THE JOB Sample Clauses

THE JOB. During the Secondment, the Secondee will work directly for the Host as [INSERT JOB TITLE], reporting to [INSERT NAME, JOB TITLE, DEPARTMENT], (“Host Contact”). The Secondee shall: carry out any tasks that are reasonably requested by the Host in conjunction with the agreed Secondment; continue to report to and be managed by the University Contact; report on day-to-day matters to the Host Contact; and obtain the prior approval of the University Contact in the usual way before taking any holiday and at the same time as seeking or on receiving the University’s approval, notify the Host Contact of the proposed dates of the leave. A programme of work has been agreed between the Parties and is attached at Appendix [1], and, where appropriate, a set of objectives/targets may be agreed with the Secondee at the outset of the Secondment. During the Secondment the Secondee’s performance will be monitored by the University via the University Contact and if it should fall below an acceptable standard, the University reserves the right to terminate the Secondment with notice in accordance with clause 43 below. The Host will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Secondee receives necessary training to enable [him/her] to undertake [his/her] duties at the Host and will be responsible for the cost of such training as set out in Appendix [2]. The Host agrees that the Secondee may be required to carry out duties for the University from time to time and will release the Secondee as and when requested by the University for this purpose. LOCATION During the Secondment, the Secondee will be based at the Host’s premises at [address], which will become [his/her] normal place of work for the duration of the Secondment only.
THE JOB. Employees who are injured at work and who are unable to continue at their job shall be paid their regular earn- ings for the balance of the shift on which the injury occurs.

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  • TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT 9.1 The Employer and the Union recognize the value and benefit of education and training designed to enhance an employee’s ability to perform their job duties. Training and employee development opportunities will be provided to employees in accordance with Employer policies and available resources.