Caused by Sample Clauses

Caused by a. Freezing of a plumbing, heating, air condition- ing or automatic fire protective sprinkler sys- tem or of a household appliance, or by dis- charge, leakage or overflow from within the system or appliance caused by freezing. This exclusion applies only while the dwelling is va- cant, unoccupied or being constructed, unless you have used reasonable care to:

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  • NO STRIKES OR LOCK-OUTS 6.01 The Union agrees that there shall be no strikes and the Employer agrees that there shall be no lockouts during the term of this Agreement. The meaning of the words "strike" and "lockout" shall be as defined in The Ontario Labour Relations Act, as amended.

  • No Lockout The City will not lock out any employees during the term of this Agreement as a result of a labor dispute with the Union.

  • Program Fraud and False or Fraudulent Statements or Related Acts (A) The CONTRACTOR acknowledges that the provisions of the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986, as amended, 31 U.S.C. § 3801 et seq . and U.S. DOT regulations, "Program Fraud Civil Remedies," 49 C.F.R. Part 31, apply to its actions pertaining to this Project. Upon execution of the underlying contract, the CONTRACTOR certifies or affirms the truthfulness and accuracy of any statement it has made, it makes, it may make, or causes to be made, pertaining to the underlying contract or the FTA assisted project for which this contract work is being performed. In addition to other penalties that may be applicable, the CONTRACTOR further acknowledges that if it makes, or causes to be made, a false, fictitious, or fraudulent claim, statement, submission, or certification, the Federal Government reserves the right to impose the penalties of the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986 on the CONTRACTOR to the extent the Federal Government deems appropriate.

  • NO STRIKE, NO LOCK-OUT 20.01 There will be no strike or lock-out during the term of this Agreement. The Employer has the exclusive right to determine what merchandise will be carried in its store, except that the Employer agrees that, in the event of a legal strike in the plant of a supplier, it will not handle merchandise from such plant, provided however, that merchandise that was on the premises of the Employer or in transit to the Employer’s premises at the time such legal strike commenced, will be handled. In the event of strikes, lock-outs or similar problems involving suppliers of goods or services, the Employer and the Union agree to meet and discuss such situation as it involves the parties to this Agreement, to endeavour to solve such problems in the best interest of the Employer, the Union and the employees, to the best of the abilities of the parties.

  • Christmas or New Year's Day Off The Employer agrees to make every reasonable effort to ensure that employees required to work shift shall have at least Christmas Day or the following New Year's Day off.

  • CALAMITY DAYS 19.01 A calamity day is a school day when school is closed or delayed due to epidemic, inclement weather, or other calamity. Calamity days over the state allotted days are required to be made up and Employees will not be compensated for working these makeup calamity days. When schools are closed due to epidemic or other calamity, Employees shall be paid at the regular rate of pay and not have sick leave or personal leave charged against their accounts. If more than five (5) calamity days are used, all days in excess of the first five (5) will be made up, without additional compensation, with either student instructional days and/or professional development days, unless the Board approves a shorter minimum school year. Employees who are required to work on a calamity day (when school is closed) shall be paid normal calamity day pay, as well as time and one-half for all hours worked. If an employee is at work when the calamity day is declared the employee shall receive time and one-half for all hours worked as well as the calamity day pay. On days when the start of school is delayed due to inclement weather, bargaining unit members shall be required to report to work as early as the weather and road conditions permit.

  • No Interest on Contributions No Partner shall be entitled to interest on its Capital Contribution.

  • NO STRIKE/NO LOCKOUT 4.01 The Union agrees there shall be no strikes and the Hospital agrees there shall be no lockouts so long as this Agreement continues to operate. The terms "strike" and "

  • Voluntary Political Action Fund Deduction During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall deduct the sum specified from the pay of each member of the Union who voluntarily executes a political action contribution wage assignment authorization. When filed with the Employer, the authorization form will be honored in accordance with its terms. The amount deducted and roster of all employees using payroll deduction for voluntary political action contributions will be promptly transmitted to the Union by a separate check payable to its order. Upon issuance and transmission of a check to the Union, the Employer's responsibility shall cease with respect to such deductions. The Union and each employee authorizing the assignment of wages for the payment of voluntary political action contributions hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold the Employer harmless from all claims, demands, suits or other forms of liability that may arise against the Employer for or on account of any deduction made from the wages of such employee. The parties recognize that the Union is obligated under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) to reimburse UW for its reasonable cost of administering the COPE check off in the parties' Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Employer and the Union agree that one-quarter of one percent (.25%) of all amounts checked off is a reasonable amount to cover the Employer's costs of administering this check off. Accordingly, the parties agree that the Employer will retain one-quarter of one percent (.25%) of all amounts deducted pursuant to the COPE check off provision in the parties' Collective Bargaining Agreement to reimburse the Employer for its reasonable costs of administering the check off.

  • NO STRIKES OR LOCKOUTS 5.01 The Union agrees there will be no strikes and the Employer agrees there will be no lockouts during the term of this Agreement. The term "strike" and "lockout" shall bear the meaning given them in the Ontario Labour Relations Act, as amended.