Notice Thereof Sample Clauses

Notice Thereof. Nothing Contained Herein Shall Be Deemed To Limit In Any Way Any Right To Serve Process In Any Manner Permitted By Law. The Company AND PURCHASERS Hereby Waive All Rights To A Trial By Jury.
Notice Thereof. Nothing Contained Herein
Notice Thereof. In the event of the Executive’s death or a judicial determination of the Executive’s incompetence, reference in this Agreement to the Executive shall be deemed, where appropriate, to refer to the Executive’s beneficiary, estate or other legal representative.
Notice Thereof. 21 F.D. Prior to the provision of services under this Agreement, UNIVERSITY agrees to purchase 22 all required insurance, or maintain a program of self-insurance, at UNIVERSITY’s expense. Upon 24 necessary to satisfy COUNTY that the insurance provisions of this Agreement have been complied with 25 and to maintain such insurance coverage, or a program of self-insurance, during the entire term of this 26 Agreement. In addition, all subcontractors performing work on behalf of UNIVERSITY pursuant to this 27 Agreement shall obtain insurance, subject to the same terms and conditions as set forth herein for E.
Notice Thereof. Each such notice by a Borrower of issuance of a Letter of Credit (a “Notice of Issuance”) shall be by telecopier or email or by telephone, confirmed immediately in writing, specifying therein the requested (A) date of such issuance (which shall be a Business Day), (B) Available Amount of such Letter of Credit, (C) desired currency for such Letter of Credit, which shall be Dollars or a Committed Currency, (D) expiration date of such Letter of Credit, (E) name and address of the beneficiary of such Letter of Credit and (F) form of such Letter of Credit. Such Letter of Credit shall be issued pursuant to such application and agreement for letter of credit as such Issuing Bank and the applicable Borrower shall agree for use in connection with such requested Letter of Credit (a “Letter of Credit Agreement”). If the requested form of such Letter of Credit is acceptable to such Issuing Bank in its reasonable discretion (it being understood that any such form shall have only explicit documentary conditions to draw and shall not include discretionary conditions), and such Issuing Bank has not received written notice from any Lender, the Agent or the Company, at least one Business Day prior to the requested date of issuance or amendment of the applicable Letter of Credit, that one or more applicable conditions contained in Section 3.03 shall not be satisfied, such Issuing Bank will, upon fulfillment of the applicable conditions set forth in Section 3.03, make such Letter of Credit available to the applicable Borrower at its office referred to in Section 9.02 or as otherwise agreed with such Borrower in connection with such Issuance. In the event and to the extent that the provisions of any Letter of Credit Agreement shall conflict with this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall govern.
Notice Thereof. A delay in giving notice shall only relieve the recipient of liability to the extent the recipient suffers actual prejudice because of the delay. The party from whom indemnity is sought shall have the right, at its option and expense, to participate in the defense of such a proceeding or claim, but not to control the defense, negotiation or settlement thereof, which control shall at all times rest with the party asserting such right to indemnity, unless the proceeding or claim involves only money damages and the party from whom indemnity is sought:
Notice Thereof. In the event of Executive’s death or a judicial determination of his incompetence, reference in this Agreement to Executive shall be deemed, where appropriate, to refer to his beneficiary, estate or other legal representative, and the Company shall pay amounts payable under this Agreement, unless otherwise provided herein, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, to Executive’s personal or legal representatives, executors, administrators, heirs, distributees, devisees, legatees or estate, as the case may be. Any reference to the masculine gender in this Agreement shall include, where appropriate, the feminine.

Related to Notice Thereof

  • Written Notice Any notice, demand, direction or instruction to be given to the Depositor, Evaluator or Supervisor hereunder shall be in writing and shall be duly given if mailed or delivered to the Depositor, 2455 Corporate West Drive, Lisle, Illinois 60532, or at such other adxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx Xxxxxxxxx xx the other parties hereto in writing.

  • CAFA Notice Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1715, not later than ten (10) days after the Agreement is filed with the Court, the Settlement Administrator shall cause to be served upon the Attorneys General of each U.S. State in which Settlement Class members reside, the Attorney General of the United States, and other required government officials, notice of the proposed settlement as required by law, subject to Paragraph 5.1 below.

  • Notice to NASD In the event any person or entity (regardless of any NASD affiliation or association) is engaged to assist the Company in its search for a merger candidate or to provide any other merger and acquisition services, the Company will provide the following to the NASD and EBC prior to the consummation of the Business Combination: (i) complete details of all services and copies of agreements governing such services; and (ii) justification as to why the person or entity providing the merger and acquisition services should not be considered an "underwriter and related person" with respect to the Company's initial public offering, as such term is defined in Rule 2710 of the NASD's Conduct Rules. The Company also agrees that proper disclosure of such arrangement or potential arrangement will be made in the proxy statement which the Company will file for purposes of soliciting stockholder approval for the Business Combination.

  • Notice Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other shall be deemed sufficient if sent by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, addressed by the party giving notice to the other party at the last address furnished by the other party to the party giving notice: if to the Issuer, at 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and if to Distributors, at 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Notice of Completion The Interconnection Customer shall notify the Transmission Provider and the Interconnected Transmission Owner in writing when it has completed construction of (i) the Customer Facility;

  • Termination Notice If a Party having become entitled to do so decides to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Clause 9.2 (a) it shall issue Termination Notice setting out:

  • Notice to the Union At the time notice of displacement is issued, a copy of the notice shall be sent to the Union xxxxxxx.

  • Delivery Notice Notice of the Aircraft's Delivery Date, given by the Lessee as provided in Section 3.01 of the Participation Agreement and including any notice with respect to a postponed Delivery Date given by the Lessee pursuant to Section 3.05(c) of the Participation Agreement.

  • Notice to Union The Employer will give the Union written notice of technological change at least three (3) months prior to the date the change is to be effected. During this period the parties will meet to discuss the steps to be taken to assist Employees who could be affected.

  • Notice of Events The Seller and the Buyer shall each promptly notify the other of (a) any event, condition or circumstance occurring from the date hereof through the Closing Date that would constitute a violation or breach of this Agreement, (b) any event, occurrence, transaction or other item which would have been required to have been disclosed on any Schedule or statement delivered hereunder had such event, occurrence, transaction or item existed on the date hereof, other than items arising in the ordinary course of business which would not render any representation or warranty of the disclosing party materially misleading.