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Status of. Only the original vacancy resulting from an absence due to will be posted. Employees in bargaining units at the Hospital represented by selected to fill vacancies resulting from replacing an employee on a leave need not be considered for other vacancies while replacing such employee. Upon completion of the leave, the repiacing employee will be returned to his former position, and the filling of subsequent vacancies will likewise be reversed. Employees newly hired to fill vacancies resulting from replacing an employee on leave will not accrue during the filling of such vacancies. Furthermore, such employees need not be considered for other vacancies. If such employees do post into permanent positions they will be credited with from their last date of hire. The release or discharge of such employees will not be subject of a grievance or arbitration. (NOTE: Any other related to Leaves of Absence that existed in the expiring Collective Agreement will be continued and numbered in sequence as provisions of this Article.)
Status of. Main Roads Act 1930 in respect of highways and main roadsTo the extent that there is in the case of a road which is a highway or main road within the meaning of the Main Roads Act 1930 an inconsistency between this Act and that Act, that Act prevails.
Status of. Discussions between TEPCO HD and the Niigata Prefecture Joint Investigative Commission On April 11, the Technical Committee on Nuclear Power S fety Management in Niigata Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as, “Technical Committee”) requested from the Third-Party Verification Co mittee on Notifications/Reports Given in Connection with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident (hereinafter referred to as, “Third-Party Verification Committee”) “issues that should be elucidated in regards to public disclosure of the meltdowns.” During the meeting of the Technical Committee held o August 10, the status of deliberation of the request mentioned above (deliberations completed: 15, deliberation insufficient: 22, not yet deliberated: 33) as it concerns the report on the results of examination by the Third-Party Verification Committee, which was received by TEPCO on June 16, was explained by Niigata Prefecture. During the first joint TEPCO HD and the Niigata Prefecture Joint Investigative Commission meeting held on August 31 (hereinafter referred to as, “Joint Investigative Commission”) TEPCO explained 42 issues for which answers could be given at this point in the investigation from amongst the 55 issues that have either yet to be examined or for which examination has been insufficient. The Joint Investigative Commission will continue with its diligent investigation by conducting interviews of elevant parties, distributing questionnaires and examining documents, and TEPCO will cooperate to the utmost of its ability. In order to gather as much information as possible, the issues examiined by the Joint Investigative Commission have been put on the company’s intranet thereby allowing access by everyone in the Nuclear Power Division, and since July 7 employees have been asked to supply any related information they feel is pertinent. As of December 21, 486 pieces of information had been submitted and were passed on to the Joint Investigative Commission. 1.2 Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station Since the accident, the TEPCO Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station (NPS) has implemented safety assurance measures and conducted training to maintain cold shutdown, made preparations to handle a severe accident based on the lessons learned from the
Status of. During the duration of the apprenticeship program, the apprentice will be considered to be a Continuing Employee under the Collective Agreement.
Status of. 2016] LTIP Units (PB) under the Stock Plan. Insofar as the LTIP has been established as an incentive program of the Company and the Partnership, the [2016] LTIP Units (PB) are both issued as equity securities of the Partnership and granted as awards under the Stock Plan. The Company will have the right at its option, as set forth in the Partnership Agreement, to issue shares of Common Stock in exchange for Units into which [2016] LTIP Units (PB) may have been converted pursuant to the Partnership Agreement, subject to certain limitations set forth in the Partnership Agreement, and such shares of Common Stock, if issued, will be issued under the Stock Plan. The Grantee must be eligible to receive the [2016] LTIP Units (PB) in compliance with applicable federal and state securities laws and to that effect is required to complete, execute and deliver certain covenants, representations and warranties (attached as Exhibit B). The Grantee acknowledges that the Grantee will have no right to approve or disapprove such determination by the Committee.

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  • Status of Agreement This agreement does not constitute a contract of -------------------- employment between the parties, nor shall any provision of this agreement restrict the right of the Bank's Shareholders to replace the Director or the right of the Director to terminate his service.

  • Status of the Agreement 1. The parties agree that any past practices, employment policies, interim agreements, or other understandings established prior to the date of this Agreement shall not create any contractual or legal obligation to continue such practices, policies, agreement or understandings following the effective date of this Agreement.