Applicant shall Sample Clauses

Applicant shall. 2.1.1 Inform TQ Cert in writing of any significant changes of the Applicant’s System related to quality standard elements or its manuals or procedures.
Applicant shall. 2.1.1 Inform TQ Cert in writing of any significant changes of the Applicant’s education / work experience and intent to upgrade yoga qualification. Make no use of the TQ Cert marks or logos and make no statements referring registration, which could be misleading or unacceptable to TQ Cert or on withdrawal of certificate by TQ Cert. Not to use certification as evidence of any other approval other than claims that it is registered with respect to the scope for which it is registered. Amend all advertising matter, when the level of certification is reduced. The applicant complies with any requirements that may be prescribed in the certification scheme relating to the use of marks of conformity, and on information related to yoga. Maintain a complaint system for all customer complaints, including a system for correcting those complaints. Upon successful registration, agree to have the candidate’s name, location and level of Certification included in TQ Cert Directory of Registered Applicants. Comply and teach yoga as agreed between Applicant and TQ Cert. Always complies with relevant provision of the certification scheme and its related documents and scheme/standard owners requirements and when communicated by TQ Cert. The certification applies to Yoga and teaching continues to fulfill the requirements. Participate in written examination, allow the presence of the observers during the examination (Oral / Written / Demonstration). Upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification, discontinue use of all advertising matter referencing to the registration and return certification document to TQ Cert within 15 days from the date of suspension or withdrawal. To make available to TQ Cert, when requested, the records of all complaints and corrective action taken and any communication there upon. To allow personnel from Accreditation bodies or personnel authorized by TQ Cert to accompany the TQ Cert India Examiners for witnessing of the class room or for any other situation as may be required by TQ Cert. Not use its certification in such a manner that would bring TQ Cert or Certification System into disrepute and lose public trust. Not imply that the certification applied to activities that are outside the scope of certification. TQ Cert informs applicants, whenever confidential information is made available to other bodies (like Accreditation Bodies or Legal Requirements) Shall inform TQ Cert any changes affecting that may affect the capability of the applicant to c...

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  • Notice of Cancellation or Non-Renewal Policies shall be written so as to include the requirements for notice of cancellation or non-renewal in accordance with the New York State Insurance Law. Within five (5) business days of receipt of any notice of cancellation or non-renewal of insurance, the Contractor shall provide OGS with a copy of any such notice received from an insurer together with proof of replacement coverage that complies with the insurance requirements of this Contract.

  • Notice of Cancellation Each insurance policy required above shall provide that coverage shall not be canceled, except with notice to City.

  • Cancellation and Destruction of Surrendered Receipts; Maintenance of Records All Receipts surrendered to the Depositary shall be cancelled by the Depositary. The Depositary is authorized to destroy Receipts so cancelled in accordance with its customary practices. Cancelled Receipts shall not be entitled to any benefits under this Deposit Agreement or be valid or obligatory for any purpose.

  • Notice of Cancellation or Change There shall be no cancellation, change, potential exhaustion of aggregate limits or non-renewal of insurance coverage(s) without thirty (30) days written prior written notice to the State.

  • Cancellation and Destruction of Surrendered ADRs; Maintenance of Records All ADRs surrendered to the Depositary shall be canceled by the Depositary. Canceled ADRs shall not be entitled to any benefits under the Deposit Agreement or be valid or enforceable against the Depositary for any purpose. The Depositary is authorized to destroy ADRs so canceled, provided the Depositary maintains a record of all destroyed ADRs. Any ADSs held in book-entry form (e.g., through accounts at DTC) shall be deemed canceled when the Depositary causes the number of ADSs evidenced by the Balance Certificate to be reduced by the number of ADSs surrendered (without the need to physically destroy the Balance Certificate).

  • Required Insurance The HSP will put into effect and maintain, with insurers having a secure A.M. Best rating of B+ or greater, or the equivalent, all the necessary and appropriate insurance that a prudent person in the business of the HSP would maintain including, but not limited to, the following at its own expense.