Regular Part Sample Clauses

Regular Part time Employees‌ Regular part-time employees are those who are regularly scheduled on a consecutive week to week basis, and who work less than 36 [37.5 effective September 1, 2013] hours per week. Benefit Entitlement Regular part-time employees accumulate seniority and are entitled to all benefits of this Agreement, except the following benefits will be provided on a proportionate basis:
Regular Part. Time employees (Part-Time Seasonal and Part- Time) shall be eligible to participate in the Qwest Pension Plan on a prorated basis, as provided by the terms of such plan.
Regular Part. Time Employee is one who occupies a position within the bargaining unit designated to be on-going and who works less than the regular hours as prescribed in Article 9.01 (a) of this Agreement. The benefits of this Agreement shall apply to regular part-time employees on a pro rata basis, based on Regular Hours Paid not to exceed 1950 hours yearly.
Regular Part. Time Employees‌ Regular part-time employees are those who work regularly an agreed upon number of days each month or week but less than forty (40) hours per week. Regular part-time employees shall be entitled to all fringe benefits under this Agreement on a pro rata basis in accordance with Section 5.5 of this Article. However, health and welfare benefits for regular part-time employees shall be provided as specified in Article 14, Health, Welfare and Retirement.
Regular Part time Employees‌ Regular part-time employees may perform casual work under this clause except that Article 23.1(a), (b), (c) and (d) shall not apply. Where the regular schedule of a part-time employee registered under this section conflicts with a casual assignment, the part-time employee shall be deemed to be unable to work except that where the assignment is longer than four (4) days, the employee shall be relieved of their regular schedule at the option of the employee. All time worked shall be credited to the employee for the purpose of seniority and benefit accumulation.
Regular Part. Time Employees who have worked at least 913 hours (35-hour work week positions), 978 hours (37.5-hour work week positions) or 1044 hours (40-hour work week positions), shall be entitled on a prorated basis to the same benefits as Regular Full-Time Employees are entitled to, namely: Compassionate Leave, Maternity Leave, Adoption Leave, Court Attendance and Jury Duty; provided however that if a Regular Part-Time Employee has elected to be paid an amount equal to sixteen percent (16%) of regular earnings in lieu of employee benefits the employee shall not be paid sixteen percent (16%) of regular earnings when on unpaid leave of absence.