Job Postings Sample Clauses

Job Postings. The employee may apply for a job posting at either home based on their seniority at the designated employer. The vacancy will be filled in accordance with Article 9 of the collective agreement. Where seniority is the deciding factor the most senior candidate will be selected regardless of which home her/his seniority was accumulated.
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Job Postings. (a) When a vacancy occurs or a new position is created inside the bargaining unit, the Employer will notify the Union in writing and post notice of the position in the Employer's offices, and on all bulletin boards, within seven days of the vacancy or of the new position being established, for a minimum of seven calendar days, so that all members will know about the vacancy or new position.
Job Postings. For all permanent position vacancies intended to be filled, the Corporation shall post notices with the information as indicated in schedule ‘C’ on all bulletin boards for a period of one week and shall send a copy to the Unit Chairperson. For the Community Centre Administrative Clerk position, the Corporation shall have an on- going posting to create a pool of applicants to draw from. Employees who have completed their probationary period may make written application for such permanent job vacancy within such posting period and will receive acknowledgement of their applications. Employees will be limited to one lateral transfer in a twelve month period. The Corporation will interview internal applicants who meet the qualifications as outlined on the job posting. Every effort will be made to fill posted vacancies within three months of the closing date as noted on the job posting. The employee who is the successful applicant to a posted position and who is required to remain in his/her current position until a replacement is hired will receive his/her new rate of pay no later than two weeks after accepting the new position. The Corporation may choose to advertise the vacancy externally concurrent to the internal posting. All current internal applicants who have applied for the position will be considered and a selection decision will be made prior to considering external applicants. Human Resources will meet with the interviewed and/or tested applicant(s) to review the outcome of any interview if unsuccessful, within eight (8) weeks of the employee receiving notification, and if requested by the employee. Where there is no successful qualified applicant, the Corporation reserves the right to interview unqualified applicants who have applied for the posted position prior to considering external applicants. It is understood that nothing in the Article restricts the right of the Corporation to temporarily assign an employee to a job currently posted, on an acting basis, until the posting procedure has been complied with and arrangements made to permit the employee selected, if any, to fill the vacancy. Promotion shall mean a transfer to an occupational classification in the bargaining unit that is paid at a higher rate of pay. Lateral transfer shall mean a transfer to an occupational classification in the bargaining unit that is paid at the same level of pay as the employee’s current rate of pay. The selection process will be applied to all applicants in the ...
Job Postings. 11.01 In the case of all vacancies and new positions in the bargaining unit, the Employer will post notice of such vacancy in each office for a period of ten (10) calendar days. If no qualified nurse applies, then the Employer may hire a new nurse from outside the employ. The name of the successful applicant shall be posted by the Employer.
Job Postings. Use of other bulletin boards of the University by the Union shall be subject to the general rules and regulations of the University regarding the use of bulletin boards. In no event shall the Union post notices of a political nature on University’s bulletin boards. All notices shall be submitted to the supervisors for approval and posting.
Job Postings. The Employer may, in its discretion, conduct an External Job Posting (i.e., one which includes employee and non-employee or outside applicants) in the event there are fewer than seven (7) internal applicants who meet the stated minimum Job Posting requirements for positions below grade level seven (7) or fewer than ten (10) such internal applicants for all other positions. In such cases, all internal qualified applicants shall be permitted to take the required examination and in all cases, the Employer may advertise an open position internally and externally simultaneously and a maximum of seven (7) outside applicants may be tested. For purposes of this article, applicants from the Minneapolis Library Board, the Minneapolis Board of Education and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board shall be considered as "outside" applicants.
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Job Postings. Job vacancies covered by this agreement will be posted by the employer. The Employer shall make decisions, at its sole discretion, as to whether vacancies exist.
Job Postings. Where a permanent vacancy occurs within the bargaining unit or a new position within the bargaining unit is created by the Employer, such vacancy shall be posted for a period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days. Bargaining unit employees may make written application for such vacancy within the seven (7) day period referred to herein. Subsequent vacancies created by the filling of a posted vacancy are to be posted for seven (7) consecutive calendar days.
Job Postings. When the Employer determines that a vacancy exists or a new position is created inside the bargaining unit, the Employer shall immediately post notice of the position on a bulletin board in each work location for five (5) working days so that all members will know about the vacancy or new position. However, vacancies arising from normal retirement shall be posted thirty (30) days prior to the employee's retirement date provided the Employer has received notification of the employee's intended retirement date. The Employer shall make every effort to ensure that vacancies are filled as quickly as possible.
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