Request in Writing Sample Clauses

Request in Writing. All requests such as Pull Requests, acceptances/rejections, notices, must be made or confirmed in writing. Such writings must take the form of electronic mail (receipt confirmed), facsimile (receipt-confirmed) and/or posted letter (return-receipt).
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Request in Writing. A bargaining unit member who wishes to receive the catastrophic leave benefit must request in writing to the Association and District that donations of eligible leave credits be solicited on his or her behalf. The request must have attached written verification of the catastrophic injury or illness.
Request in Writing. Any leave of absence shall be requested in writing, indicating starting and ending dates and the reason for the leave.
Request in Writing. When either of us is acting as the Trustee or as a co-Trustee, the requirement of a writing to be signed by either of us as a Trustor and/or a beneficiary and delivered to either of us as the Trustee shall be waived; and,
Request in Writing. In addition to the foregoing, either Landlord or Tenant may, from time to time, request in writing that the other party serve a copy of any notice or demand, consent, approval, or disapproval, or statement, on one other person or entity designated in such request, such service to be effected as provided in Section 39.15 hereof.
Request in Writing. Request for leave shall be in writing using a Request for Leave Form and must be forwarded to the Battalion Chief or immediate supervisor prior to the anticipated start of the leave period. Except where otherwise specified, the Battalion Chief or supervisor shall review the request and make a recommendation to the Fire Chief, who in turn shall approve or disapprove the requested leave. If approved for leave other than sick leave or vacation leave, appropriate forms shall be sent to the Human Resources Manager for proper recording. The Fire Chief may adopt special departmental rules where circumstances dictate as approved by the City Administrator.
Request in Writing. Example text Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, in order for a Beneficiary to exercise its Access Rights, these must first be requested in writing. Access Rights to Background for implementation, Access Rights to Results for implemen- tation, and Access Right for Research Use are hereby requested in writing by the Beneficiaries by way of signature of the Consortium Agreement, and are hereby granted by the respective Beneficiary, by means of signature of the Consortium Agreement.
Request in Writing. All requests for leaves of absence shall be in writing.

Related to Request in Writing

  • In writing (a) Any communication in connection with a Finance Document must be in writing and, unless otherwise stated, may be given:

  • AGREEMENT IN WRITING If there is conflict or discrepancy between any provision added to this Agreement (including any Schedule attached hereto) and any provision in the standard pre-set portion hereof, the added provision shall supersede the standard pre-set provision to the extent of such conflict or discrepancy. This Agreement including any Schedule attached hereto, shall constitute the entire Agreement between Buyer and Seller. There is no representation, warranty, collateral agreement or condition, which affects this Agreement other than as expressed herein. For the purposes of this Agreement, Seller means vendor and Buyer means purchaser. This Agreement shall be read with all changes of gender or number required by the context.

  • Amendment in Writing This Agreement and each of its terms may only be amended, waived, supplemented or modified in a writing signed by the signatories hereto or their respective clients.

  • Modification in Writing No amendment, modification, supplement, termination or waiver of or to any provision hereof, nor consent to any departure by any Pledgor therefrom, shall be effective unless the same shall be made in accordance with the terms of the Credit Agreement and unless in writing and signed by the Collateral Agent. Any amendment, modification or supplement of or to any provision hereof, any waiver of any provision hereof and any consent to any departure by any Pledgor from the terms of any provision hereof in each case shall be effective only in the specific instance and for the specific purpose for which made or given. Except where notice is specifically required by this Agreement or any other document evidencing the Secured Obligations, no notice to or demand on any Pledgor in any case shall entitle any Pledgor to any other or further notice or demand in similar or other circumstances.

  • Replies in Writing Replies to grievances stating reasons shall be in writing at all stages.

  • Request A request to submit a grievance to arbitration must be in writing, signed by the aggrieved party, and such request must be filed in the office of the Superintendent within ten (10) days following the decision in Level III of the grievance procedure.

  • Instruments in Writing All actions which may be taken and all powers that may be exercised by the Warrantholders at a meeting held as provided in this Article 7 may also be taken and exercised by Warrantholders holding at least 66 2/3% of the aggregate number of all then outstanding Warrants by an instrument in writing signed in one or more counterparts by such Warrantholders in person or by attorney duly appointed in writing, and the expression “Extraordinary Resolution” when used in this Indenture shall include an instrument so signed.

  • Request for a Panel 1. Unless the Parties agree on a different period for consultations, a complaining Party may request in writing the establishment of a Panel if the consultation referred to in the Article 176 (Consultations) fails to resolve a matter within 60 days, after the date of receipt of the request for consultations or 50 days in case of urgent matters. 2. The complaining Party shall deliver the request to the other Party, indicating at least, the reason of the request, the identification of the measure, an indication of the provision of this Agreement that it considers relevant and an indication of the legal basis of the complaint. The Panel will be considered as established on the date of receipt of the corresponding request to the other Party. 3. Unless otherwise agreed by the disputing Parties, the Panel shall be selected and perform its functions in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Chapter.

  • Request for Review Within sixty (60) days after receiving notice from the Plan Administrator that a claim has been denied (in part or all of the claim), then claimant (or their duly authorized representative) may file with the Plan Administrator, a written request for a review of the denial of the claim. The claimant (or his duly authorized representative) shall then have the opportunity to submit written comments, documents, records and other information relating to the claim. The Plan Administrator shall also provide the claimant, upon request and free of charge, reasonable access to, and copies of, all documents, records and other information relevant (as defined in applicable ERISA regulations) to the claimant’s claim for benefits.

  • Request for Proposals A State request inviting proposals for Goods or Services. This Contract shall be governed by the statutes, regulations and procedures of the State of Connecticut, Department of Administrative Services.