Regular Part Sample Clauses

Regular Part. Time employee - Regular part-time employee shall mean an employee hired to work on a partial day or partial week basis generally consisting of fewer hours than defined in the Regular or Modified Work Schedule in Article 18.
Regular Part. Time Employees who have made a commitment to work a regular recurring master line rotation, referred to herein as “RPT A employees
Regular Part time Employees‌ Regular part-time employees are those who are regularly scheduled on a consecutive week to week basis, and who work less than 36 [37.5 effective September 1, 2013] hours per week. Benefit Entitlement Regular part-time employees accumulate seniority and are entitled to all benefits of this Agreement, except the following benefits will be provided on a proportionate basis:
Regular Part. Time Employees‌ Regular part-time employees are those who work regularly an agreed upon number of days each month or week but less than forty (40) hours per week. Regular part-time employees shall be entitled to all fringe benefits under this Agreement on a pro rata basis in accordance with Section 5.5 of this Article. However, health and welfare benefits for regular part-time employees shall be provided as specified in Article 14, Health, Welfare and Retirement.
Regular Part. Time employees (Part-Time Seasonal and Part- Time) shall be eligible to participate in the Qwest Pension Plan on a prorated basis, as provided by the terms of such plan.
Regular Part. Time Employees The County will pay forty-five percent (45%) towards the cost of the least expensive dental care alternative plan (insurance or HMO plans for either family or single coverage). Eligible employees will pay fifty-five percent (55%) of the cost of the least expensive plan and any additional cost if they select a more expensive plan. Regular part-time employees will pay their share to the County one month in advance.
Regular Part. Time Employees‌ Regular part-time employees shall accrue vacation leave on a prorated basis; usage and accrual shall be governed by the same rules and regulations applicable to full-time employees. Accrual shall be based on the employee’s regularly scheduled FTE.
Regular Part. Time Employees who have worked at least 913 hours (35-hour work week positions), 978 hours (37.5-hour work week positions) or 1044 hours (40-hour work week positions), shall be entitled on a prorated basis to the same benefits as Regular Full-Time Employees are entitled to, namely: Compassionate Leave, Maternity Leave, Adoption Leave, Court Attendance and Jury Duty; provided however that if a Regular Part-Time Employee has elected to be paid an amount equal to sixteen percent (16%) of regular earnings in lieu of employee benefits the employee shall not be paid sixteen percent (16%) of regular earnings when on unpaid leave of absence.
Regular Part. Time Employees 1 Casual Employees 2 Co-op Students 2 2.02 Common-Law Spouse 2 2.03 Employer 2 2.04 Union 2