PROMOTION AND Sample Clauses

PROMOTION AND. Helpers who enter the maintenance depart- ments a f t e r the signing of this agreement must have a minimum of Grade X technical or academic education and must enter the de- partments through job posting, and must suc- cessfully the Company's mechanical aptitude test. Employees are unsuccess- ful i n their attempt t o the mechanical aptitude t e s t w i l l not be permitted to re- write the t e s t until (12) months has from the date of the initial writ- ing. Only one re- write w I I be allowed.
PROMOTION AND. 1.Department Promotion and Tenure CommitteesTenure 1.1 MembershipCommittee 1.11 The Department Promotion and Tenure Committee shall beStructure elected annually, preferably by written ballot. The electorate shall consist of tenure-track and tenured faculty members of the affected unit.1.12 The department chairperson shall be an ex officio non-voting member.1.13 The names of the committee members shall be forwarded to the academic dean by the second week in October of each academic year.1.2 Responsibilities1.21 The committee shall implement departmental promotion and tenure policies and procedures that must not conflict with college and University policies.1.22 The committee shall implement collegiate and University promotion and tenure policies and procedures.1.23 The committee shall make recommendations concerning policy changes to both the collegiate and University committees.1.24 The committee shall review and evaluate the credentials of all departmental candidates for promotion. It shall forward the credentials of those candidates being recommended favorably for promotion, with written recommendations, to the academic dean.1.25 The committee shall review and evaluate the credentials of all department tenure-track persons and forward these credentials, with recommendations, to the academic dean.1.26 Minutes of all committee actions must be maintained and filed in the departmental chairperson's office.2. College Promotion and Tenure Committees2.1 Membership2.11 Each department in a college shall be represented on the College Committee.2.12 The academic dean shall be an ex officio non-voting member.2.13 The elected college representative to the University Promotion and Tenure Committee from each college shall meet with the College Committee as a non-voting liaison person.2.2 Responsibilities2.21 The College Committee shall establish and implement collegiate promotion and tenure policies and procedures that must not conflict with University policies.2.22 The committee shall implement University promotion and tenure policies and procedures.2.23 The committee shall make recommendations for policy changes to the University Committee.2.24 The committee shall review departmental compliance with policy implementation.2.25 The committee shall review and evaluate the credentials of all collegiate candidates for promotion. It shall forward the credentials of those candidates being recommended favorably for promotion, with recommendations, to the dean.2.26 If it cho...
PROMOTION AND. (The clause appear in all collective agreements replacing any provision related to Job Posting, Promotion and Transfer that existed in the Hospital's expiring collective agreement Where a vacancy exists, or where the Hospital creates a new position in the bargaining unit, such vacancy shall be posted for a period of seven (7)calendar days. Applications for such vacancies shall be made in writing within the seven (7) day period referenced herein. Notwithstanding the above, the Hospital may fill at its own discretion vacancies caused by:
PROMOTION AND. When filling a vacancy which has resulted from the approval of a or claim, the parties agree that the posting of such a vacancy will be on a temporary nature for a period not to exceed months from the first day of illness. The successful candidate will have the option to revert back to their original position after six months and upon each subsequent six months anniversary of their transfer to the temporary position. If the employee wishes to remain in the temporary position, for the next period of six months, they will be granted the opportunity. This will not be subject to posting. All subsequent temporary positions which are created as a result of the initial temporary position will be subject to the same above and will be reversed in conjunction with any changes related to the original temporary position.


  • Promotion Employees who are promoted during the life of this Agreement shall be granted a salary increase of at least one (1) step or shall be paid at the minimum of the higher range, whichever is greater.

  • Marketing and Promotion agrees to: . Include Company, including use of its logo, as a partner on's website and in marketing material, as deems appropriate; . Provide fifty (50) listing presentation kits; . Educate each Company office on the benefits of using the Internet in real estate and methods of integrating Tours into the Sales Agents' marketing strategy; . Provide custom order forms for Sales Agents; . Discuss other joint marketing opportunities, including collaboration on email and direct marketing material from time to time. Company agrees to: ------------------ . Hold an in-office presentation by a representative with each Company office within the first thirty (30) days of the Effective Date. Company will send out a communication from a Company executive, including a statement encouraging them to use's Production Services, to each Sales Agent within the first fourteen (14) days following the Effective Date; . Include an electronic order form and a description of the Production Services on the Company Sites that allows Sales Agents to submit orders to Maintain a gallery of Images on the Company Site; . Include description, demonstration of the Production Services, and marketing materials in Company sponsored training and seminars for Sales Agents; . When appropriate, include a Mark and a brief, suitable reference to the availability of the Production Services in the Company's print advertising in magazines, flyers, newspapers and general mailings distributed to clients and potential clients.

  • PROMOTION AND TRANSFER 9:1 Employees may file requests, in writing, for promotion to the Working Foreman classification or for a Employees may file requests, in writing, for promotion to the Working Foreman classification or for a transfer to a new location in their present classification with the Office of the Company. Whenever a vacancy occurs, the Company will, before filling such vacancy, first give consideration to such requests and the following factors being sufficient give preference on the basis of seniority.

  • Commercialization To avoid a disruption in the supply of Excluded Products to patients, if the Agreement is terminated after the first commercial sale of any Excluded Product in the Territory, Cephalon, its Affiliates and its Marketing Partners shall continue to distribute the Excluded Products in each country of the Territory for which Marketing Approval therefor has been obtained, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, during the Wind-down Period; provided that Cephalon, its Affiliates and its Marketing Partners shall cease such activities, or any portion thereof, in a given country upon sixty (60) days’ notice by Angioblast requesting that such activities (or portion thereof) be ceased. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, during the Wind-down Period, Cephalon’s and its Affiliates’ and Marketing Partners’ rights with respect to the Excluded Products in the Territory shall be non-exclusive and, without limiting the foregoing, Angioblast shall have the right to engage one or more other distributor(s) and/or licensee(s) of any Excluded Products in all or part of the Territory. Any Excluded Products sold or disposed by Cephalon in the Territory during the Wind-down Period shall be subject to applicable payment obligations under ARTICLE VI above. Within thirty (30) days of expiration of the Wind-down Period, Cephalon shall, upon the request of Angioblast, transfer to Angioblast or its designee, all Excluded Products or BMT MPCs (if applicable) in its inventory at the provisional transfer price therefor (as set forth in Paragraph 2(c) of Exhibit 6.3).

  • Marketing Plan (1) No later than six (6) months prior to the date construction of the Development is projected to be complete, Borrower shall submit to the County for approval its plan for marketing the Development to income-eligible households and HOPWA-Eligible Households as required by this HOME/HOPWA Regulatory Agreement (the "Marketing Plan"). The Marketing Plan must include information on affirmative marketing efforts and compliance with fair housing laws and 24 C.F.R. 92.351(a).

  • Promotion of Agreement It is agreed that Vendor will encourage all eligible entities to purchase from the TIPS Program. Encouraging entities to purchase directly from the Vendor and not through TIPS Agreement is a violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and will result in removal of the Vendor from the TIPS Program.

  • Marketing Awarded vendor agrees to allow TIPS to use their name and logo within website, marketing materials and advertisement subject to any reasonable restrictions provided to TIPS in the Proposal to the Solicitation. Any use of TIPS name and logo or any form of publicity, inclusive of press release, regarding this Agreement by awarded vendor must have prior approval from TIPS.