The School Sample Clauses

The School. 10. The School agrees to pay the Homestay Carer a fee in return for providing homestay accommodation for international students in accordance with the Agreement. The School will advise the Homestay Carer/s of the fee when a student is placed for homestay accommodation.
The School. Staffing Committee shall be composed as follows: The Union members of the school shall elect 20% of its members to the School Staffing committee. The Union representatives on the committee shall be in place by October 1. The Principal, Vice-Principal and the School Xxxxxxx shall automatically be members of the School Staffing Committee and shall not be included in the 20% named above, except by mutual consent of the Teachers. The Principal and the Xxxxxxx shall work together to create an agenda and to provide for the efficient running of each meeting of the School Staffing Committee. The secretary of the School Staffing Committee shall be a Union member other than the Xxxxxxx. If any union representatives resign from the committee or are transferred to another school, the Union members of the school shall elect a replacement.
The School. We shall endeavour to: * provide a balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of each child * aim for high standards of work and behaviour based on good relationships throughout the school * provide a happy, safe environment with equal opportunities for all members of the school community * keep parents fully informed about general school matters and progress * keep parents informed about issues of attendance, punctuality, uniform and homework * be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for parents to become involved in the life and events of the school * keep parents abreast of the changes and delivery of the curriculum to their children * provide regular feedback and an annual written report on each child’s progress.
The School. Division shall pay all teachers the salaries and allowances herein set forth and computed. All sums mentioned herein are “per annum” unless specifically stated otherwise. One
The School. Family Compact is jointly developed and revised with input from parents, families, staff, and community members of Palmetto Elementary School. Input was collected through a variety of methods, including e-mail, parent surveys, and parent feedback forms. Families were offered flexible meeting times to give input on how the 1% of parent and family engagement plan funds should be used. Ideas were shared with regard to what is most needed for the educational success of all students. Feedback is welcomed throughout the 2020-2021 school year. For questions or concerns please contact: Xxx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Title I Parent Xxxxxxx 460-254-6100 ext. ext. 6261 Parent Resource Room Hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am- 2:30 pm Activities to Build Partnerships There are many virtual opportunities for parents, teachers, and students to build partnerships throughout the school year. • Learning Bundle Distribution • Title I Math and Literacy Workshops • Title I GA Milestones Test Prep • Volunteer Opportunities • Title I Parent MeetingsClassroom Observations • Parent Resource CenterCurriculum Night • Technology Info Meeting • Accelerated Students Workshop Communication about Student Learning ➢ Student Agendas ➢ Emails and Class Dojo ➢ Parent-Teacher Conferences ➢ Monthly Newsletters ➢ Infinite Campus ➢ Progress Reports & Report CardsSchool WebsiteSocial Media Palmetto Elementary School 2020-2021 Revised September 29, 2020 School-Family Compact Grades K- 2 Xxx. Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Principal 2020-2021 District Goals Ensure that all FCS students graduate prepared to pursue their “Learning, Growing, and Soaring… One Step at a Time.” chosen paths -- whether college, career or military -- and to succeed on those paths after high school by focusing on 4 top priorities over the next 5 years: • Student Achievement - Prepare students with strong academic foundations and the skills needed to navigate life beyond graduation
The School. The school will: • aim for the highest standards of work and behaviour, for all childrenprovide a broad and balanced curriculum taking account of every child as an individual • create a caring and welcoming community which is safe, supportive and encouraging • keep parents informed about children’s progress, the curriculum and about school life through consultations, school reports, formal and informal meetings and through newsletters • inform parents of any concerns about their child’s work, attendance and behaviour • work with parents to maintain the school’s rewards and sanctions and anti-bullying policies • set homework as agreed in the school homework policy and ensure that it is marked • encourage children to take care of themselves and their surroundings • ensure school meals comply with the nutritional standards guidelines • offer opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school. Form Tutor Signature: Date:  Goldington Academy Haylands Way Bedford Mk41 9BX Principal: Mr X Xxxxxxxxx Tel: (01234) 261516 Email: Website:
The School. We will endeavour to: • Nurture your child in the values of the school, daily in everything we do. • Xxxxxx an environment in which your child can be nurtured and achieve his/her full potential. • Provide a balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of your child. • Enable high standards of work and behaviour to be achieved through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility. • Model the school values, learning characteristics and be a positive role model to the children. • Inform you about school matters through regular newsletters and notices about special events. • Provide information about your child’s progress through; end of year reports; parents’ evening and open days. • Offer opportunities for you to become involved in the daily life of The Cambridge Primary School • Ensure your child is kept safe through rigorous Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures. These policies are available on the website.
The School. The District has determined that development of the School is feasible, and the District has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report under CEQA for the School. The parties acknowledge that, if the Agency determines the POTENTIAL PROJECT to be feasible, District may elect to provide such information and make the environmental processing for the School part of the environmental processing for the POTENTIAL PROJECT. However, nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent the District from determining that it should proceed independently with the School, and in the event of such determination by District then it may process the environmental review for the School, independently, as a stand-alone project.
The School. Division shall implement and maintain a 100% Supplementary Employment Benefits Plan for any health related period effective the date of birth of her child. Medical statement for
The School. Division shall pay all teachers in its employ the salaries and allowances as herein set forth.