The Process Sample Clauses

The Process. Sun and other JCP members have established a formal process (“Process”) for the development of high quality Java Specifications and promoting the development and distribution of com- patible implementations of those specifications. The Process is described on the JCP Web Site (currently Version 2.1 of July 10, 2001 at xxxx://, and may be revised from time to time in accordance with terms set forth in the Process document, provided that no such revisions shall apply to any JSR that has already been approved for development. Upon execution of this Agreement by the parties, You are autho- rized to participate in accordance with the Process (through an employee or other agent designated by and authorized to act on Your behalf) with respect to any JSR commenced once this version of the JSPA is avail- able. Should you wish to participate in the Process with respect to a JSR commenced before this version of the JSPA was available for execution, you must execute the version of the JSPA applicable to that JSR (con- tact the PMO to obtain a copy). This Agreement shall control in the event of any conflict between it and the Process. Any capitalized terms used herein and not defined in Section 1 above are as defined in the Process document.
The Process. 12.1.1 The PC may make decisions to resolve an issue if:
The Process. 11.1.1 Either parent may request the assistance of the PC to resolve an issue. The timing, frequency, location and format of meetings shall be determined by the PC. Meetings may be conducted by telephone, online, e-mail, in writing or in person.
The Process. A. To provide an opportunity for the non-federal Parties to provide input to the Secretary on the categories of data outlined in Section 1 above, there is established under the terms of this Settlement a Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) consisting of membership from all of the non-Federal Parties to this Settlement. The TCC will meet or hold conference calls on a monthly basis, at a minimum, and more often as deemed necessary. The TCC will also form sub-teams and hold separate workshops/meetings as necessary to address specific technical and scientific issues. The principal objective of the TCC will be to exchange information and data, as appropriate, among the non-federal Parties on technical aspects of the Secretarial Determination that may affect the resources of the non-federal Parties and provide input to the Federal Parties. The Federal Parties will hold public workshops or otherwise provide Timely information to the TCC and the public concerning the status of the Determination, the studies in support of the Determination and the environmental compliance actions. To the extent practicable and in accordance with Applicable Law, the Federal Parties will provide the information necessary for the non-federal Parties to have Timely and meaningful input consistent with the schedule for completing the Secretarial Determination. The TCC will provide its input in writing to the Federal Parties for their consideration, consistent with the Coordination Process.
The Process.  The Five Councils will hold a “Clientaccount and a “Partnership” account  Costs chargeable to the “Partnership” account (taking into account the three & Five partner splits detailed in 2.1 above) are: o Employee related expenses o Transport related expenses o Premises related expenses o Supplies and services o Any Support Service costs agreed in advance by the Five Councils as chargeable to the “Partnership” account because of the obvious service/benefit provided o Any income that is received in respect of costs that are chargeable to the “Partnership” account.  Costs chargeable to the “Client” account are: o Support Services not specifically agreed as chargeable to the “Partnership” account o Income not received in respect of costs that are chargeable to the “Partnership” account o Corporate costs not directly attributable to the work of the 2015 Joint Committee and the ARP.
The Process a. An eligible individual who desires to be issued a continuing contract must file with the Central Office an "Application for Continuing Contract" which appears in Appendix R of this Master Agreement prior to September 11 of the year prior to the year in which the individual wishes to have his/her continuing contract take effect.
The Process. 11.1.1 In the event that a dispute arises from or is related to this Agreement, the parties agree to attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiation or through another alternate dispute resolution process to which the parties agree and set out in writing.
The Process. Operating under the 2001 Contract, CSL has synthesized [ * ] of material through [ * ] of a [ * ] process to manufacture the [ * ] Product. Current batch records documenting the manufacturing process ("Batch Records") through [ * ] for the manufacture of
The Process. 6.1 The Affiliate shall display the Transferfix widget in any Affiliate Site, so that;