JOB Sample Clauses

JOB. (a) When a vacancy occurs for any reason, the Company will post within five (5) days at the appropriate depot or branch, the said vacancy for three (3) working days (Monday to Friday), in order that employees may bid for the vacancy in writing. Such notice shall provide information regarding classification, route number if applicable, service area and scheduled hours. Selection will be on the basis of the applicant’s seniority and qualifications. Seniority will be by branch or depot only. The senior qualified applicant will be awarded the position within ten working days. The Company will endeavour to place the successful applicant in the position within ten (10)working days. No employee shall voluntarily and successfully apply for more than two (2) vacancies in a one year period. Any position that changes from part-time to full-time will be re-posted in accordance with Article Only job that require work to be performed in the Province of Quebec will be posted as bilingual. A committee will be struck where both parties will meet to discuss and determine any positions in the Province of Ontario that will be posted as bilingual. In the event that an employee’s scheduled hours have been changed by two (2) hours or more or said position has been cancelled, the said employee has the option of retaining the position at the designated classification, failing which, the position shall then be posted, and the employee may choose a junior position, as per Article I Eligible employees who apply for posted job vacancies shall be notified of the name of the successful bidder, in writing.
JOB. Share participants shall be re-employed as part-time unit members at the percentage of a full-time equivalency that they worked in their job share position.
JOB a) When a new job classification in the bargaining unit is added or additional employees are required or a vacancy arises in any of the job classifications within the bargain- ing unit, the Company will post a notice of a vacancy for a period of three (3) consecutive days on a bulletin board. The notice will specify the classification, the wage scale and the qualifications required for the position. An employee who wishes to be considered for the position so posted must do so within the three (3) days period by signing the posting and using the form supplied by the Company. All shall show the position, the route number, the normal hours of work and days off, and expected duration of the position (if applicable). There will be a designated location in the depot for Prior to posting the vacancy: Tractor Trailer drivers shall be given preference (by seniority) for vacancies in their own classification.
JOB. In the event that additional vacancies occur by the filling of a job posting, the effective date of promotion will not occur until such time as all vacancies created by an initial posting have been filled unless otherwise required to ensure the efficient operation of the Association. Until the vacancy is filled resulting from the job posting provisions, the Employer is free to fill the vacancy on a temporary basis as it sees fit. Temporary is defined, for this clause only, as calendar days from the first day that the position is filled on a temporary nature. It is understood that internal applicants will be given preference prior to the Employer considering outside applicants for vacant positions. It is understood that internal applicants will be considered those who have completed their probationary period plus an additional six (6) months of employment. If an employee successfully bids for a job hereunder they will not be eligible for a new posted job for a period of six (6) months unless mutually agreed upon in writing by the parties. It is understood that this six (6) month provision does not apply to part- time employees who bid for vacancies that would increase the employee's hours of work. All applications received by Human Resources will be considered by on the seventh (7) calendar day of the end of the posting procedure. In the event one or more employees apply, the Employer will make a decision all in accordance with Section of this Agreement. If the applicants are not qualified to perform the work required, the Employer reserves the right to immediately hire outside help. The Employer will discuss with the unsuccessful applicant the manner in which the employee may improve his position and his work in order to be considered for any future vacancy, if requested by the employee. This section applies only to an employee who is promoted as a result of a job posting. If during the first consecutively worked weeks following such promotion, the employee is unable to meet the requirements of the job to which they were promoted in the judgement of the Employer, or in the judgement of the employee, the employee shall revert to their former position and rate of pay subject to the other provisions relating to seniority, lay-off and recall. Furthermore, other employees who have been affected as a result of the aforesaid rearrangement of jobs, shall also be returned to their former job and rate without loss of interruptionof seniority, and subject to the othe...
JOB. The Board shall post all original job vacancies and original locations, including new positions, on designated notice boards during the last week of each month excluding June and July, the Board has given the Union written notice why it intends not to fill the vacancy, or to change the hours of work. Such shall remain on the notice boards for five (5) working days before the job is filled. shall state: reason for the vacancy start date qualifications or equivalent experience needed for the position classification and wage hours of work and applicable shift differential The applicant possessing the greater seniority shall receive the position providing the applicant has the qualifications as stated in the posting. An appointment shall be made within twenty (20) days of the end of the posting period. Vacancies arising from the filling of posted positions shall be posted for three (3) working days unless the Board has given the Union written notice why it intends not to fill the vacancy. Employees who are promoted from one classification to another shall serve a trial period of sixty (60) working days of which thirty (30)must be school days. An employee promoted to a position of Custodian shall serve a trial period of up to working days as a Maintenance If an employee does not successfully complete the sixty working day trial period in the new position, the employee shall return to the employee's former position. If an employee transfers or is promoted through the job posting procedure the employee may return to the employee's former position providing the request is made in writing with a copy to the Recording Secretary of the Union within ten (10) working days of the date of commencement of employment in the new position or location. If an employee returns to the employee's former position in accordance with the applicant with the next highest seniority will be assigned the position and the job will not be reposted. If twenty (20) working days have elapsed from the date of the original job posting, the job shall be Temporary vacancies which exceed sixty (60) working days or are known to exceed sixty
JOB. If the Hospital agrees to a job-sharing arrangement pursuant to Article of the Central Agreement, the following conditions shall apply unless otherwise agreed t o by the parties: Job sharing requests with regard to full-time positions shall be considered on an individual basis. Total hours worked by the job sharer shall equal one full-time position. The division of these hours on the schedule shall be determined by mutual agreement between the two nurses and the Head Nurses of the Unit. The above schedules shall conform with the scheduling provisions of the Full-time Collective Agreement. Each job sharer may exchange shifts with her partner, as well as with other nurses as provided by the Collective Agreement. The job sharers involved will have the right to determine which partner works on scheduled paid holidays and job sharers shall only be required to work the number of paid holidays that a full-time nurse would be required to work.
JOB. In the event that an employee or a number of employees apply for a freight job vacancy(s), in selecting the sucssful candidate, the Company shall consider.
JOB. A copy of the current job description for a bargaining unit position shall be made available to the Union upon request. When a new classificationwhich is covered by terms of this collective agreement is created, a copy of the job description shall be to the Union at the time that the Hospital notifies the local Union of the rate of pay pursuant to article above. -Job Where the Hospital revises the job content of an existing classification in such a manner that duties of another classification are assigned to it, the following shall apply:
JOB. (a) When a permanent vacancy, or a temporary vacancy (subject to Article 13.03) occurs, or a new position is created inside the bargaining unit, within ten (10) working days, the Board shall post a notice of the position in a suitable location in each work location for a of three (3) days and supply two (2) copies to the Union President. Permanent employees, except probationary employees, and temporary employees working in posted positions on the closing date may apply except for those excluded under Articles and Applications are to be submitted in writing on letter sized (8 x 11") paper quoting the posting number, the applicant's identification number and signed by the applicant. Notwithstanding the Board will delay the posting of a vacancy during the months of July and August when the courier system is not operating. Lead Hands (Custodial) and Chief Custodians and employees receiving an allowance under Articles and are not eligible to apply for temporary defined in and Notwithstanding an employee receiving an allowance under article may apply for a temporary position in the same location providing continues to carry out the assigned responsibilities of the engineer's position. Notwithstanding Chief Custodians may apply for temporary Lead Hand (Custodial) positions. Employees who have accepted and are working in a temporary maintenance position, are not eligible to apply for any job posting, or to apply for a transfer under article until after the completion of the temporary assignment. A ten year employee may not apply for temporary twelve month positions. Such notice shall contain the following information: nature of position and location; qualification; required knowledge and education; required skills;
JOB. (a) No employee who accumulated two (2) years seniority shall be dismissed by the Employer as a result of the institution of technological or mechanization. An employee who is displaced by technological change or mechanizationshall given the fill another vacancy if capable of and according to seniority or be given a period of training sufficient t o perfect or acquire the skills necessitated by the methods of operation. During the retraining there will be no reduction in pay. skill In the event after a reasonable training period is unable to acquire required, he shall be transferred to another position, at the rate of pay for that position or shall for in Clauses layoffs: In the event the employer shall, prior to issuing Provide to Union, through the Committee, notification of proposed layoffs or staff reduction proposals. Collective Local Relay to the Union the reasons for the layoffs and rationale for the decisions, and the extent of same. Discuss the proposal for implementing same including the areas affected, the employees affected, and the duration. Establish a Union Management Meeting to discuss any re- alignment of service or staff and the effect on the bargaining Union. Provide a forum to search out employment opportunities within the workplace for employees displaced or laid off. A Joint Labour-Management Committee known as the Employee Assistance Program shall exist to offer assistance on a confidential basis to employees who wish to resolve personal, social, or health problems which may affect work performance. The Employer shall maintain an Occupational Health Safety Committee and Local shall have representation on same. A copy of the minutes of all meetings shall be forwarded to the President of the Local.