Set Out definition

Set Out means the number of customers that put out materials for collection during the specific period of time being analyzed.

Examples of Set Out in a sentence

  • Jescheck, H.H., 'The General Principles of International Criminal Law Set Out in Nuremberg, as Mirrored in the ICC Statute', 2(1) Journal of International Criminal Justice (2004), pp.

  • To cite only a few of the American studies, I mention Samuel Coleman, Nature’s Harmonic Unity: A Treatise on Its Relation to Proportional Form (1912); the same author’s Proportional Form: Further Studies in the Science of Beauty, Being Supplemental to Those Set Out in Nature's Harmonic Unity (1920); Jay Hambidge, The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry (1919—reprinted as recently as 2006), and the same author’s Dynamic Symmetry: The Greek Vase, (1920); George D.

  • If No Period of Notice Has Been Agreed or Specified, The Customer May Terminate the Hire Period by The Physical Return of The Hire Goods to the supplierIf No Period of Notice Has Been Agreed or Specified Either Party Shall Be Entitled to Terminate the Hire of The Hire Goods by Giving Not Less Than 14 Days’ Notice to The Other The Rights Set Out in This Clause 11 Are in Addition to Any Rights the Customer May Have Under Clause 10 (And Any Other Legal Rights).

  • No Person other than the City, its employees or Contractors while collecting for the City, the Region, the Owner or Person that Set Out the Waste, or other Persons authorized by law to do so, shall scavenge, pick over, sort through, collect, interfere with, disturb or remove any Waste Set Out for collection, whether contained in receptacles or otherwise.

  • No Person shall Set Out or cause or permit the Setting Out of Yard Waste unless it is in a Yard Waste Receptacle.

More Definitions of Set Out

Set Out means the preparation and placement of Solid Waste and Source Separated Recyclable Materials for Collection at the Customer’s Premises, in compliance with the requirements in this Agreement.
Set Out. Set-out shall mean material(s) placed by a Customer for Collection by Contractor.
Set Out means any combination of up to three of the following: one regular size garbage bag one garbage can (0.5m x 0.9m) one group of four grocery bags of garbage tied together one group of household furniture or cabinetry one pile of bundles of similar refuse material (each bundle to be less than 4 feet in length and weigh under 48 lbs.)(Section 33 amended by By-law 259-97)