Purpose Sample Clauses

Purpose. The Company is formed for the object and purpose of, and the nature of the business to be conducted and promoted by the Company is, engaging in any lawful act or activity for which limited liability companies may be formed under the Act.
Purpose. 1.01 The general purpose of this Agreement is to establish mutually satisfactory relations between the Employer, the Union and the employees and to provide the machinery for the prompt and equitable disposition of grievances and to establish and maintain satisfactory working conditions, hours of work and wages for all employees who are subject to the provisions of this Agreement.
Purpose. 1.01 The general purpose of this Agreement is to establish mutually satisfactory employment relations between the Employer and the employees covered by this Agreement. It provides the means for prompt settlement of grievances and establishes salaries, hours of work and other conditions of employment.
Purpose. The exclusive purposes and functions of the Trust are (a) to issue and sell the Securities representing undivided beneficial interests in the assets of the Trust, (b) to invest the gross proceeds from such sale to acquire the Debentures, (c) to facilitate direct investment in the assets of the Trust through issuance of the Common Securities and the Capital Securities and (d) except as otherwise limited herein, to engage in only those other activities necessary or incidental thereto. The Trust shall not borrow money, issue debt or reinvest proceeds derived from investments, pledge any of its assets, or otherwise undertake (or permit to be undertaken) any activity that would cause the Trust not to be classified for United States federal income tax purposes as a grantor trust.
Purpose. 1.01 It is the intent and purpose of the parties to this Agreement, which has been negotiated and entered into in good faith: