The Employer shall Sample Clauses

The Employer shall. (a) inform employees of any situation relating to their work which may endanger their health and safety, as soon as it learns of the said situation;
The Employer shall a. provide all necessary assistance and cooperation as reasonably requested by the ESFA to enable the ESFA to comply with its obligations under the FOIA and EIRs;
The Employer shall a. Provide the employees with necessary supervision, learning and work experience;
The Employer shall during the term of this Agreement, as a condition of employment, deduct from members of the bargaining unit the regular weekly Union Dues and such Dues shall be remitted to the Union prior to the 15th day of the month following the month in which such deduction is made. The Employer shall notify the Union of new full time employeesclassification and rates of pay in addition to terminations, on a monthly basis. Deduction statements shall be documented by location, containing the full name of the employee and his starting date and Social Insurance Number subject to the employee consenting to the use of his or her Social Insurance Number. The Employer agrees to record the annual Union Dues deductions for each employee on his T4 Form.
The Employer shall a. provide all necessary assistance and cooperation as reasonably requested by the SFA to enable the SFA to comply with its obligations under the FOIA and EIRs;

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  • The Employer This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the Employer and its successors and assigns. The Bancorp and the Bank will each require any successor to it (whether direct or indirect, by stock or asset purchase, merger, consolidation or otherwise) or to all or substantially all of its business or assets to assume expressly and agree to perform this Agreement in the same manner and to the same extent it would be required to perform it if no such succession had taken place.

  • Participating Employers (a) With the consent of the Employer and Trustee, and by duly authorized action, any Affiliated Employer may adopt this Plan and become a Participating Employer.

  • Employer The term “

  • Related Employers If any member of the Employer's related group (as defined in Section 1.30 of the Plan) executes a Participation Agreement to this Adoption Agreement, such member's Employees are eligible to participate in this Plan, unless excluded by reason of an exclusion classification elected under this Adoption Agreement Section 1.07. In addition: (Choose (j) or (k))

  • EMPLOYER AND UNION SHALL ACQUAINT NEW EMPLOYEES The Employer agrees to acquaint new employees with the fact that a Collective Agreement is in effect and with the conditions of employment set out in the Articles dealing with Union Security and Dues Check-off. The Employer agrees to provide the name, worksite phone number, and location of the new employee's xxxxxxx in the letter of hiring. Whenever the xxxxxxx is employed in the same work area as the new employee, the employee's immediate supervisor will introduce her to her xxxxxxx. The Employer agrees that a Union xxxxxxx will be given an opportunity to interview each new employee within regular working hours, without loss of pay, for thirty (30) minutes sometime during the first thirty (30) days of employment for the purpose of acquainting the new employee with the benefits and duties of Union membership and the employee's responsibilities and obligations to the Employer and the Union.

  • Plan Administrator Employees must elect a plan administrator during their initial enrollment in Advantage and may change their plan administrator election only during the annual open enrollment and when permitted under Section 5. Dependents must be enrolled through the same plan administrator as the employee.

  • Employer Grievance The Employer may institute a grievance by delivering the same in writing to the President of the Local Union and the President shall answer such grievance in writing within five working (5) days. If the answer is not acceptable to the Employer, the Employer may, within ten (10) working days from the day the President gives her answer, give ten (10) working days notice to the President of the Local Union of its intention to refer the dispute to arbitration.

  • Employer Union Relations 7.1 Representation at Meetings with the Employer No employee or group of employees shall undertake to represent the Union at meetings with the Employer without the proper authorization of the Union. To implement this, the Union shall supply the Employer with the names of its officers and, similarly, the Employer shall supply the Union with a list of its supervisory or other personnel with whom the Union may be required to transact business.

  • All Employees to be Members ‌ All employees of the Employer, as a condition of continuing employment, shall become and remain members in good standing of the Union, according to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union. All future employees of the Employer shall, as a condition of continued employment, become and remain members in good standing in the Union from the date of hire.

  • Amount of Employer Contribution The Employer Contribution amounts and rules in effect on June 30, 2017 will continue through December 31, 2017.