Date of Sample Clauses

Date of. Execution means the date on the cover page as of which the Parties have executed this Settlement Agreement.
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Date of. IMPLEMENTATION This agreement shall come into effect on the date it is signed in Council.
Date of. Campus: Department:
Date of. TRANSFER On or as soon as possible after fulfilment of any suspensive conditions and receipt of consent to transfer from the ASSOCIATION.
Date of. Execution November 1, 2015
Date of. COMMENCE- MENT The Trainee Solicitor commenced employment with the principal on the 1st day of AUGUST 2007 and will be employed by the Principal from that date for the period of 24 months / years at a salary of $13,000 per month (or at a salary of $13,000 per month for the first 3 months / year and at a salary of $15,000 for the remaining months / year.) ** THE DATE CAN BE AS FAR BACK AS 3 MTHS FROM THE DATE OF EXECUTION
Date of. EXECUTION This Trust is duly constituted on the settlement of the Property which is acknowledged to have taken place by both Parties on this the [Day] of [Month], [Year]. [Xxxxxx.Xxxxxxx]SignatureMM/DD/YYYY[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Xxxxxx.Xxxxxxx]SignatureMM/DD/YYYY[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]Schedule AThe Trust property (subject of the Trust) shall be the following: This should include a detailed list of all the trust property. Trust property must be very specific as it is not possible to create a trust with vague terms like “all of my property” or “my income rights” and trusts like this will not be valid or enforceable. The following are good examples of trust property: “The sum of 1,000 US Dollars.” “That real estate property known as “The Elms” located at 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx and registered on the Illinois land registry with number 123456L.” “My portfolio of shares held by ABC Brokers Limited under account name Jones11A.” “10,000 shares in ABC Corporation Limited, a company registered in Delaware with registered number 123456 and those shares bearing registered number 30,001 to 40,000.” Remember that more property can be added later. There may be tax implications in settling money or assets into a trust and you should take advice before doing so. Schedule BThe Trust Beneficiaries (objects of the Trust) shall be the following: List the full names and addresses of all beneficiaries, remember that in a discretionary trust the trustee must act impartially between beneficiaries so they are generally entitled to the equal benefit. If you wish to apportion benefit unequally between beneficiaries you may be able to do so by drafting a Memorandum of Wishes, which is a private letter to the trustee which must be sent before the trust is established. Discretionary trusts should really have more than one beneficiary. Additional Beneficiaries can be added later. Schedule CThe Excluded Persons shall be the following: If you wish to exclude people from benefit you can do so here. An excluded person can never be made a beneficiary and can never benefit from the trust. You can add more than one person and renumber the clauses or if you don’t wish to exclude anyone by name then you can just lease the last two clauses in place and renumber them (1) and (2). Excluded persons can also be added later.
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Date of. Should USWC continue to provide Service after this term without a further agreement, the Service charges will convert to the applicable month-to-month rate under the terms and conditions of the applicable Tariff; or, in its absence, this Agreement.
Date of. Entity Prior Name Change
Date of totalling 48 months (4 years.)
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