JOB Sample Clauses

JOB. Where a permanent vacancy occurs in a classification within the bargaining unit or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, such vacancy shall be posted the Hospital for a period of seven days excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays, Vacancies created by the filling of an initial permanent vacancy within the bargaining unit shall be posted for a period of three consecutive days excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. All applications are to be made in writing within the posting period. The postings referred to in Article shall stipulate the qualifications, rate of pay, department and shift and a copy shall be provided to the Chief Steward. Employees be selected for positions under either Article . on the basis of their ability, experience and qual- ifications. Where these factors are relatively equal amongst the employees considered, seniority shall govern providing the successful applicant, if arty, is qualified to the work. The name of the successful applicant will be posted on the bulletin and unsuccessful applicants will be notified. Where there are no successful applicants from within this bargaining unit for positions referred to in Article and employees in other service bargaining units at the Hospital will be considered for such positions prior to considering persons not employed by the Hospital. The employees for consideration shall be limited to those who applied for the position in accordance with Article and and selection shall be made in accordance with Article above. Vacancies which are not expected to exceed six months will not be posted and may be filled at the discretion of the Hospital. In filling such vacancies consideration shall be given to part-time employees in service bargaining units who have recorded their interest in writing, prior to considering persons not employed by the Hospital. In considering such part-time employees the criteria for selection in shall apply. employees selected to fill a vacancy under this Article will continue to maintain their part-time status and 'upon completion of the assignment the employee will return to his former position. The Hospital shall have the right to fill any vacancy on an basis until the posting procedure or the for Transfer procedure provided herein has been with, and arrangements have been made to assign the employee selected to fill the vacancy to the No grievance may be filed concerning such arrangements. The successful will be placed in the vacancy f...
JOB. Share participants shall be re-employed as part-time unit members at the percentage of a full-time equivalency that they worked in their job share position.
JOB. When a permanent position is to be filled or a new permanent position is created in the bargaining unit, the position will be posted in each work location covered by this agreement for a minimum of four (4) working days. Wherever possible the Board will post the position within working days of the vacancy. The posting period will commence prior to a weekend and shall close at the end of normal business hours on a day following the weekend. Interviews of those qualified employees who apply for the position will be held before said positions are filled. The Board reserves the right to short-list applicants on the basis of their qualifications as determined from the candidate’s application. Written notice of all vacancies and will be provided to the President of the Bargaining Unit. In making promotions, or filling vacancies, the qualifications and ability of the employees concerned shall be considered and where such qualifications and ability are equal, seniority shall be the determining factor. If a grievance is filed pertaining to a job posting decision and such decision is subsequently reversed, employees who have been promoted or transferred as a result, will be returned to their former positions. During the summer months, the normal job posting procedure will apply except that job will not be sent to schools. All vacant bargaining unit positions shall be available by telephone on the Board job line. Notification of this process shall be provided to Members prior to June a vacancy shall be open to bargaining unit members who hold a permanent or probationary position unless otherwise stated in this agreement; if there are no qualified members on the recall list, the Board may fill the vacancy from outside the Bargaining Unit. Job shall be open to Members on the Recall List. All temporary vacancies of more than ten (10) weeks shall be posted as outlined above. 36: 36:
JOB. When a vacancy occurs or a new position is shall post notices on all bulletin boards for a filling of the position, in order that all make written application thereof. The duties, qualifications, hours of work, shall inform all successful candidates new position is the result of a laid off employee is recalled laid off employee will be notified by registered mail off employee to the employer of any changes confirmation that the laid off employee wishes to (Saturday and Sunday excluded) from the date RECEIPT of the letter of recall. JOB ADVANCEMENT
JOB. When a job is open or a new job is created with the Corporation, the said job shall be posted at once for seven
JOB. Fifty percent (50%) as used in this article is defined as either the entire first shift job or the entire second shift job being changed. The Union will be notified of any proposed changes to an Article 22.3 position at least thirty (30) days prior to implementation of said changes.
JOB. Bargaining unit members may hold a second part-time job and/or significant campus leadership role, however, it is agreed that their b a r g a i n i n g unit job is primary job and takes precedence over any other employment or campus leadership role.
JOB. Taking into consideration the fact that the Employer wishes to retain well qualified staff who are unable to provide a full-time commitment, and the job sharing can enable this to happen, the parties agree to the following provisions: sharing requests with regard to full-time positions shall be considered on an individual basis, and the Employer shall reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of such arrangements after discussions with the Association at the Labour-Management Committee. is the responsibility of the two nurses who wish to job share a full-time inform the immediate supervisor. The Employer and the Association will then discuss the proposal in accordance with paragraph (a) above. Where more than one pair of nurses wish to job share the same position, the Employer will, in exercising its discretion, consider the timing of the requests, in addition to the general appropriateness of the arrangement. If any vacancies occur resultant upon the acceptance of a job sharing arrangement, such vacancies shall be posted. Save and except as provided for herein, all job sharers shall be treated as part-time employees. Should one job sharing partner transfer or terminate, the remaining partner shall continue her own schedule for a maximum of six weeks from the effective date of the transfer or termination. The vacancy created will be posted. If no replacement partner is recruited, the remaining partner will have the option of continuing in the full-time position. If she does not wish to continue full-time, she will revert to regular par-time status. Posted schedules for the job sharers shall be based on the schedules that would apply to a full-time nurse holding that position. Such schedule shall conform with the scheduling provisions of the full-time Collective Agreement. Total hours worked by the two job sharers shall be equal to one full-time position. The division of these hours over the schedule shall be determined by mutual agreement between the two nurses and the immediate supervisor. Each job sharer may exchange shifts with her partner, as well as with other nurses in accordance with the Collective Agreement, provided such exchange creates no additional labour cost to the Employer.
JOB. Where a permanent vacancy occurs in a classification within the bargaining unit, or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, such vacancy shall be posted for a period of seven (7)consecutive calendar days. Such posting shall contain type of vacancy, the qualifications required, the applicable wage rate and the starting time of the shifts. Applications for such vacancy shall be made in writing within the seven (7) days period referred to herein. During this period an employee who has completed the probationary period will be allowed to apply for transfer to the posted vacancy, subject to the provision of Article The position must be filled by the successful candidate, if any, within fifteen