New Employee Sample Clauses

New Employee. 34.01(a) (i) Unless the Parties agree, in writing, to an extension of the probationary period, all Employees who work greater than twenty-four (24) hours per week shall be considered probationary for a period of up to three (3) calendar months following date of appointment to the University.
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New Employee. The state may reimburse a newly appointed employee, excluding temporary employees, for moving expenses or a portion of these expenses, at the agency head's discretion, provided the employee agrees in writing to remain in the employment of the State for a period of one year.
New Employee. ‌ A new employee whose first work day is a holiday receives pay for that holiday provided he/she works the rest of the week.
New Employee a. All new employees shall serve a probationary period for the first ninety (90) work days of their employment. The Board or designee may discharge a probationary employee at any time during the ninety (90) work days. The Board retains the sole right to discipline or terminate a probationary employee as necessary and this discipline or termination shall not be subject to the grievance procedure contained in this Agreement.
New Employee. 9.07 A new employee shall be regarded as being on probation, during which the employee shall receive familiarization and training, until he/she has completed 3 consecutive months actually worked. However, in individual cases this period may be extended up to a total of 6 months if Management shows reasonable grounds for extension. Thereafter, length of service shall be calculated from date of hiring or rehiring.
New Employee. All new employees shall be employed at the basic rate for the appropriate job classification.
New Employee. Every new employee shall serve a maximum probationary period of one hundred-fifty days (150) workdays (eight (8) months) of employment unless it is increased by mutual consent (IX.3.a).
New Employee. Any person who is newly employed in the East Grand Rapids Schools shall, before reporting for duty, be examined by a licensed physician who shall file a written report to the Superintendent indicating the employee’s physical condition on a form furnished by the Board. Employment in any position shall be contingent upon the employee’s physical fitness for his/her duties being approved by the examining physician.