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Created by. [ARTIST NAME]] Commissioned by the National Gallery, London, as part of National Gallery X and Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House in March 2020 Inspiration from Crivelli’s Gardens by Xxxxx Xxxx and using the motion capture data of “Xxx” choreographed by Xxxxxxx XxXxxxx Supported by Kings College London and Google Arts and Culture
Created by. Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Prepared for: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Village of East Dundee, Illinois
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  • Created by the Illinois General Assembly, IMRF is governed by the Illinois Pension Code (40 ILCS 5/1-101 et seq.) and is a defined benefit pension plan.IMRF provides benefits to eligible employees of approximately 3,000 units of government.

  • Created by OPSIN free tool: DOI: 10.1021/ci100384d Stran 1 od 5Report updates Instrumental methods (if applied) in NFL1.

  • Created by the Illinois General Assembly, IMRF is governed by the Illinois Pension Code (40 ILCS 5/1-101 et seq.) and is a defined benefit pension plan.IMRF provides benefits to eligible employees of approximately 3,025 units of government.

  • Created by OPSIN free tool: DOI: 10.1021/ci100384dStran 1 od 4 Report updates Supporting information Analytical technique:1.

  • Created by CRS.As a result of the various challenges, the IMF qualified its forecast by arguing thatA partial recovery is projected for 2021, with above trend growth rates, but the level of GDP will remain below the pre-virus trend, with considerable uncertainty about the strength of the rebound.

  • Created by the General Assembly (O.C.G.A. § 35-6A-2), the Council is comprised of twenty-seven members representing various components of the criminal justice system.

  • Created by the general government for macroeconomic purposes, SWFs hold, manage, or administer assets to achieve financial objectives, and employ a set of investment strategies which include investing in foreign financial assets.

  • Created by Pierce County citizens in 1918, the Port of Tacoma has become one of the largest container ports in North America and one of the top 50 in the world.

  • CTR has authorized one hundred thousand (100,000) shares of common stock, par value ten dollars ($10.00), of which one hundred thousand (100,000) shares are validly issued and outstanding, and constitute the CTR Shares.

  • Created by the Illinois General Assembly, IMRF is governed by the Illinois Pension Code (40 ILCS 5/1-101 et seq.) and is a defined benefit pension plan.IMRF provides benefits to eligible employees of over 2,970 units of government.

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Created by. Xxx Xxxxx Azavar Prepared for: Xxxxxxx Xxxxx City of Xxxxxxxxxx, Texas Exhibit AStatement of Work This Statement of Work (“Statement of Work”) is made and entered into on this 30th day of September 2021 by and between Azavar Audit Solutions, Inc., an Illinois corporation having its principal place of business at 00 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60604 (“Azavar”), and the City of Xxxxxxxxxx, Texas corporation, having its principal place of business at 000 Xxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Xx, Xxxxxxxxxx, TX 77356 (“Customer”). WHEREBY the parties entered into a Professional Services Agreement (“Agreement”) by signature by the parties attached hereto on 30th day of September 2021.

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  • ACCEPTED BY Accepted by: Ohio Department of Taxation Print Taxpayer Name Xxxxxxx X. XxXxxxx, Tax Commissioner Signature Name Title

  • Breach of trust means a breach of any duty imposed on a trustee by this Act or by the terms of the trust;

  • Remainder beneficiary means a person entitled to receive principal when an income interest ends.

  • Ability to Organize Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Memory: Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Social Interaction: Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Communication: Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Please identify the assessment tool(s) used to determine the above abilities (Examples: Lifting tests, grip strength tests, Anxiety Inventories, Self-Reporting, etc. Additional comments on Limitations (not able to do) and/or Restrictions (should/must not do) for all medical conditions:

  • By:______________________________ By Name: Name: Title: Title:

  • And whereas On July 23, 2017 the Lessor and the Lessee signed a second addendum of the Original Agreement [hereinafter: “Second Addendum”] according to which the Lessee leases from the Lessor an additional area of approximately 864sqm gross, located in Alon Building in the complex, and additional provisions and conditions were set forth in connection with this area, as stated in the Second Addendum [the Original Agreement and the First and [Signed] [Signed] Ogen Yielding Real Estate Ltd. PolyPid Ltd. Second Addendum shall be referred hereinafter: “the Lease Agreement”]; [The Leased Premises, within their meaning in the Original Agreement, and the Additional Areas that were leased to the Lessee in accordance with the First and Second Addendum shall be referred hereinafter collectively: “the Leased Premises”];

  • WITNESS OR ATTEST [ ] NOTICE: The signature on this Assignment must correspond with of the name of the Registered Owner as it appears on the registration books for the Installment Purchase Agreement referred to herein in every particular, without alteration or enlargement or any change whatever. 24 26 ADD NOTARY ACKNOWLEDGMENT 27 28 29 30 31 32 Transfer of the Installment Purchase Agreement as indicated above is approved this 33 day of , 20_ . 2 Harford County, Maryland 3 5 By: 6 Name: 7 Title: 8 1 EXHIBIT D 2 TO INSTALLMENT 3 PURCHASE AGREEMENT 5 6 TRANSFER OF AGREEMENT - SCHEDULE OF TRANSFEREES 7 This Installment Purchase Agreement shall be transferable only upon the written approval 8 of the County and upon the registration books of the County maintained by the Registrar pursuant 9 to Section 3.2 of this Installment Purchase Agreement, at the written request of the Registered 10 Owner as then shown on such registration books or such Registered Owner’s attorney duly 11 authorized in writing, together with a written instrument of transfer substantially in the form 12 attached hereto as Exhibit C, or as may otherwise be satisfactory to and approved by the Registrar 13 in writing, duly executed by such Registered Owner or such Registered Owner’s attorney duly 14 authorized in writing. 15 Date of Registration of Transfer Name of Transferee Registered Owner Outstanding Balance of Purchase Price Signature of Registrar

  • County of residence means the county in this state in which, at the time a person applies for or receives services, the person is living and has established an ongoing presence with the declared, good faith intention of living in the county for a permanent or indefinite period of time. The county of residence of a person who is a homeless person is the county where the homeless person usually sleeps. A person maintains residency in the county in which the person last resided while the person is present in another county receiving services in a hospital, a correctional facility, a halfway house for community-based corrections or substance-related treatment, a nursing facility, an intermediate care facility for persons with an intellectual disability, or a residential care facility, or for the purpose of attending a college or university. (IC 331.394(1)a)

  • Influencing or attempting to influ- ence means making, with the intent to influence, any communication to or ap- pearance before an officer or employee or any agency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with any covered Federal action.

  • Prosecuting attorney means the prosecuting attorney for a county, an assistant prosecuting attorney for a county, the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, an assistant attorney general, a special prosecuting attorney, or, in connection with the prosecution of an ordinance violation, an attorney for the political subdivision that enacted the ordinance upon which the violation is based.

  • Preponderance of the evidence means proof by information that, compared with that opposing it, leads to the conclusion that the fact at issue is more probably true than not.

  • Commercial Tort Claims means commercial tort claims (as that term is defined in the Code), and includes those commercial tort claims listed on Schedule 1.

  • Breach of Duty means the Director or Officer breached or failed to perform his or her duties to the Corporation and his or her breach of or failure to perform those duties is determined, in accordance with Section 8.04, to constitute misconduct under Section 180.0851 (2) (a) 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the Statute.

  • Commercial Tort Claim means a claim arising in tort with respect to which:

  • (i) IN GENERAL.—The term base amount’ means, with respect to any quarter, an amount equal to 3 times the sum of the adjusted disburse- ments from the plan for the 12 months ending on the last day of such quarter.

  • Validated by means the application has been accepted and was not rejected with errors. You can track the status of your application by logging into, selecting "Applicants" from the top navigation, and selecting “Track my application” from the dropdown list. If the application status is "rejected with errors,” you must correct the error(s) and resubmit the application before the 24-hour grace period ends. Applications in “rejected with errors” status after the 24-hour grace period expires will not be received by HUD. Visit for a complete description of processing steps after applying.

  • Intentionally means that the person referred to has a purpose to do or fail to do the act or cause the result specified or believes that the act or failure to act, if successful, will cause that result. A person "intentionally" violates a statute:

  • executing State means the Member State to which a European protection order has been forwarded with a view to its recognition.

  • Execution Venue means the entity with which client orders, assets or securities are placed and/or to which the Company transmits Client’s orders for execution.

  • Personal Effects means personal items regularly worn or carried on the person for his/her personal use, for example clothing, watch, wallet.

  • (A) IN GENERAL.—The term multiple tax’ means any tax that is imposed by one State or political subdivision thereof on the same or essentially the same electronic commerce that is also subject to another tax imposed by another State or political subdivision thereof (whether or not at the same rate or on the same basis), without a credit (for ex- ample, a resale exemption certificate) for taxes paid in other jurisdictions.

  • Commencement of Foreclosure The first official action required under local law in order to commence foreclosure proceedings or to schedule a trustee's sale under a deed of trust, including (i) in the case of a mortgage, any filing or service of process necessary to commence an action to foreclose, or (ii) in the case of a deed of trust, posting, the publishing, filing or delivery of a notice of sale, but not including in either case (x) any notice of default, notice of intent to foreclose or sell or any other action prerequisite to the actions specified in (i) or (ii) above, (y) the acceptance of a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (whether in connection with a sale of the related property or otherwise) or (z) initiation and completion of a short pay-off.

  • Governing Law This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and performed in accordance with the laws of Ohio and venue shall be in Cleveland, Ohio. The provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) shall apply to this Agreement, and electricity shall be a "good" for purposes of the UCC.

  • Breach of Agreement provisions of Section 5(a)(ii) will apply to Party A and will not apply to Party B.

  • Performance of duties means duties performed within the employee’s authorized scope of employment and performed in the line of duty.

  • (1) IN GENERAL.—The term qualified trade or business’ means any trade or business other than—