By September Sample Clauses

By September. 15 of each year the Sponsor shall provide the School the rates of academic progress for the prior year for comparable student populations in the District. The data shall include proficiency and growth on state assessments for English Language Arts and Mathematics by grade grouping (grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)for the following student groups:
By September. 1st management shall post by seniority a list of employeesunused Personal Days and the remaining dates available for selection of Personal Days. Between September 1st and October 1st of each calendar year, employees should schedule any unused Personal Day(s). If management and the Union agree that a problem exists that will not allow reasonable time for each employee to make their selection then the problem will be resolved between the Local Union President and the Company (departmental manager) in an expedient manner.
By September. 15 in the case of tenure (or promotion that will confer tenure), and by October 15 in the case of promotion, the chair of the committee will send to the referees who have signified their willingness to serve as a referee the information provided by the candidate as specified in section 32.6 (except the candidate’s teaching dossier), a statement of whether the candidate is seeking tenure or promotion or both and a copy of the applicable criteria and any relevant standards for the aspect or aspects of the decision on which the referee is asked to advise.
By September. 30, 2001 a local bargaining unit shall advise the local employer in writing either
By September. 1 the Unit Member shall notify the scheduling Xxxx the percent of workload the Member desires for the subsequent academic year.
By September. 30 each teacher will be notified of their evaluation status and options for the academic year. Teachers will be either on a professional growth plan or improvement plan, and for accomplished and skilled teachers with five or more years of District teaching or related service experience, their evaluation will be consistent with Article 3.5.4.
By September. 1: At each work site, unit members shall be notified of and given access to district evaluation materials, including notification of primary evaluator. In preparation for the initial meeting with the evaluator unit members will: • Use the appropriate Continuum to xxxx their level of performance for each element of the standards. This detailed Continuum is retained by the evaluatee. • Using the completed Continuum, complete and submit the Reflection and Professional Goals form with strengths and areas of growth and develop up to three professional goals.
By September. The Academy Trust will publish in the Birmingham Xxxxxxxx Academy's prospectus information about the arrangements for admission, including oversubscription criteria, for the following September (e.g. in September 2010 for admission in September 2011). This will include details of open evenings and other opportunities for prospective pupils and their parents to visit the school. The Academy Trust will also provide information in relation to the Birmingham Xxxxxxxx Academy to Birmingham LA and other relevant LA's for inclusion in the composite prospectus, as required;
By September. 1st, OSCPA will notify CCSs of its annual post-secondary investment budget. CCSs will submit funding requests for post-sec- ondary activities including but not limited to col- lege tours, college fairs and citywide LEARN PLAN SUCCEED events. Approval of funding re- quests will be done equitably and not solely on a first come first serve basis. All such requests are subject to approval by OSCPA at its discretion.
By September. 1 of each year, the University shall post the Association member list on its website, including their hours per program taught. It shall remain available on the website until the new list is available the following year.