An employee who Sample Clauses

An employee who. (a) leaves the service of his own accord, or
An employee who is a member of a religious group which by official policy prohibits union membership may apply in writing to the Union, including a suitable affidavit of objection, to have such dues remitted to her/his religious group.
An employee who has been continuously employed by the City for five (5) years and who has exhausted his/her entire balance of sick leave, PTO leave and all other paid leaves, if any, and who has been absent from work for twenty (20) working days in any consecutive six (6) months (including time off from work on sick leave) due to an illness or injury which is not covered by industrial accident leave, Section 17, (the qualified employee) is eligible for the benefits of this section. An employee who is absent from work under the provisions of Section 17, Industrial Accident Leave, is not a qualified employee under this Section and is not eligible for the benefits of this Section. Upon the written request of the qualified employee to the City Manager or designee, the City Manager or designee shall issue to all employees a "call for donations" for sick leave. The "call for donations" shall specify the name of the requesting qualified employee. Employees may, within twenty (20) days of the issuance of the "call for donations," respond thereto and request in writing that the City transfer to the qualified employee up to, but no greater than, five (5) days of sick leave from the responding employee to the qualified employee. The dollar value of the sick leave of the responding employee shall be calculated and translated into the appropriate amount of sick leave for the qualified employee based on the qualified employee's rate of pay. A "call for donations" for a qualified employee shall be issued for that qualified employee, upon his or her written request, not more often than once every sixty (60) days. If the qualified employee ceases to be an employee of the City at anytime after the transfer of sick leave from responding employees, any sick leave credited to the qualified employee shall remain as an account on the City's records and shall be automatically credited by the City to the next qualified employee who requests that the City Manager issue a "call for donations. " If the qualified employee returns to work, then any sick leave credited to the qualified employee shall remain credited to the employee's sick leave account balance and shall not be returned to the responding employee(s) sick leave account.
An employee who before the end of his/her normal day’s work, is instructed to next report for work not more than 2 hours before the regular starting time of his/her normal work day, shall not be considered to be on a call-out; however, the hours worked before the regular starting time of the employee’s normal work day under the provisions of this section shall be paid at the double time rate.
An employee who accepts full time employment with the Union shall be granted a leave of absence for that purpose.
An employee who. (a) during a period of engagement on shift work, works night shift only; or
An employee who is to be furloughed laid off or displaced from his classification may displace the most junior Employee in his classification at his StationMaintenance Base. If there is no junior Employee in his classification at the StationMaintenance Base, the Employee may displace the most junior Employee in a lower rated classification at his StationMaintenance Base provided he has greater Company seniority.
An employee who is assigned to a position paying a lower rate of pay shall continue to be paid at his/her rate, unless such reduction takes place under Article 18.8. For the purposes of this Collective Agreement, an "Assignment" shall be deemed to be a temporary transfer.
An employee who. (i) has been trained to render first-aid; and