Qualified Applicants definition

Qualified Applicants means an Applicant whose Resolution Plan is presented by the Resolution Professional to the Committee of Creditors under sub-section (3) of section 30 of the IBC;
Qualified Applicants means any group or organization that has met all of the following criteria for a continuous period of not less than one full year preceding submittal of an application for a permit to sell required by this chapter, and that continues to meet the criteria for the duration of any permit to sell issued by the city pursuant to this chapter:
Qualified Applicants means applicants for Low-Income units must make 80% or less than median family income for Wasatch County. Applicants for Moderate-Income units must make between 81% and 120% of median family income for Wasatch County. If all other requirements are equal, first preference shall be given to public service employees employed within Wasatch County, including municipal, county, school district, state and federal employees. Second preference shall be given to applicants who have been residents of Wasatch County for at least one year prior to application. Third preference shall be given to applicants who reside elsewhere, but are employed full-time in Wasatch County. Fourth preference shall be given to applicants who neither work nor live in Wasatch County.

Examples of Qualified Applicants in a sentence

Highly Qualified: Applicants demonstrating a more than satisfactory level of the evaluation criteria.

Based upon passing the pre-hire background investigation and a qualitative evaluation of the criteria above, you will be placed in one of the following categories: Best Qualified: Applicants demonstrating a superior level of all evaluation criteria.

Qualified: Applicants demonstrating minimal or basic satisfactory qualifications, with general knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The representatives of Qualified Applicants who are present at the opening shall be requested to sign an attendance sheet.

The tied Qualified Applicants will receive written notice of the tie and instructions for submission of second round bids.

The minutes will be sent to all Qualified Applicants and will be published by USFCo on its website.

The tied Qualified Applicants will proceed to a second round of bidding in which they will submit new USF Subsidy Proposals that comply with the requirements of section 43.

USFCo will identify the date and time of opening of the USF Subsidy Proposals, and representatives of Qualified Applicants will be entitled to attend the opening of the USF Subsidy Proposals.

A material deviation or reservation is one (1) which affects in any substantial way, the scope, quality, or performance of the Tenderer, or (2) which limits in any substantial way, inconsistent with the Tender document, or (3) whose rectification would affect unfairly the competitive position of other Qualified Applicants presenting substantially responsive bids.

Qualified Applicants desiring to use the Plan shall be granted an Account by Bank with a credit line in an amount to be determined by Bank in its discretion for each individual Applicant.

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Qualified Applicants means an applicant that meets the eligibility and restriction requirements of the judicial and prosecutorial positions listed in the LTBBOI Constitution.
Qualified Applicants means any group or organization that has met all of the

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Qualified applicant means an owner or lessee of a qualified building involving a qualified project, but does not include a State or federal agency or a political subdivision of either; or an instrumentality of the United States.
Certified applicator means any individual who is licensed as a commercial pesticide applicator, commercial pesticide operator, public operator, private-commercial applicator, demonstration and research applicator, or certified private applicator, or any other individual who is certified by the director to use or supervise the use of any pesticide which is classified by the EPA or the director as a restricted use pesticide.
Eligible applicant means a school district, joint
Qualified Appraiser With respect to each Mortgage Loan, an appraiser, duly appointed by the originator, who had no interest, direct or indirect in the Mortgaged Property or in any loan made on the security thereof, and whose compensation is not affected by the approval or disapproval of the Mortgage Loan, and such appraiser and the appraisal made by such appraiser both satisfy the requirements of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (including but not limited to the Appraiser Independence Requirements) and Title XI of FIRREA and the regulations promulgated thereunder, all as in effect on the date the Mortgage Loan was originated.
Qualified alien means an alien who is:
Applicant’s Qualified Investment means the Qualified Investment of the Applicant during the Qualifying Time Period and as more fully described in EXHIBIT 3 of this Agreement.
Applicants has the meaning set forth in Section 7.12(b).
Applicant’s Qualified Property means the Qualified Property of the Applicant to which the value limitation identified in the Agreement will apply and as more fully described in EXHIBIT 4 of this Agreement.
Qualified vendor means a vendor who:
Domestic appliance means an appliance (including a dishwasher, a washing machine and waste disposal unit) in a House and "communal or commercial appliance" means an appliance (including a dishwasher, a washing machine and a waste disposal unit) elsewhere than in a House (including in communal facilities);
Qualified Appraisal means reference to an appraisal or appraisals of the Hotel/Casino Facilities and Collateral, or any portion thereof, acceptable to Agent Bank, prepared at Borrowers' expense in compliance with FIRREA by an appraiser acceptable to Agent Bank, with sufficient copies delivered to Agent Bank for distribution to each of the Lenders.
Co-Applicant means an employer or potential employer.
qualified auditor means a person who is qualified to be appointed as an auditor under section 198;
Qualified Institutional Lender means each of the Initial Note Holders and any other U.S. Person that is:
Qualified Nurse means a person who holds a valid registration from the Nursing Council of India or the Nursing Council of any state in India.
single applicant means an applicant who neither has a partner nor is a lone parent;
Applicant shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 5.10.
Job applicant means a person, independent contractor, or person working for an independent contractor who applies to become an employee of the school district in a position that does not require a commercial driver’s license, and includes a person who has received a job offer made contingent on the person’s passing drug or alcohol testing. Job applicants for positions requiring a commercial driver’s license are governed by the provisions of the school district’s drug and alcohol testing policy relating to school bus drivers (Section III.).
Qualified Replacement Special Servicer A replacement special servicer that (i) satisfies all of the eligibility requirements applicable to the Special Servicer contained in this Agreement, (ii) is not the Operating Advisor, the Asset Representations Reviewer or an Affiliate of the Operating Advisor or the Asset Representations Reviewer (and, if appointed by the Directing Certificateholder or with the approval of the requisite vote of certificateholders following the Operating Advisor’s recommendation to replace the Special Servicer pursuant to Section 7.01(d), is not the originally replaced special servicer or its affiliate), (iii) is not obligated to pay the Operating Advisor (x) any fees or otherwise compensate the Operating Advisor in respect of its obligations under this Agreement, and (y) for the appointment of the successor special servicer or the recommendation by the Operating Advisor for the replacement special servicer to become the Special Servicer, (iv) is not entitled to receive any compensation from the Operating Advisor other than compensation that is not material and is unrelated to the Operating Advisor’s recommendation that such party be appointed as the replacement special servicer, (v) is not entitled to receive any fee from the Operating Advisor for its appointment as successor special servicer, in each case, unless such fee is expressly approved by 100% of the Certificateholders, (vi) currently has a special servicer rating of at least “CSS3” from Fitch, (vii) is currently acting as a special servicer in a CMBS transaction rated by Moody’s (as to which CMBS transaction there are outstanding CMBS rated by Moody’s) and (viii) is not a special servicer that has been cited by Moody’s or KBRA as having servicing concerns as the sole or material factor in any qualification, downgrade or withdrawal of the ratings (or placement on “watch status” in contemplation of a rating downgrade or withdrawal) of securities in a transaction serviced by the applicable servicer prior to the time of determination.
Qualified GIC A guaranteed investment contract or surety bond providing for the investment of funds in the Custodial Account and insuring a minimum, fixed or floating rate of return on investments of such funds, which contract or surety bond shall:
Qualified Institutional Investor means, as of any time of determination, a Person that is described in Rule 13d-1(b)(1) promulgated under the Exchange Act (as such Rule is in effect on the date hereof) and is eligible to report (and does in fact report) beneficial ownership of Common Shares of the Company on Schedule 13G, and such Person (i) is not required to file a Schedule 13D (or any successor or comparable report) with respect to its beneficial ownership of Common Shares of the Company and (ii) shall be the Beneficial Owner of less than 20% of the Common Shares of the Company then outstanding.
Domestic abuse means any of the following engaged in by an adult family member or adult household member against another adult family member or adult household member, by an adult caregiver against an adult who is under the caregiver's care, by an adult against his or her adult former spouse, by an adult against an adult with whom the individual has or had a dating relationship, or by an adult against an adult with whom the person has a child in common:
Approved school or “approved massage school” means a school approved by the council that meets minimum standards for training and curriculum in massage and related subjects, that meets any of the following requirements, and that has not been otherwise unapproved by the council:
Qualified Financial Institution means, at any time, a financial institution organized under the laws of any jurisdiction in the United States of America or Europe that at such time has outstanding debt obligations with a stated maturity of one year or less from the date of issue and rated A-1 or higher by Standard & Poor’s, a division of The McGraw Hill Companies, Inc., Ratings Group (or any successor) or P-1 or higher by Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. (or any successor) or, in either case, such other comparable rating, if any, then used by such rating agency.
Approved Book-Entry System for Commercial Paper means a system maintained by the Custodian or by a subcustodian employed pursuant to Section 2 hereof for the holding of commercial paper in book-entry form but only if the Custodian has received a certified copy of a resolution of the Board approving the participation by the Trust in such system.
Excluded Special Servicer Information With respect to any Excluded Special Servicer Loan, any information solely related to such Excluded Special Servicer Loan and/or the related Mortgaged Properties, which shall include the Asset Status Reports, Final Asset Status Reports (or summaries thereof), any Operating Advisor reports delivered to the Certificate Administrator regarding an Excluded Special Servicer’s net present value determination or any Appraisal Reduction Amount calculations delivered pursuant to Section 3.26(d) and Section 3.26(e), and any Officer’s Certificates delivered by the Master Servicer or the applicable Excluded Special Servicer supporting any determination that any Advance was (or, if made, would be) a Nonrecoverable Advance, or such other information and reports designated as Excluded Special Servicer Information by the applicable Excluded Special Servicer, the Master Servicer or the Operating Advisor, as applicable, in each case, other than information with respect to such Excluded Special Servicer Loan(s) that is aggregated with information with respect to the other Mortgage Loans at a pool level. For the avoidance of doubt, any file or report contained in the CREFC® Investor Reporting Package (CREFC® IRP) (other than the CREFC® Special Servicer Loan File relating to any Excluded Special Servicer Loan) and any Schedule AL Additional File shall not be considered “Excluded Special Servicer Information”.