New position definition

New position means a position not previously existing.
New position means a student support services personnel full-time or part-time
New position means a vacant position that did not exist in the previous year.

Examples of New position in a sentence

  • New position descriptions and performance plans for OCR staff helped achieve new performance goals.

  • New position is defined as an on-going position (i.e. is not temporary) that previously did not exist.

  • Tim Cooper White LickAssistant Principal; 220 day, 2 year contract; salary to be determined once 2019-20salaries are established July 1, 2019 New position c.

  • Candace Hons CardinalAssistant Principal; 220 day,2 year contract; salary to be determined once 2019-20 salaries are established July 1, 2019 New position b.

  • New position Applications Expediter/Building Inspector Resolution No. 18 Moved by Deputy Mayor Armstrong Seconded by Councillor Thompson THAT the new position of Applications Expeditor/Building Inspector be created and approved for the Building Division and that the attached job description for this newly created position be approved as presented.

More Definitions of New position

New position means a permanent, full-time, Company, benefit-eligible employee working at least 37.5 hours per week, who resides within 50 miles of the Facility who receives full- time wages paid by Company for a period of at least 6 months at the Facility. To be a New Position, an employee must represent an increase in the total, permanent level of employment at the Facility. Positions shall not be considered New Positions if they replaced occupants of New Positions or full-time positions from an earlier reduction in the number of full-time employees in Wichita County. New Positions must be Primary Jobs.
New position means the initial vacant or unfilled position which becomes available as a result of a resignation, retirement, death, administrative appointment, newly created position, or leave after May 1st.
New position. Means a budgeted position established and properly allocated which did not previously exist and is not merely the expansion or change in a previously existing position.
New position means a position which formerly did not exist.
New position shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.3.
New position is a job opening for any position with duties and/or wage classification other than for those classifications and corresponding wages as set forth at Article XVI, Section 1 of this Contract.
New position relates to a newly-created job function not currently classified; “Party” shall mean either of the parties to this Agreement;