THE JOB Sample Clauses

THE JOB. During the Secondment, the Secondee will work directly for the Host as [INSERT JOB TITLE], reporting to [INSERT NAME, JOB TITLE, DEPARTMENT], (“Host Contact”). The Secondee shall: carry out any tasks that are reasonably requested by the Host in conjunction with the agreed Secondment; continue to report to and be managed by the University Contact; report on day-to-day matters to the Host Contact; and obtain the prior approval of the University Contact in the usual way before taking any holiday and at the same time as seeking or on receiving the University’s approval, notify the Host Contact of the proposed dates of the leave. A programme of work has been agreed between the Parties and is attached at Appendix [1], and, where appropriate, a set of objectives/targets may be agreed with the Secondee at the outset of the Secondment. During the Secondment the Secondee’s performance will be monitored by the University via the University Contact and if it should fall below an acceptable standard, the University reserves the right to terminate the Secondment with notice in accordance with clause 43 below. The Host will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Secondee receives necessary training to enable [him/her] to undertake [his/her] duties at the Host and will be responsible for the cost of such training as set out in Appendix [2]. The Host agrees that the Secondee may be required to carry out duties for the University from time to time and will release the Secondee as and when requested by the University for this purpose. LOCATION During the Secondment, the Secondee will be based at the Host’s premises at [address], which will become [his/her] normal place of work for the duration of the Secondment only.
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THE JOB. Either the incumbent(s) or the Director of Personnel may request reconsideration of the class specification and/or the job rating by completing and submitting a Job Evaluation Reconsideration Form stating the reason(s) for disagreeing with the class specification and/or the rating of the job. Any such request shall be submitted within sixty calendar days of receipt of the Advice of Rating. Both the incumbent(s) and the Director of Personnel using the Review Decision Form shall be permitted to make a presentation to the committee, The shall consider the request and make a decision which shall be considered final and binding upon the parties and all employees affected. The Committee shall inform both the incumbent(s) and the Director of Personnel of its decision. It is important to maintain accurate class specifications and job ratings on an ongoing basis. Failure to do so will serve to damage the integrity of the program. It is the intention of the parties to review all jobs once every five years.
THE JOB. Employees who are injured at work and who are unable to continue at their job shall be paid their regular earn- ings for the balance of the shift on which the injury occurs.
THE JOB. An employee injured at work shall be paid his occupational rate in full for the day of the accident if he is unable to resume work and does not receive pay from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for this day. The Company shall provide transportation and pay for time spent by employees during their regular shift hours for medical treatment required as a result of an industrial accident or industrial disease which occurred in the course of employment with the Company. It is agreed and understood between the parties that the Company shall not be responsible for the payment of such time and transportation which is compensated by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Where an employee has an issue concerning the status of their claim, the Plant Chairperson can request a between the employee, himself and the appropriate Human Resources to discuss the issues associated with the employees claim.
THE JOB. Any employee losing time during normal day or shift because of an injury occurring on the job will be paid for the balance of the shift at regular rate.
THE JOB. MATERIALS: When you provide materials, they must comply with the specifications for the job. Any substitutions must be okayed by the Project Manager, prior to installation. If Green Grass is providing materials for the job, and more materials are needed, you must give the Construction Center Manager at least 3 days notice, for most materials. If Green Grass is providing materials for the job, you will be expected to occasionally pick up a small portion of the materials, to keep the job running, or at the end of the job.
THE JOB. An employee who is injured at work and who sent home or to the hospital by the Company prior to the end of his regularly scheduled shift shall be paid for the balance of such shift at his applicable rate.
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Related to THE JOB

  • The Joint Committee 1. A Joint Committee is hereby established in which each Contracting Party shall be represented.

  • New Jobs Any new job or jobs created by technological or mechanization changes shall be offered to present employees capable of being trained to perform the new or changed job and the Employer will provide such training. During training, the employee will maintain his/her rate. It is understood that the training herein referred to is on the job and not to exceed sixty (60) days. Certain specialized technical jobs may require additional and off-site training. An employee whose job is eliminated, if any, and who cannot be placed in a job of equal grade shall receive saved grade until such time as that employee fails to bid or apply for a position in the employee’s former wage level. The obligation hereinabove set forth shall not be construed to, in any way, abridge the right of the Employer to make such changes.

  • TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT 9.1 The Employer and the Union recognize the value and benefit of education and training designed to enhance an employee’s ability to perform their job duties. Training and employee development opportunities will be provided to employees in accordance with college/district policies and available resources.

  • VACANCIES AND JOB POSTINGS 17.01 When a job vacancy or vacancies occur within the bargaining unit and the Employer intends to fill the vacancy, the Employer will post an announcement of such vacancy or vacancies on all Union bulletin boards. Said postings shall remain posted for a period of five (5) working days. The announcement shall contain the job title of the vacancy, a brief job description and the rate of pay, and the date of the posting and bid deadline date.

  • Scope of Responsibilities The responsibilities of the Operating Committee shall be the following:

  • (b) - Job Descriptions A copy of the current job description for a bargaining unit position shall be made available to the Union upon request. When a new classification which is covered by terms of this collective agreement is created, a copy of the job description shall be forwarded to the Union at the time that the Hospital notifies the local Union of the rate of pay pursuant to article 20.01(a) above.

  • EMPLOYER AND UNION SHALL ACQUAINT NEW EMPLOYEES The Employer agrees to acquaint new employees with the fact that a Collective Agreement is in effect and with the conditions of employment set out in the Articles dealing with Union Security and Dues Check-off. The Employer agrees to provide the name, worksite phone number, and location of the new employee's xxxxxxx in the letter of hiring. Whenever the xxxxxxx is employed in the same work area as the new employee, the employee's immediate supervisor will introduce her to her xxxxxxx. The Employer agrees that a Union xxxxxxx will be given an opportunity to interview each new employee within regular working hours, without loss of pay, for thirty (30) minutes sometime during the first thirty (30) days of employment for the purpose of acquainting the new employee with the benefits and duties of Union membership and the employee's responsibilities and obligations to the Employer and the Union.

  • Technical Objections to Grievances It is the intent of both Parties of this Agreement that no grievance shall be defeated merely because of a technical error, other than time limitations in processing the grievance through the grievance procedure. To this end, an arbitration board shall have the power to allow all necessary amendments to the grievance and the power to waive formal procedural irregularities in the processing of a grievance, in order to determine the real matter in dispute and to render a decision according to equitable principles and the justice of the case.

  • File Management and Record Retention relating to CRF Eligible Persons or Households Grantee must maintain a separate file for every applicant, Eligible Person, or Household, regardless of whether the request was approved or denied.

  • VACANCIES AND NEW POSITIONS 17.01 The Gallery shall post notice of permanent and temporary job vacancies subject to Article 4 – Temporary Full-Time Employees for a period of seven (7) calendar days before any such job is filled. Probationary employees shall not be entitled to apply for posted vacancies. It is agreed that the Gallery will not interview external applicants until applications from existing employees have been reviewed and bargaining unit employees who are qualified in the opinion of the Gallery have been interviewed. Further, the Gallery will notify existing applicants in writing once the successful application is selected.

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