, any notice, demand or other communication actually received by a Party shall be deemed delivered when so received.
The School. NAME : CPF Montana– Dik El Mehdirepresented by : Mr. Bruno JACQUIER Position : General Director Address : Dik El Mehdi – Metn Phone : 04 914 005 Fax : 04 914 006
The School of THE SCHOOL (“School"); (the "Controller") and
The School terminates this Agreement due to breach of any of the terms of this Agreement byYou or the Student
The School. means St Columba’s Primary School;
The School. • Submits the school census to COLLECT. • The Information Management Team (IMT) quality assures submissions from LA Maintained Schools and submits a file to the DfE. • Academies and Free Schools data is downloaded from COLLECT.