All Members Sample Clauses

All Members. All Members shall submit a report in writing on their activities for the preceding twelve
All Members. Notwithstanding Articles 9.01 and 10, the Chief of Police or designate shall always be authorized, in situations of emergency, to transfer any member from one shift to another shift at their discretion. In transferring members from one shift to another, the Chief of Police or designate shall endeavour, as far as is practicable, to follow a rotating system of selection with the intent that members shall share equally in helping to meet situations of emergency.
All Members. Members of the VCTG will commit to attending all scheduled VCTG meetings; wholeheartedly championing the VCTG within and outside of work areas; sharing all communications and information across all group members; making timely decisions and taking action; notifying members of the VCTG, as soon as practical, if any matter arises which may be deemed to affect progress of the group; attending all planning meetings or nominating a proxy, if necessary; and connecting with larger system changes to support alignment. Members of the group will expect that each member will be provided with complete, accurate and meaningful information in a timely manner; to be given reasonable time to make key decisions; to be alerted to potential risks and issues that could impact the project, as they arise; open and honest discussions; and ongoinghealth checksto verify the overall status and ‘health’ of the VCTG, including checking in on whether members want to remain a part of the group or not.
All Members. Annual Earnings includes 1 and 2 below.
All Members. All Members, not just those of the majority group, if there is one, are entitled to receive confidential, but not covert support and advice. All Members shall be given timely access to information required in their role as Councillors and shall have the same rights and obligations in their relationship with Officers.
All Members are expected to obey lawful orders given by a senior officer in public. Any matter of complaint should be discussed in private. In military matters, any case of dispute or grievance between one member and another should be referred to the Officer next in rank or seniority to the senior of those in dispute. Additionally, all members are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will not give rise to reasonable complaint or be likely to bring the Society into disrepute; and to specifically refrain from offensive, objectionable or violent behaviour.
All Members sign up for a total of FOUR hours of booth work. Choose the speaker(s) you plan to attend and schedule your work times accordingly. Areas to work are: Houseplant Sales/Master Gardener Booth, Welcome Center/Sit & Delivery Center, Ticket Writers, Plant Cashiers, Plant Helpers/Plant Sales, Chil- dren's Corner, and Gardener’s Café. This is IN ADDITION to the set up time on Friday afternoon and Sat- urday afternoon tear down and clean up times.
All Members are responsible for safety both on the ground and in the air. Members must be mindful of their own actions and also vigilant regarding the actions, or non-actions, of others. If any member observes anything that could affect his own safety or that of any other member/visitor, he must immediately act to prevent it developing into an incident.BFGC strongly advises the use of parachutes and energy absorbing cushions which are provided in all club gliders for all members to use. If any member decides to remove or not use either of these two safety critical pieces of personal protection, then they do so at their own risk. Flights without energy absorbing cushions and parachutes are not recommended. 1.2. The BFGC Safety Officer acts as a focal point for safety related matters within the club. Any incident witnessed or experienced by any member must be reported to the Safety Officer; safety is available for this, and if desired the report may be made anonymously. The Safety Officer is also responsible for investigating and reporting flying related accidents to the BGA and Air Accident Investigation Board (AAIB). In addition, he is also responsible for creating operating procedures and briefings to ensure that potential repeat incidents are avoided.