Team Members definition

Team Members means the members of the Team, jointly and severally;
Team Members means each Team’s players, managers, coaches, and Owners.
Team Members means the Investment Manager’s team members responsible for the investment management of the Fund; a list of such members, together with other related information as requested by the Bureau, shall be provided by the Investment Manager to the Bureau prior to the execution of this Agreement;

Examples of Team Members in a sentence

  • Each Vehicle can contain a maximum of three Team Members, provided such Team Members have entered into a Team Entry Agreement with the Company or have otherwise agreed in writing to participate in the Event upon and subject to the Terms of Entry and the Event Rules.

  • They should not be contacted when a Team or any Team Members is in difficulty unless it is believed a Team or any Team Members are being treated illegally.

  • Important information about the Event will be sent to registered team members by email and it is the responsibility of the Team Members to register an appropriate email address and update this email address as needed to receive the Event updates by email.

More Definitions of Team Members

Team Members means the signatories to this Agreement.
Team Members means independent A-E, whether individuals or companies, hired directly by A-E to assist in the performance of any and/or all aspects of the Services under this Agreement. Team Members listed above may only be substituted by mutual agreement of A-E and the Director. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall create any contractual relations between County and any Team Member employed by A-E in connection with the Services. A-E shall be fully responsible and liable for the work of its employees, all Team Members and sub-contractors of A-E performing Services under this Agreement. All references to A-E responsibilities and duties under this Agreement shall be deemed a reference to Team Members and sub-contractors. A-E shall ensure that all Team Members and sub-contractors are aware of the terms of this Agreement and comply fully with all such terms. A-E shall have no liability for work by A-E independently contracting with County, except insofar as such liability arises due to A-E’s performance of Services under this Agreement.
Team Members means a user who accesses your ERP solution directly or indirectly for purposes of completing only the tasks described below. Any access beyond these limitations requires a Full User.
Team Members means the key business entities forming a particular Respondent; “Term” means the design-construction phase and the 30 year term thereafter.
Team Members means the Named Users who have all registered in their own Noemax Account the same Product Keys and who can all download the same versions of the Product from their own Noemax Account as part of the subscription to the Product.
Team Members means each Team’s players, managers, coaches, and Owners. “Tournament” means any AOC Masters Tournament, match, game or event.
Team Members means each Team’s players, managers, coaches or other representatives.