New Jobs definition

New Jobs means the jobs defined by 34 Tex. Admin. Code §9.1051 and which Applicant will create by and through the project which is the subject of its Application. Under Texas Tax Code §313.024(d), Eighty Percent (80%), of all New Jobs created by Applicant on the project shall also be Qualifying Jobs, as defined below.
New Jobs means jobs that meet all of the following criteria:
New Jobs means employees associated with the authorized facility on a full- time permanent basis in the City of Victoria or Victoria County within one year of production start-up. These jobs:

Examples of New Jobs in a sentence

  • Newly created positions shall be subject to Article 15, “Rates for New Jobs and/or Classifications.” Such employees will be permitted a thirty (30) working day trial period in a new position.

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New Jobs means permanent full-time direct new jobs based at the
New Jobs means the new permanent, Full-Time Equivalent, non-contract, non-seasonal jobs to be created by the Borrower.
New Jobs means employment with a COVID-19-impacted business
New Jobs means at least the number of “new jobs,” as set forth in Column C of Schedule C of the Application and as defined by 34 Texas Administrative Code § 9.1051(14)(C), which the Applicant will create in connection with the project described in the Application and in the description of the Applicant’s Qualified Investment and Qualified Property as set forth in Section 2.3 below. In accordance with the requirements of Texas Tax Code § 313.024(d), at least eighty percent (80%) of all New Jobs shall also be Qualifying Jobs, as defined below.
New Jobs means full-time employment in this state working an
New Jobs means full-time employment in Louisiana of an average of
New Jobs means at least two (2) positions added for the purpose of producing renewable chemicals that are filled by a full-time employee and that increases the total employment of the eligible business above its base employment.