For Information Sample Clauses

For Information. Drawings, Specifications and other documents labeled in Schedule B-1 as “For Information” is to keep Owner informed as to the development of the Project. Contractor shall review any comments provided by Owner with respect to these For Information documents, and Contractor shall review these comments and advise Owner of their disposition. Any comments provided by Owner, or failure of Owner to provide comments, with respect to such For Information documents shall not in any way be deemed to limit or in any way alter Contractor’s responsibility to perform and complete the Work in strict accordance with the requirements of the Agreement.
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For Information. Please call the Credit Union Member Services telephone number on your card or billing statement if you have any questions about your Account or this Agreement.
For Information. For companies that already take off Holy Saturday, Midsummer’s Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, this rule does not imply any shortening of working hours.
For Information. Mortgage made by New York Communications Center Associates and ZCWK Associates to The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., in the amount of $111,200,000.00, dated as of 9/30/1986 and recorded on 10/1/1986 in Reel 1123 Page 249. (Mortgage Tax Paid $2,502,000.00.)
For Information. 6.1. The Bank shall credit the amount of commercial bills entrusted to it for collection, to the Customer’s account, following final payment and collection. In case the Bank credits the amount of commercial bills, to the Customer’s account prior to collection; such situation shall not create any claim in favor of the Customer. The Customer agrees that such entry shall be made by the Bank solely for the facilitation of accounting. The Bank shall be entitled to deduct the amount of commercial bills, credited to the account prior to payment and collection, particularly when they are not paid or are returned back without being paid.
For Information. With effect from 1st December 2021 and at the discretion of the Trustee - All hires for parties where the kitchen is used, will require a £200 refundable bond. The Steam Oven & Deep Fat Fryers are not to be used. Due to Covid restrictions we have removed some equipment. Please bring dishcloths and tea towels that you need for your booking. Please remove all your rubbish and recycling from the hall. Thank you. Failure to remove your waste will result in the loss of your bond.
For Information. Finance Items: • Allocation for Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education Planning Grants (Attachment FC 11) [CA] • Service Agreement for Adult Basic Skills Professional Development (Attachment FC 12) [CA] Program Items: • North Carolina Community College System Annual Curriculum Program Approval/Termination Report to the General Assembly (Attachment PROG 1) • Curriculum Program Application as Approved by the System President (Attachment PROG 2) x Xxxxxxx Community CollegeLateral Entry (Certificate) (C55430) • Curriculum Program Applications for Health Science: Theraputic Diagnostic Services as Approved by the System President (Attachment PROG 3) x Xxxxxxxxxx Community College ▪ Nurse Aide (Diploma) (D45970) ▪ Phlebotomy (Diploma) (D45950) x Xxxx Community College ▪ Nurse Aide (Diploma) (D45970) x Xxxxxxx Community College ▪ Emergency Medical Science (Diploma) (D45910) ▪ Medical Assisting (Diploma) (D45920) ▪ Nurse Aide (Diploma) (D45970) • Curriculum Program Termination as Approved by the System President (Attachment PROG 4) o Davidson Community College ▪ Digital Media Technology (A25210) ▪ Entrepreneurship (A25490) ▪ Sustainability Technologies (A40370)
For Information. If any other insurance covers the same loss, damage or liability, the RPA will not pay any amount covered by such insurance. Details of the RPA are available separately upon request.
For Information. The CONSULTANT will not be held responsible for any delays in time of completion resulting from:  The TOWN’s failure to carry out any of the responsibilities listed under Section A and C in a timely manner;  Failure of approving permit agencies to provide timely approval of permit and encroachment applications;  TOWN requesting Additional Services as outlined in Section B; and  Any other circumstances beyond the control of the CONSULTANT The time required to complete the services listed in Section A and Additional Services will be extended by negotiation in the event the CONSULTANT is delayed by circumstances as listed in the above paragraph.
For Information. The landlord and tenant may mutually agree in writing to end this tenancy agreement at any time. The tenant must vacate the residential property by 1:00 p.m. on the day the tenancy ends, unless the landlord and tenant otherwise agree. The tenant understands and agrees that the rental unit may be shown to possible new tenants in accordance with the Act. The tenant agrees to fully co-operate in the interest of incoming tenants. PURPOSES ONLY